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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Parliamentary shift

This BVI News photograph captured on Tuesday, November 27 tells the story of the ‘new normal’ in the House of Assembly; at least until the House of Assembly dissolves so the territory can go to the polls.

The glaring parliamentary changes have to do with the accommodations that were made for three legislators, who once sat on the government side of the House, to be relocated over to the side of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

Those three legislators are NDP defectors: Ronnie Skelton, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull, and Archibald Christian.

Turnbull and Christian both made their maiden appearance sitting on the Opposition side on Tuesday. Skelton was however absent from the sitting.

Notwithstanding, a station has already been set up on the Opposition side to accommodate Skelton, who Premier Dr D Orlando Smith fired as government’s Minister of Health and Social Development days ago.

With the addition of those aforementioned defectors, the count on the side of the Opposition now stands at five. Andrew Fahie and Julian Fraser are the two legislators that were already seated on that side of the House.

Meanwhile, on government’s side of the political aisle, newly-appointed Health Minister Marlon Penn has been bumped up to the front bench where Skelton once sat beside Education Minister Myron Walwyn, Communication & Works Minister Mark Vanterpool, Labour Minister Dr Kedrick Pickering, and Finance Minister Dr Smith.

Newly-appointed junior ministers Dr Hubert O’Neal and Alvera Maduro-Caines are the final two legislators that make up the total seven government politicians.

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  1. Reply says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  2. Gandalf says:

    Look a bunch of greedy, immature, childish children deciding the future of our country. Wow! Truly frightening. Self centered, narcissistic, power grabbing bullies!

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  3. Eagle eye says:

    Check out pickering body language lol.where is Ronnie,he surely not leading by example.people are watching bless up.

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    • @Eagle eyes says:

      I have to take a smile at Dr. Pickering for real. I strongly believe Ronnie will take legal action against the government. Dr. Smith should have written to him and ask him to confirm the allegations or suspend him from his ministerial duties and launch an investigation. That is why I believe he is sitting it out.

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      • Reply says:

        Mr. S—— would be best advised to save his money on any potential legal fees. As far as I can tell, he has no l—– standing.

        He outed himself when he confirmed to the press that he was creating another political party while still in his ministerial role in the NDP. That was enough cause for the Governor on advise of the Premier to sack him.

        He got caught with his pants down.

        IMO, I think he “sat out” today because he is not man enough to face his former colleagues, in the same vain he was not man enough to tell the Premier of his intent to form another party, and resign with some self respect.

        So, if he want to waste his money, it’s Christmas. I’m sure there are lawyers who would appreciate the gift. Hell, I’ll take his case even though I think he does not have a leg to stand on. That money could help pay my mortgage.

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    • Skelton says:

      @ Eagle Eye: Before you blog false information, did you take the time to ask the Speaker of the House or any of his colleagues on the Opposition where Ronnie was today? For your information and that of others, Ronnie is out of the Territory on a trip scheduled long before the Premier set the meeting date for the House of Assembly. The Speaker knows exactly where he is and if you had listened to her today, you would have heard her say that some are away.

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    • concerned. says:

      Body language shows No respect for HOA.

  4. Well sah says:

    Fahie make more space more are coming

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  5. lol says:

    P—- waiting to get fired to aint no secret we seen him up the ghut with the TCP crew and new party leader

  6. Not2Sure says:

    The greedy children try to position themselves where they can steal the most candy.

  7. Lincoln says:

    Looks like Custer’s Last Stand.

  8. Peaches says:

    Well look at the posture of my 7th district representative! Thanks BVI News for the picture. Yet, they expect the civil servants to perform their jobs with class. Bunch of jokers. They going home with their pockets full!

    7th District let’s drain the swamp! Have we seen our representative up and about the district since been elected all these years? We know that is a resounding NO! time to drain the swamp according to our young video blogger!

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