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PHOTOS: Day 1 of the BVI’s ‘new regular’

At the start of the first relaxed day of the territory-wide curfew, things reflected ‘the new regular’ that Premier Fahie described in a recent public address.

The majority of residents who ventured outside their homes to access goods and services were clad in protective face masks, which is in compliance with government’s nationwide COVID-19 protocol.

Persons were seen flocking banks, supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses as early as a few minutes past 7 o’clock Monday morning. The queues to access these establishments were on a noticeable smaller scale than what they were a few weeks ago when government assigned three days for the entire territory to shop.

Starting today (Monday, April 27), residents will have 14 days to conduct business, walk their pets, and exercise between 6 am to 1 pm daily. Government will then reassess and determine how to move after these first two weeks.

BVI News captured the following photos on the morning after the 24-hour-curfew was lifted in the British Virgin Islands.

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  1. GTFOH says:

    To those complaining about the 5pm curfew, Now that it is necessary for everybody to wear mask it is a great idea for the curfew before dark. Imagine businesses having to deal with people with mask on at night, You wouldn’t know who is criminal from customer. Pedestrians might even pick up on a stray whooping or worse for walking too close to an over anxious person while wearing a mask in the dark.

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    • ??? says:

      @GTFO, what 5 pm are you talking about? The curfew is 1 pm which is just plain out stupid if your aim is to limit crowds and practice social distancing.

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      • GTFOH says:

        It’s called a typo, it makes A lot of sense to sensible people. Curfew at 1pm greatly reduces the time that people have to spend outside while allows us to still go to the shops, pharmacies etc. that yall have been b!Tch1ng about since curfew began. A longer curfew would have people coming out their houses later and even staying out longer because they can. Now with these shorter hours they have no choice but to do only important stuff and be on their way home. It’s all about reducing the risk. They don’t all need to rush out On the same day because if they miss it today they can catch it tomorrow or the day after and so on.

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        • Ausar says:

          I agree and concur with you,”GTFOH”!

          An extension to about 3 pm., would do so much more for social distancing enhancement!

          Could you reconsider, Premier?

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        • Norris Turnbull says:

          On a regular you don’t know who is criminal or not. Jus saying

    • To GTFOH says:

      I totally agree with you. I am glad there’s still people out there with common sense. I am tired of hearing people b!+£h about the 6am – 1pm time given….you just can’t please people SMH. They’re on lockdown….they complain….you give them a little time to come out….They’re still complaining. If only the government could have allowed the ignorant ones to go out and infect each other, then problem solved.

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  2. Wondering says:

    I stayed home. Life is good, and I’ll wait until the rush is over. Please tell us senior citizens which Banks, and businesses give us priority. Thank you in advance. This would make an excellent story.. I do not want to catch CCPVirus..

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  3. Hmmm says:

    Government implemented social distancing which means every day tasks that would take 10 mins will now take an hour, and then they put a 1 pm curfew in place. You just cant make this stuff up.

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  4. hmmm says:

    When is Andrew going to tell us if those several folks passing away died of CCPVirus?? This is no time for secrets, Andrew, time to address the BVI and answer questions.. Governor why. WHY are’t you telling us what those deaths were from? Why no questions at briefings? Scared you are going to get asked a question you don’t want to answer? What EXACTLY is this Government hiding??

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    • Anonymous says:

      This ain’t about government you just Maytay. Government don’t have to say a word if it’s not corona but you so Maytay and ignorant you done assume it’s corona and to satisfy your nosiness you want answers. Put down your phone and go read a book you nosy neighbour.

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    • @hmmm says:

      What people dying from is none of your business. He already say who die from coronavirus.

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    • Thinker says:

      Corona deaths are confirmed by capha..That’s in Trinidad where all the test goes..Gov’t has to wait on results..So they can’t tell u if those deaths are covid-19 related until they hear from these ppl…It’s nothing to hide..

  5. WEAR MASK ? CORRECTLY!! says:

    That LAST photo is an EXAMPLE of how NOT to wear a mask.

    One has it on his head the other on her neck.

    You think this a style trend like pants sagging or blouse off the shoulder.

    If you’re more going to wear the masks properly do us all a favour and STAY HOME!!

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      That LAST photo is an EXAMPLE of how NOT to wear a mask.

      One has it on his head the other on her neck.

      You think this a style trend like pants sagging or blouse off the shoulder.

      If you’re NOT going to wear the masks properly do us all a favour and STAY HOME!!

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Most other countries have concluded that masks make no difference to the spread of disease.

      And they may give a false sense of security.

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  6. Good to get out says:

    Ah yes. Scooters passing with oncoming traffic, inches from your door. No helmet. No tags, no muffler. Now a new addition, 4 wheelers atv s also driving crazy. Just need some new crush & mush to scape up off the road and we’ll be back to normal. Time to hit the asphalt ! Let’s get to it !

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  7. I smell another case! says:

    Shake my head! what’s the rush people?? Thank god I’m making the goods I recieved from the Government stretch because I know this would of happened…

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  8. Humble says:

    What about money gram and western union services please

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    • @ Humble says:

      List of businesses that Cabinet approved for reopening at this time are:

      i. Supermarkets

      II. Bakeries

      III. Fishers and Farmers

      IV. Pharmacies

      V. Banks

      VI. Fuel Stations

      VII. Ferries (inter-island transportation only)

      VIII. Buses and Taxis (limited passengers)

      IX. Construction companies, building and concrete supplies businesses;

      X. Laundromats

      XI. Home delivery services

      XII. Insurance, Legal and Financial Services that cannot be carried out remotely

      XIII. Office supplies

      XIV. Automotive parts and repairs

      XV. Manufacturers of hand sanitisers and PPEs

      XVI. Water and ice production and deliveries

      XVII. Emergency household and business repairs, as approved

      XVIII. Medical Establishments

      XIX. Legal Establishments

      XX. Telecommunication companies

      XXI. Hardware, cleaning and sanitisation stores

    • To Humble says:

      Please don’t mention that cause you will get them started on “down island people” and the 7% …..cause to “them” only foreigners send money out the country LMAO

  9. Chrome- says:

    Its easy to say keep the lockdown if you’re sitting on millions of dollars so it won’t bother you

  10. Norris Turnbull says:

    On a regular you don’t know who is criminal or not. Jus saying

  11. french indo china says:

    Two pics stood out to me. the guy with his mask up on his head holding the guinness(which is my favorite alcoholic drink) and the two cops with the big guts. Police especially beat cops shouldn’t have big belly. just saying

  12. sash says:

    Did western union open today ?

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