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PHOTOS: Elton Georges receives memorial tribute

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and his wife at a special ceremony for the late Elton Georges on Thursday. (BVI News Photo)

Residents, public servants, and legislators flocked the Sea Cow’s Bay Methodist Church on Thursday for a special viewing ceremony for the late Elton Georges.

The former deputy governor died on April 4 and will be laid to rest tomorrow, April 21.

Ahead of his send-off, persons gathered at the aforementioned church facility not only to get a final glimpse of Georges’ body but also to pay early tribute to the well-admired public service retiree.

The ceremony was held under the theme, ‘A Virgin Islands Story through the Life of a Son’.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and Governor Augustus Jaspert were among the high-ranking officials who attended the ceremony.

Legislators such as Dr Kedrick Pickering, Julian Fraser, Myron Walwyn, and Marlon Penn also attended.

Members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Force were also present to pay a militant tribute to the deceased.

Below are a brief highlights from the event:

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  1. Rational Thought? says:

    Did not, could not and would’ve never attain the highest office of power in his own land/home.

    That position is synonymous with an exclusive club where only some are accepted.

    In this case, that club is exclusively for and only the British Englishman. At the end of the day such is called democracy.

    May his soul have a safe and peaceful journey.

    All of us have an appointment with finality also, but while we are here, we should at least be able to attain the highest positions of power in our own country.

    We have earned that human and political right. Haven’t we not?

  2. God's Speed says:

    Deepest sympathy to the family.

    Beautiful smile Superintendent!!!

  3. Electric Shock! says:

    Looks like Myron and Marlon s—- it boy.

  4. Bridget says:

    The BVI territory has lost a Statesman! Rest In Peace, Mr Georges -rest in eternal peace????????????????????????

  5. Island man says:

    What happen? Does the BVI police have any ceremonial outfit for special occasions like this? They need to get organized with some outfit other than their regular duty uniform.

    • Yeah says:

      Not only should they have been in dress uniforms, but they really need to be in shape for the job. They were a distraction to this man’s home going service.

    • BVI says:

      Those young officers need better attention. While seated at the memorial service they were chatting so much among themselves.

    • Uniform says:

      REALLY? A special uniform because we might have an official funeral in 10 years? 1995 Lavity, 2005 Paul Wattley 2007 Cyril Romney. 21 years later our dear Elton.
      He – get real please! In these intervals the uniform wouldn’t even fit our “cuddly” officers anymore

      • Police says:

        All countries police has 2 or 3 sets of uniform. Casual for nola duty, ceremonial for official duties like queen birthday, parades etc.
        They should have an official uniform in this occasion not just for funeral but all official duties. In case you didn’t get the point Island man was making.
        Unfortunately we don’t have any. But the Cayman and other British territory has. Ok!

      • Citizen says:

        I know they call it a Tunick, a white jacket normally comes with a white helmet, same pants and black shoe.
        British standard issue.

      • Disagree says:

        You forgot Ethlyn Smith, Omar Hodge, Terrence B Lettsome, Riel George, Ivan Dawson, Prince Stoutt, Mr. Anthony, Roy Harrigan, and many more former legislators and officials that you clearly forgot.

      • ???? says:

        Not 21 years my dear, recalculate that maths. No need for the dramatics, it’s 11

    • @Island Man says:

      I have seen them over the years in a white long sleeve regalia but in recent time don’t know what happened. They used to look even more offcial and respectable.

  6. NDP Comedy Hour says:

    Check stucky n skinny… thank god it wasn’t me ma boy…sad face for the cam. Reality check.

  7. police haters says:

    that was only the viewing of the body on Thursday ,if you all check the news media the the official funeral was on Saturday with the police in there ceremonial tunic ,some people quick to find some fault about the police but when its come to work with the police to help fight crime nobody get involved . d*m police haters

  8. JOE says:

    The departure of Mr Elton Georges is a great loss to his family loved ones and the whole BVI.
    We thank God for his good life that was well spent as shown by the shower of praises during his befitting burial .May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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