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PHOTOS: Hundreds turn out for Rise & Shine Tramp after hiatus

Scenes from the Rise & Shine Tramp held Monday morning, August 1 as part of the territory’s 2022 Emancipation festivities. (BVI News photos)

Hundreds of persons thronged the streets of Road Town this morning to signal an emphatic return of the BVI’s annual Rise & Shine Tramp, an event kept firmly at bay for the past two years by the rapid spread and devastation caused by COVID-19.

During that time, persons were largely relegated to virtual online entertainment events in the comfort of their homes or elsewhere indoors due to restrictions on crowd sizes, outdoor gatherings, curfews and other COVID-19 mitigation measures.

With relaxations on COVID-19 protocols now in full effect, revellers turned out in droves to demonstrate just how immensely popular of an element this event is to the territory’s Emancipation festivities.

Celebrants followed their favourite bands as they gyrated their way through the streets to the irresistible sounds of VI soca music.

Of course, the tramp would not have been complete without the traditional powder throwing and water spraying even as others enjoyed the foam machines.

Many took in the sights and sounds from the sidelines with some even bringing out the younger ones to view the procession. A strong and visible security presence also helped to ensure that the event was a largely incident-free one as well.

Here are more highlights captured by BVI News:


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  1. Kingfish says:

    So different from what I recall Festival was.Not a pretty sight to behold.

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  2. Lawd a mercy says:

    Dem gals not easy. They came out to play. Good everyone appears to be having a good time.

    My favorite picture is the chick sandwiched between two cops wearing a scandalous get up deserving of an arrest…of a different kind. 🙂 I like it.

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  3. Ok says:

    These young people needs Jesus.

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  4. What!!!! says:

    So many people, great displays of dry humping.
    Celebrating our emancipation but how many attend the Fredom March??

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  5. Interested says:

    I am so ashamed.Can you imagine people bringing their kids to watch this ?

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  6. Lmao says:

    Animals don’t act like this in the wild. Just unreal. Humans? NO!! PLease send these back to their indigenous land. Africa!! Thumbs up if you’re in favor of a go fund me page to buy them all one way tickets!!

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  7. resident says:

    Our society is going down the drain

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  8. Almost a senior says:

    Was raised with older parents who always emphasized dignity and self respect so would never go to this. However, it’s a young people thing all over the Caribbean. As long as they keep themselves safe I don’t see anything wrong. It’s their time! They will get old one day and think the same way too. Lol!

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  9. Common Sense says:

    It’s an Adult function and it’s not for Kids.
    U all like to bring Kids to everything and that shouldn’t be. U know how the young people dress so why are u taking your kids to see that for? They should be in their beds.
    Suppose there’s violence and your Kids get hurt, whose fault it is?
    If it was up to some of u all stupid Parents, U all would have taken your Kids to Bars, Night Clubs and strip Clubs.
    If u don’t have anyone to watch your Kids at home, U stay home with them. It’s not that serious.

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  10. AM says:

    Love ittttttt!!!
    I love how the people who hate to see it probably scroll through EACH and EVERY pic, just to confirm their distaste. Why even botherrrrrrrrrr???

    Emancipate yourselves, cause they didddd!!!

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  11. Rapper says:

    I was just here totally baffled wondering how is all this vulgarity reflective of a people emancipated from bandage. Is it simply freedom to undress and make fools of ourselves and nothing of ancestors? Somebody please tell me.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    All these half dead people with these negative comments need to get a life. What did you expect to see when looking through all the pictures with your “valuable time” a bible study.

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  13. Sodom says:

    The Christian Council punching the air right now LOL

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  14. Really? says:

    Money Heist characters in a Jouvert? That’s not what our culture is about or emancipation celebrations. Un-freaking believable!!!!!!

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  15. BuzzBvi says:

    That is a pretty ugly set of pictures.

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  16. Emanc whoo says:

    Public orgy on display

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  17. Truth says:

    Thats another example of what these racist black people can only bring to the table. England needs to hurry up fix the country if they really Intend to do so. If they dont im sorry for this country.foomishness at its best.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    Dont mind them they love it too. They just bitter and miserable. Life giving them too many lemons so they dont got nothing better to do than complain.

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  19. Tola says:

    Live your life enjoy it

  20. Ha says:

    Jouvert taken over. The main parade was lacking and always will be when on the same day as jouvert.
    Put Jouvert on Saturday am and Parade ONLY on Mon or if because of Sat sabbath put Jouvert on Tuesday am BUT Emancipation Parade ONLY on the Monday.
    The Parade is supposed to be the shinning star of the Festival and its ALWAYS lacking because everyone uses all the energy for the tramp.

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  21. Wellsah says:

    Haters y’all have alot more to see Wednesday morning

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  22. Roger Burnett says:

    As a painter and sculptor I have spent a lifetime portraying the beauty and innocence of the female nude. I stress the words “beauty” and “innocence”.

    If I had wanted my models to look sexy I’d have dressed them in the briefest of bikinis.

  23. Big Richard says:

    Invest in diabetic treatment & kidney dialysis

  24. AM says:

    It’s givingggg Crusty Christian Council!!
    Probably the same ones who come and stand up long the road, yet they hate to see it, or maybe peer from the porch?! (no shade to the Christians)

    The post was not entitled Sunday Morning Well, so you knowwwww what you was getting into once you hit the link. Come on now.

    Oooh, this is giving me an idea for next year jouvert outfit.

    Anyway, stay safe people. Love yourselves, and love others. Go in peace, but eff it up if need be!


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  25. Norris Turnbull. says:

    There’s nothing african or cultural with the nakedness and funk.

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  26. @ WHAT !!!! says:


  27. Att Coach says:

    Not one BVIslander in the mix of this humiliation.
    Wherever Andrew is,after viewing this he should be convinced that he has de raded this place in many ways. He has imported and installed more of these flies than anyone else for his selfish greedy purpose. We are no longer privy to the list of immigrants give status under his regime. Not one BVIslander in his cesspool
    The majority of those in prison will recognize in the pictures their mommas,poppas Aunties and their children including their futur eThe BVI has been mucked big-time.

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  28. BVIslander says:

    Simply put, PUBLIC SEX.

  29. The holier than thou crowd is out in force. says:

    You guys have too much time on your hands. You cannot stop grown people from doing what they want to do. If they want to bump and grind in the public streets, there is no crime that I know of that was committed. It may not be mine or your way of celebrating, but it is what it is.

    Many of you probably did the same thing at some point in your lives until you got “salvation” and you jump on your high horses judging others for what you have no control over.

    Let this be a murder committed or some drug deal, many of you would see nothing nor hear nothing and have nothing to say.

    Stop casting stones. Many of you are not in a position to judge anyone.

    This is not the first time people have been doing what they do in the streets for carnival.

    While you are condemning others behavior, don’t forget you have a former Premier under house arrest in Miami awaiting trial for money laundering and conspiracy to import drugs into the US.

    IMO, many of you know what was going on, but remained silent, now you are all up in arms about what people choose to do in the streets? Please.

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  30. Hmm says:

    East end route is a mess. They used to start from the carwash area now they shorten the route and go to the ee festival ground area to beef island.

  31. Ha says:

    East end own was like a funeral procession the route was too short ppl did not get to drink enough to feel the partying instinct. them should have started from YEP.

  32. Shameful says:

    The name is correct..”Tramp.” Disgraceful and no self respect. BVI News published this trash. Some of these people may as well be naked. SMH

  33. Down2earth says:

    I’m looking to see a man with his bottom or otherwise exposed … I don’t see one! Why do you women (in the pictures) degrade yourselves? Please, don’t sell yourself short with ‘who has it flaunt it’. In the long run it ultimately breaks you down.

    Additionally, being so publicly exposed, is not a VI thing. So, if you are visitors be kind to yourselves.

    Let us respect our ancestors’ memory by keeping festival respectful.

    A native Virgin Islander to the Nth generation

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