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PHOTOS: It was a great weekend – Sasha Flax


Chairperson of the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival Committee Sasha Flax said, while there were a few minor hiccups at this year’s staging of the Easter festival, the overall event was successful.

The festivities ran from April 15 to April 17.

“I think that overall it was a great weekend, and I think it was a wonderful [Easter Monday] parade as well. We had a late start but all in all I think that the whole weekend was a success.”

Flax also said she has been receiving positive reviews. “A lot of people expressed their happiness. They had a great time. A lot of people who came home for the festivities as well were satisfied.”

Meanwhile, the Virgin Gorda Festival Committee head told BVI News Online that there were about 40 entries in this year’s parade, including 17 troupes.

She said the numbers are in accordance with what she had predicted.

“Yes [there were 17 troupes] and then we had a few more entries like all of the royals. There were 40 or 42 entries overall,” Flax added.

Only 15 troupes participated at last year’s parade.

The parade yesterday, in the meantime, seemed to have been a fun affair for many visitors and residents who came out in their numbers to witness the spectacle.

“I am enjoying it very much… We came here because we want to spread the love all the way from the Virgin Islands,” said one of the revellers from St Thomas in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands (USVI).

Troupes that revelled at yesterday’s parade included: Pinoy Tribe, BVI Dance School, Romps Royal, Moko Jumbies, Mystical Sky Dancers, Inzane Colours, New Royalty, a superhero-themed Bregada Flax Educational Centre (Primary Division), Pan in Motion from the USVI, and The Caribbean Ritual Dancers.

Here are some highlights from the parade:

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