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Physical schools reopening on a phased basis

Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley.

With a reduction in the number of COVID-19 cases now in the BVI, the government has approved the physical reopening of the territory’s schools on a phased basis.

The reopening of schools was announced on September 18 in a live broadcast by Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley. The decision is also outlined in the latest Public Health COVID-19 Control & Suppression Order issued by the government.

According to the order, all private schools, daycare centres, pre-schools and colleges are approved for reopening once they’ve been inspected by the Social Distance Monitoring Task Force and approved by the Ministry of Education.

“It is of paramount importance that everyone understands that all educational institutions must have measures in place to safeguard the health and well-being of our children and our teachers as stipulated in our framework for the reopening of schools or they will not be allowed to reopen,” Minister Wheatley said.

He added that some students in public schools are now allowed to attend in-person classes as they are not able to access online learning like everyone else.

These students include technical education students, students with special needs, marginalised students, and adult education students. The Chief Education Officer will decide on the students that fall into these categories.

Minister Wheatley urged schools to continue using learning platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex even for students who will be attending in-person classes.

He also urged parents to ensure their children have a structured environment in which to engage online schooling.

No new topics for first two weeks of school

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  1. Roll eyes says:

    With a reduction in the number of covid cases? What? We have more cases now than we had during the time when school was closed. We only have a reduction now in relation to the previous count that increased the curfew hours.
    The government doesn’t have a plan for anything they doing so they make up justifications as they go along hoping that the public isn’t paying attention and they could get away with it.
    I agree with school opening but don’t make up a story to justify your lack of diligence and leadership. Don’t embarrass our intelligence that way.

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    • @Roll eyes says:

      Do you know of any government on planet earth that have a plan or had a plan for this virus?? I read the local regional and international news every single day and i haven’t read of any country or continent that have a plan. Everything governments doing around the world for this virus is failing. And you expect a small island like this to have a plan?? The bvi government has been doing pretty good so far and especially the latest rise . Am even shock to see that the people are pulling together to help government to keep the #s down. You should applaud their efforts instead of trying to unnecessarily criticize them. Some geeedy people in the bvi cause the upsurge. Many of the other Caribbean islands do not have much of a border issue to use so much funds to help strengthen. A lot of funds are going into border control and because of selfish people. This funds should have been used to create employment for the unemployed. Am sure most of us was thinking the bvi people would have see something and say something to help their own family from getting and spreading this virus but no greed take over. Ww sit behind smart phones and comment all day but the government only have limited funds. Millions upon millions of dollars in government revenue are not collected because many of us decided that we can defraud the country one way or the other. Some serious tightening up need to start and start now. society security NHI inland revenue the land lords your friends and neighbors because we borrowing from them.we not paying rent to so many landlords. I even want to know of some of these same landlords eating because they depend on their rent to live .but we decided its better to hold it in the banks and beg and borrow. I know some who don’t have a penny .but to those that don’t have and are expatriates the government have open up communication to contact them through immigration so they can help with flight out. To those bvi lander’s and belongers that don’t have contact your district representative the money they have is for you not the others. And i am telling you locals many of the expatriates waiting on the district representative money to get out .so you might be considerate and allowed them to get it and leave . But landlords am sorry seems like you would have to right off 10 months of this yr.sorry but its the sad reality. Serious action and decision have to be taken because csk said recently we must prepared for another six months of not having enough. So don’t just criticize for criticizing sake . Think what you can do to make a valuable contribution even if you think it wouldn’t count still continue to do good. Please dont read the top of this comment and start crucifying the locals because i am an expatriate but i care deeply for my adopted home.and i care and love the people of these. beautiful virgin islands .God bless the bvi and its people.

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    • Anonymous says:

      With a reduction really? We have so mush cases now its not funny and only 7 ventilators in the hospital.

      We need to look at causes and results. schools should be closed and new learning online permanently imposed. Parents man up and get the tools your child require. stop splurging budget and get your act together.

      We have to learning living with covid19 without risking our children’s health by small brain politicians who were elected and have no capability of making the vital decisions for this country and our future. To open school would mean the Government getting sued when our children fall ill.

      Do you know how many students have asthma in the BVI. Politicians stop and think. When our children fall ill we are coming for you, you will be held accountable at all costs.

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  2. Yawn says:

    You can’t please some people. They complain when they don’t get what they want and complain when they get what they want. They want any reason to bash government so they miserable.

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  3. UK push says:

    UK large. Sound like pressure from up yonder. Life got to go on. We can’t stay lock up forever. At least try to get life moving. All this lockup creating all kind of criminals because the devil does find work for idle hands. Parents if your child is feeling unwell keep it child home and don’t compromise the whole school campus community because you couldn’t miss a day from work

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  4. Mmmmmm says:


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  5. Shorty says:

    Can the deputy premier and minister for education inform the public when ESHS junior school will be furnished???? All private schools have their protocols and measures in place but not one public school. If public schools were to be reopened where would the children sit and social distance with no furniture?? Is this the real reason why schools were put off from reopening? At present even with the phased reopening of schools which is greatly welcomed the public schools are grossly unprepared and will be caught with their pants down. Once again it shows the lack of interest and dedication to the education system in the BVI. WE can find money for all kind of things except necessary educational supplies.

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  6. Hello says:

    They must mean the schools thatbhave furniture and equipment because ESHS ain got a chair to sit on or sharpie to write with….. phased opening is a good way to put it because they need to PHASE in some equipment first.

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  7. National embarassment says:

    … Look Elmore Stoutt high school after two years still have no furniture and you haven’t heard a word about it. Why? The trouble makers during the NDP time in office were obviously VIP operatives. Pay close attention people. Now I’m not saying the NDP were angels. I’m saying what I’m saying.

    • Words Matter says:

      Choose your words wisely. Words matter. ESHS has “no furniture”??? ESHS “ain got a chair to sit on or a sharpie to write with”???

      These are FALSE statements. And anyone that has been to ESHS or teaches at ESHS knows that.

      So are you the “operatives” that are trying to stir up malcontent among the less informed?

      Are you the “operatives” attempting to manipulate public opinion and advance your own agenda with lies and half truths?

      Or are you just imprecise in your language and prone to exaggeration?

      No matter the case, we should all be careful about our choice of words. They matter. They can turn you into a liar and troublemaker, when they distort the truth. Or they can reveal that you have a firm grip on reality and a genuine interest in improving the situation.

      Also, as an aside, if you want to solve a problem or avoid repeating the mistakes that caused the problem, it may be worthwhile to trace it back to its origin. If there are insufficient funds to adequately furnish the schools or to furnish them at the level that you deem appropriate, why is that?

      Why are the funds insufficient (if indeed that is the case)? Millions of dollars have passed through the BVI…why don’t we have the funds? Did this problem originate this year…last year…on the day of the last election…five years ago…ten years ago…when? Where’s the money…where did it go…when did this happen?

      Oh yeah…one more question…did you demand financial responsibility on the part of those in charge and did you hold them accountable when they failed to live up to that expectation? Or did you just go along to get along or have your hand out for that infamous, insidious white envelope?

      Sorry, I know I said just one more question. Please forgive me.

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