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Pickering Acting Premier, Dr Smith departs for unspecified trip

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Dr Kedrick Pickering is Acting Premier for the next two days.

His appointment comes as Premier Dr D Orlando Smith departed the territory on Thursday, August 2.

Upon making the announcement, the Government Information Service gave no indication whether the premier is off on official business.

Dr Smith’s latest departure comes amid increasing criticism that government members reportedly have been exhausting public funds for what is being described as frequent trips out of the territory.

Government has not responded to any of those accusations.

Premier Smith will return to his post on August 6.

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  1. HRMPH says:

    I guess the Premier also want to miss as much of festival as possible.

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  2. Switzerland says:

    Ga’an to hide the money before he step down

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  3. Jack Rabbit says:

    Primier Smith gone to see if he could track down the 7 million that vanished.

    Somebody got a cut of the cake and ain’t saying a word.

    That is what you get for treating your own local people bad.

    • Winnie the Pooh says:

      Maybe the Governor and his investigation will find out the truth? Many people have lost faith in our system of government actually working. We don’t have enough checks and balances. We’ve given away tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars without any long term plan in place and certainly without any due diligence. Furthermore, there is no accountability. Elected officials can make huge mistakes like the airline, like the Hospital, like the undisclosed cost overruns for the pier project. We need a broad public dialogue on reform. We don’t need to live with this current level of confusion.

  4. Man from boy says:

    Myrun acting like premier already and he ain’t win yet

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  5. Electric Shock! says:

    Imagine this man Pickering as the Premier of this territory. Acting or not, i does get cold sweat and panic attacks at the thought these happenstance.

    ahh..ahh…ahhhhhh(terrorized scream!)????

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  6. Kenneth Dreger says:

    If this trip is on the BVI dime then shouldn’t he advise the public of where and why he is going someplace????? Only makes sense to me….

  7. /////// says:

    The man needs a break! And I am sure he can pay his own way!

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  8. Concern says:

    Premier take your break gracefully. You deserve it

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  9. Auditor says:

    We deserve to know how much of our money he is spending. We deserve to know the sources of his income.
    We deserve to know where all his wealth came from whilst serving as an elected official.

    Don’t we?

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  10. Where’s Waldo? says:

    Maybe he gone looking for faster internet service?

  11. yea man says:

    Better he than professor pothole!

  12. Dr Livingston I Presume says:

    Maybe he is searching for a place with reliable electricity and fresh water?

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  13. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Though I wish the Premier was at home for the full Emancipation celebration to celebrate and mingle with the people, the Premier probably needs a little R&R (Rest & Recuperation). The Premier has had and is having a rough and tough year; he needs a respite from the daily grind of governing.

    Moreover, with power, influence, social status and climbing a few rungs on the ladder, some BVIslanders lose their humility and become they think more important than the rest of us. They became like the pigs in Animal Farm: All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. They isolate themselves from the “lil man” and gravitate towards new and different friends, rich friends, except during election time. This attitude has kept a number of bright and talented people on the side line, ignoring people except when seeking election. Here is a news flash for politicians. The people has true power; politicians, apparent power. And the electorate has long memories like elephants.

    • HRMPH says:

      BVI festival is hopeless – clearly the worst in the whole of the Caribbean by a long way. Does anybody stay who is not involved in it or who cannot afford to go away. It is breathtakingly poor and an embarrassment to the whole Territory.

  14. says:

    What is the big deal. If the monies were stolen we will find out.

  15. Rubber Duck says:

    The Premier was on a private trip paid for by himself. A number of BVIslanders were on the same trip. Paid for by themselves.

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