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Pickering happy for four-year absence from HOA

Former legislator Dr Kedrick Pickering.

Former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering said he is happy he has been out of the House of Assembly (HOA) for the past four years, arguing that he was able to avoid the myriad scandals that have plagued the former Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration.

Dr Pickering, while speaking at a forum where he endorsed Perline Scatliffe-Leonard as the Seventh District candidate, said the country is currently under a dark cloud and argued that the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report left the country dealing with issues of corruption.

“We absolutely cannot take these times for granted. The next generation is dependent on us,” the former Seventh District Representative said. “And you know something, I’m glad I wasn’t in the House of Assembly for the last four years because of all the things that are happening and all the things that have happened.”

The former Natural Resources Minister argued that throughout his nearly 40-year professional career – both as a medical doctor and a legislator – he has not been involved in any scandals.

“With all the Commission of Inquiry and all the people whose names have been called, you haven’t heard my name called in anything because I stood up for what I believed,” Dr Pickering said.

He added: “The last election I ran as an independent. I ran as an independent because there were things that I didn’t appreciate. There were things that were against my conscience, and I decide to step aside.”

The former legislator said he had no regrets about losing at the last elections, but argued that he is now back and re-energised.

“I’m renewed and I’m ready to go the next mile of life’s journey to help my country,” he said. “The 20 years that I spent in the House of Assembly, I have gathered a tremendous amount of knowledge and there’s no question about my experience and where I stand in the knowledge base.”

Dr Pickering is currently contesting the upcoming elections as a Territorial At-Large candidate with the National Democratic Party which he rejoined weeks ago.


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  1. rastarite says:

    Can we see the list of your accomplishments while in government please. I can’t think of ANY…

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  2. @rastarite says:

    He traveled a lot on the taxpayer’s dime. We know that much. Just didn’t see any benefit from it all.

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  3. The Commissioner says:

    The Country is also happy for your four year absence and as a result we will grant you four more years absence.

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  4. And also... says:

    …take another four years…

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  5. Sick says:

    He added: “The last election I ran as an independent. I ran as an independent because there were things that I didn’t appreciate. There were things that were against my conscience, and I decide to step aside.”

    These people can just lie without any effort. Pickering ran as an independent to ensure that Myron Walwyn would not be Premier of this Territory. Parsons, Turnbulls, Pickering, Skelton, they all colluded and it didn’t matter if they got nothing, but as long as Myron wasn’t Premier, they were good. Now with Marlon at the helm of NDP he is back grinning. We sending you back down Main Street to take care of your patients. Not one vote!

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  6. Right said Fred says:

    He needs a next 4 year absence

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  7. Woow we all are says:

    We also were happy and still is and will be for another 4years,, waste of time, u need to pay me back for all votes I wasted

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  8. 4more says:

    We the VOTERS going make you more HAPPIER. 4 more years at your profession, medical doctor.That’s where you belongs!!

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  9. Belonga says:

    We need Dr Pickering experience and knowledge this time around. No VIP please save the treasury

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  10. @sick says:

    I wish I could like this post 1000 times. Let us send all of them rolling down Main Street in Parsons wheelchair. They are sick and wicked people. Their plot was to make sure Myron was not Premier. They cared not who got it once it was not him. They didn’t even care if they lost once Myron didn’t win. Are these the types of people we really want to govern us? Ronnie, Pickering and that child Mitch need to be sent home packing.

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  11. My 2 cents says:

    I cant think of one accomplishment with the 20 years experience but i can think of a lot of failures and wasted tax payers money cause everything you touched is dead.

    No scandals…..the COI did mention the BVI Airways deal which Cabinet including youv approved or do you have selective amnesia? Your record does speak for itself sir.

  12. Jackson says:

    Why should we trust this gentleman to do right for the people of the BVIs. It is alleged he was instrumental in granting the 99 years seabed lease when the CCCS dock was built over in Gorda Sound. It may have been a cabinet decision but one cannot but help to think since he was the Minister of Natural Resources and Labour at the time, his ministry would have written the Cabinet Paper asking Cabinet to grant the seabed lease. One must ask what possible favor was provided in return for the seabed lease. We need an inquiry to determine the owner of every home at ONB.

  13. Real talk says:

    Both of them will not be elected better believe it.

  14. Quiet Warrior says:

    Dr. Picko that is a big bold face lie. You are addicted to and missed the status, influence, special privileges, power, etc, of elected office. You are having a hard time fighting the withdrawal symptoms so you want to get back in by fooling the people again. 20 years= o accomplishments. You are going to pi** on us and tell us it pure unpolluted rain.

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