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Pickering promises first-class youth centres for VG if elected

Residents in Virgin Gorda may be the beneficiaries of two brand new state-of-the-art youth centres if all goes according to plan for former Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering after next year’s general elections which are due around mid-May.

Dr Pickering suggested to residents at a recent political rally that while he was in government, plans were being explored to build a youth empowerment centre in Virgin Gorda.

The former legislator promised to reveal more details at a later date during his campaign, but told residents: “When I’m elected to the next House of Assembly as an At-Large candidate and I represent the North Sound, I am going to ensure that we build a first-class youth centre, here and there, in the Valley.”

Dr Pickering said he knows persons who are ready and willing to do the construction but said residents only need to ensure they work along with them.

“You play a role … by electing persons who have the ability to get things done,” Dr Pickering told residents. “That is what we are talking about when we speak about resetting our thinking.”

While telling residents they should see investors as friends instead of enemies, the former legislator noted that relationships need to be built to enhance the needs of both parties.

In the meantime, Dr Pickering urged voters to turn out at the upcoming elections, arguing that if they do not show up at the polls, they have no right to be complaining or criticising anyone afterwards.

“It doesn’t mean just going out to vote. It means choosing persons who you know to have the ability, to have the credibility, [and] who has the integrity to lead this country through the most difficult time that it is going to face,” Dr Pickering said.


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  1. U Agen says:

    as a supposed to be a learned gentleman , should know that everybody know that ( PROMISES IS A COMFORT TO A FOOL ) Don’t insult us like that , your track record speaks for it self , and no we ain’t got AMNESIA

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  2. Yolo says:

    Boy stop lying to the people we tired of you

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  3. LMAO says:

    This man good in his head? You were there 20 years, Long Look looks like a dump. You couldn’t fix Long Look but you are making promises all the way over in Virgin Gorda?

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  4. Faithful says:

    Doc, please retire, use your money wisely (not in politics), and go and enjoy the rest of your time on Planet Earth. Nobody studying you right now with this Politricks thing.

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  5. lol says:

    I hope my BVI people not so stupid to vote for this man for true. We gone through too much to still be getting catch with empty promises. When he can list what he do for the BVI in 20 years I might listen then.

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  6. No joke says:

    Now let me get this straight, you were the district representative for district 7 for 20 years. You did nothing for the young, old, unemployed, under employed etc. The infrastructure even in front of your house was a complete mess. You continue to take credit for YEP when those who know know that this was not your project. YEP is run by a board and the money comes from Henry jareckee.
    So I ask you, you did nothing for your district for 20 years. You have nothing to show for being a minister for 8 years. But now you find yourself making promises to Virgin Gorda to do things for us. The same Dr. Pickering who walked out of the public meeting in the community centre after the hurricane when the people were asking questions.
    We must be fools man.

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  7. The Facts says:

    The only person from the NDP who worked hard for VG was Myron Walwyn. It was like he was our district representative. He was the only one we saw after the hurricane. The only one who had office hours constantly to help people. The only one who used to make sure the old people got help monthly. He made sure we got a new basketball court and a park for our children to play. We did not feel forgotten with him.
    Where were you all that time Dr. Pickering? Oh yes! Up Oil Nut Bay.

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  8. he 4get 2 say says:

    On behalf of bronson and johnson

  9. Shakazulu says:

    They will drop like flies when they receive the results of the election. Their hearts will be broken from the outcome and many candidates will need medical attention.

    Coco coco coco will be in their underwear.

    Rightfully so,

    Obeah Man

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  10. embarassment says:

    Please stop embarrassing yourself Dr.Pickering. You are afraid to run in your own district because you didn’t do nothing for them and they don’t want you back. Now you come to make promises to people you don’t know. if you couldn’t help where you live, how are you going to help where you don’t live? make it make sense.

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  11. Reply says:

    He need to go back to district 7 and take out that … calling the premier

  12. Lmao says:

    Just like he promised he promised world class green houses.. 🤣🤣🤣 where are they today??? Oops Irma blew them away. You should have been jailed for wasting tax payers dollars. Stop trying to bribe our youths. 🙄

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  13. Facial expression says:

    Is saying )> my people am HOLLERING OUT TO YOU AH NEED YO HELP , WHERE AM I ?????

  14. lol says:

    A promise is a comfort to a fool

  15. Laughable says:

    He has a track record of not delivering on anything. very unproductive man. BVI cannot go back here with you. As a youth I have no confidence in your ability to chart a future. What happen to the Green Houses? What happen to the airport expansion? What happen to the restrooms for the bathrooms? What happen to that fiasco of a beach at Brandywine?
    Please do yourself a favour and sit down. You are not what we need.

  16. Soy Cubano says:

    Don’t promise me vome and deal with me right away.YOU had TWENTY YEARS. I will just rest this here.

  17. Rejected says:

    Bwoy go cdung, U R a lost cause. Nothing to show after 20 years of freebs.

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