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Plans advancing to introduce law that penalises persons who don’t comply to COVID measures

In light of the recent COVID-19 scare on Jost Van Dyke and the failure of some residents to adhere to the precautionary guidelines, Health Minister Carvin Malone said government is advancing plans to penalise persons and business owners for non-compliance.

He said legislation about coronavirus-related penalties will be heading to the House of Assembly soon.

Malone made the remarks during a live public broadcasting session on Tuesday.

He said: “I’m not sure if we have a choice in terms of the particular laws being put in place. What we are saying is, if you are unable to maintain the six feet distance, and even if you are indoors, they are asking you to wear your masks. I am certain it is not too much to ask.”

He continued: “It will be brought to the House of Assembly shortly. The Attorney General chambers have been given the drafting measures that would form a part of this. It would be brought to Cabinet, it would be looked at [and] amended where necessary. It will be brought to the House of Assembly and debated. But, at the end of the day, it is not what is expected, as Premier would always say, it is what is inspected. It is for our own good. And at the end of the day, we have to do whatever is required.”

Fines, closure

Earlier this month, Premier Andrew Fahie said Cabinet had decided to introduce a range of penalties for individuals and businesses who fail to comply. For individuals and businesses who commit an offence for the first time, they will be given a warning.

For individuals who commit a second offence, they will be fined and educated. Any subsequent offence will automatically result in a fine and failure to pay the fine would incur a ‘further penalty’, the Premier said at the time.

As for businesses, second-time offenders will be fined, given notice of closure, and be subjected to re-inspection as well as becoming educated on the importance of complying with the government-imposed measures.

Third-time offending businesses will be made to close their establishments, have their Environmental Health Certificate revoked, and a further penalty would apply.

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  1. yo says:

    this health minister is a free mason. what are his real plans?

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  2. go siddung says:

    Not satisfied so he wants to finish us off now

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  3. vip heckler says:

    The VIP passing laws every week and relaxing them days after…Dah mek sense?

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  4. bunch ah jokers says:

    They are not finding ways to bring in money but finding ways to take away from the weak and wounded

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  5. poor mankind says:

    poor POOR PEOPLE……..I feel 4 dem

  6. Foy to be fined then right? says:

    “the failure of some residents to adhere to the precautionary guidelines”

    Even though Foy tried to be angry yesterday about some l*** about his visit to JvD. He didn’t adhere to the guidelines…

    So now what?

  7. BECAREFUL says:

    Be very careful with these laws. I am sure you understands and know that people cannot wear these masks continuously for extended periods of time and if I am feeling lightheaded and take off my mask to ensure I get enough oxygen to stop from feinting, I should not be penalized, or dragged into the courts. These laws must be aimed at those that fragrantly breech these protocols. Interestingly will the Government be prosecuted if they fail to provide the appropriate PPE for the healthcare workers. Lets use gentle but forceful suasion first before we run to introduce ill-conceived unnecessary laws. If I have a mask and the strap burst while walking on the street and I have to get something at the supermarket will I be penalized. IT happened to me and I have to walk across town to go back to my car to get a mask from my car because security would not let me into the supermarket. Luckily I had an extra one in the car, how about those people who do not have an extra mask. Be very careful. We know lawyers are generally short sighted and only look at issue in terms of legality and not practicality or humanity.

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  8. backwards only backwards says:

    This government is only making us move backwards…

    What are the plans to move forward.

    You guys are bankrupting this country because there is no plan. Yes, sure. Covid is bad. But what do you want? Die from hunger?

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  9. Crew says:

    we stayed at Anegada ***** **** last week and the place was full the only time staff wore masks is when the Premier came in to say hello at breakfast. The place had well over 50 people yet he said nothing. We all kept to our own groups even though they were large groups and nobody cared. Now you want to punish everyone due to YOU not controling the borders.
    We all enjoyed ourselves start heavy handed policing and all the hotels, bars, restaurant will be closed and unless your a government employee or work in FS then its game over.

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    • @ Crew says:

      You are only speaking the truth that we are all seeing.

      Go into the Government departments and tell me where do you see staff wearing masks?

      We live in a lawless society where rules only apply to a certain few.

  10. Anaconda head says:

    I blame Pico Moff fo all a dis

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