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Plans to clamp down on vehicles with loud speakers

The Commissioner of Police Mark Collins has indicated that steps are being taken to formally clamp down on residents who disturb others within the community with loudspeakers in their vehicles.

The Commissioner made the revelation recently when he appeared before the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) — a body comprised of elected leaders who meet with high-ranking public officials yearly to take an in-depth look at the territory’s budget and departmental needs.

During those meetings, the Minister for Health and Social Development asked Collins what the police are doing to address the issue of loud car speakers.

In response, the Commissioner stated that he had several conversations with the Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecution who have advised that the authorities will need devices that can measure noise (decibels) to formally hold individuals accountable for this nuisance.

The Commissioner then stated that the kit to measure decibels was obtained and officers would need to be trained to use it on the job.

The Commissioner was also asked what is being done to address the disturbances from altered mufflers on bikes and scooters.

In response, Collins stated that when he first assumed the role as Commissioner it was a constant complaint and significant improvement has been made and will continue with the seizing of bikes.

The Commissioner also gave insight into what generally happens to bikes after they are seized by the police. He said most are not road worthy and are therefore crushed, stripped for parts or auctioned.

The top cop also stated that bikes are generally seized because they are unlicensed, uninsured or faulty.

He added that persons are given the opportunity to come with their documents and claim their bikes as was the case when many were cleared from the Road Town Police Station recently.


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  1. VI says:

    Please clamp down on people traveling with guns. You guy are not serious about cleaning up the streets. The BVI & USVI is just like the wild wild west.

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  2. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Clamp down on the scooters with the loud exhaust instead!!!!!!!

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  3. BuzzBvi says:

    Please let’s sort out the lawless scooter riders?

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  4. Huh says:

    What about those darn scooters. That is what you need to clamp down on!

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  5. Exactly says:

    This is the real problem.

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  6. Wow says:

    BVI becareful with this man.

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  7. Bozo says:

    This guy is a joker

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  8. Guest says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Change says:

    How about clamping down all the lies you continue to tell. Make the changes start with you.

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  10. Problem says:

    Police officers must rent apts. to live here. Landlords prefer to rent to police officers for the protection that tenant provides to that landlord, other tenants and some neighbors. That protection includes shielding all these people from noise abatement laws and other minor criminal offenses.

    The CoP can state all the ‘clamp down plans’ he wants but the reality is that nothing will change until the burden of private rental apts. is removed for all the police officers in the BVI.

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  11. clearly says:

    Clearly there is a target on all black locals and Caribbean people. Those with eyes that are open are seeing through this plot.

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  12. Real talk says:

    Bla bla bla

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  13. Mad Max says:

    Clearly you are an idiot

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  14. Stwww says:

    Before you focus on guns and crime and other stuff you gunna target music

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  15. Resident says:

    please clamp down, also in Virgin Gorda.
    scooters with loud mufflers, trucks with no mufflers , loud music from cars. its becoming a noise polluted place. i highly doubt tourists or residents find it charming. Crack down is needed as a small handful of people do exactly what they wand with no consequences.
    First offence give a fine , second confiscate vehicle.
    lets get Natures Little secret back.

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  16. Be for real says:

    When expats and local officers receive equal pay as UK officers for the same position and work then the force will realize its maximum potential. However, this is not the aim of this guy nor his boss.

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  17. Well Well says:

    I just don`t get you, people. This man asked a question and he gave an answer, and you people going on as if he ride these loud noisy bikes.
    Why don`t you all fine a life and start living.

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  18. SMH! says:

    You’re work permit exempt and now you want free rent?? GTFOH!! Give an inch and people want to take a mile!

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  19. solution says:


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  20. Strupes says:

    The tourist do love it if you didn’t know. The sense killing and guns brought in I can understand but music you want to take away which ppl enjoy and not get into trouble. Take away everything and see how fast arm robberies and break in occur cause of idle hands.

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  21. @ Be For Real says:

    The time is fast approaching towards the permanent abolishion, eradication of all UK appointed law officials and the nullification of UK in all affairs of the New and Free Virgin Islands.

    All peoples deserve to be treated equally and fairly. How dare they give their UK officers a larger salary than their local and expat counter parts? And, when accused of racism, they sheepishly cow behind a lizard and deny their innate prejudice they have been practicing for centuries.

    We should not bevictims of such practices in the 21st century. Afteralll, our ancerstors built the UK from the ground up. There would not have been an industrial revolution in the UK were it not for Black people.

    It is low down and criminalhumanity. to bring white men from England down here and pay them more than Black men here for duties they aare performing that are less than those of the Black man. It is wrong, dead wrong, inhumane and racist.

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  22. @ Be For Real says:

    When voltures surround you, try not to die.

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  23. IS THIS THE BEST says:

    That you jokers can do / the new year has just begin and you idiots still pushing the same racism rethoric , even though it aint working , your minds are in the gutter

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  24. very good says:

    Loud music in residential areas with bad words,
    loud speakers in cars and houses. At times I think people don’t have anything better to do than to be annoying. Go pick up a book, do a course, and figure out how to further your country.

    Loud noise is ghetto.
    It is noise pollution.

    People shouldn’t be disturbing others.

    I don’t have to state if I suffer from migraines, if my child is studying, if I am having a meeting online or any other reason for you to be considerate and courteous.

    At this rate, air BnB’s would not be able to work in town areas.

    I say give them tickets.

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  25. Rubber Duck says:

    We should have got rid of this guy immediately after he released that bogus racist tape about the bvi

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  26. law enforcement says:

    if the police would actually enforce the law, we would not be where we are. These days they giving out more gas gifts that giving tickets or cautioning people. Many of us travel abroad, park in a no-parking zone and you get what coming for you. Go over the speed limit and go clocking, them boy have you radar and pull you over and ticket you. Broken tail light, they pull you over. We put speed bumps to mash up people car and to try to control the scooter riders. Clamp down on them. Youall out once every 3 years picking them up and then yoouall go in silent mode. If youall enforce, the people will respect you more and try harder to do what right

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  27. Stupidness says:

    What about the unsolved murders ?

  28. Check yourself says:

    Iguess that is because really and truly the majority of noise makers are from down the islands…

    Leave the ghetto with that sort of behavior and carry it with you…. Instead of making the country you reside in better… SMH

    Sorry to say…
    It’s not everywhere you can take that sort of behaviour.

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  29. VG is getting worse says:

    Getting worse with the lawlessness. We have non-black police leaders who do not care about our black youth here.


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  30. Voter says:

    Totally agree!!!??

  31. Agree says:

    I tried to like 100 times but was only allowed 1 like

  32. Guess what says:

    Commissioner! You have tried the same thing with tinted vehicles yet nothing was accomplished to date except the tints got darker. Lol

  33. Smdh says:

    Those noisy scooters all through the night into the morning, before long, someone will take the law into their hands.

  34. Real talk says:

    There is a Traffic Charge Book that was printed by the old Police them and the first Charge is For Vehicles emitting loud noise from their mufflers. Officers Check the Charge Book if you don,t have one find an old Police who use to Work in Traffic . Commish is dumb to this. Sorry to say.

  35. @ IS THIS THE BEST says:


  36. @IS THIS THE BEST says:

    You have no problem wth white male exploitation, racism and domination in theBVI, but obviously have aproblem when someone Black speaks out against it.

    There is no place, not a single place on earth where the caucasion/white man has ever been or lived in peace and or harmony. with the local people.

    If the opposite was true,why would bring in their people and pay them more than they pay locals? a decades old practice that we know of but keep quiet about?

    It is a fact that whereever they go their first instinct is to exploit, usurp, destabilize, destroy, and loot.

    Some actually believe that the UK has been scheming on destabilizing the BVI for years now. Such evidence reveals itself in many forms, one of which in the attempt at destruction of what they deem as the strong Black male leader.

    Mike drop!!!!

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  37. Ok says:

    So when will you deal with the bike and noisy mufflers??

  38. Hmm says:

    If a bar is open late the patrons there are bound to have excessive alcohol in their system yet most of them leaving the bar to drive home, when will your department looking into driving and drive.

  39. 100 says:

    I love this suggestion. I dont think many people understand how bothersome noise pollution can be and how it can affect people in the neighborhood

  40. Color crazy says:

    All you people who make EVERYTHING into an attack on ALL white people, you are sick and one step away from being psychopaths.
    How do you think Hitler convinced decent German people that exterminating all the Jews was a good solution? He did it by convincing them that ALL Jews alive and in history were evil, exploiters who were ruining the lives of German people. After a few years, the Germans were happy to send these people in trains to be put into very large ovens and cooked, or huge chambers filled with poison gas, or shot or hanged by the thousands.

    You color crazy people are taking us in that direction as fast as you can. As a white person I am used to having people dislike/distrust/hate me around here because I understand why. White people have caused so much pain, suffering and confusion through history, and slavery – which brought Africans here – is one of the biggest crimes.

    But I am also used to people overcoming their prejudice of me when they see I am a human being, I have heart and care and empathy and love and laughter and kindness JUST LIKE THEY DO.

    Most people can distinguish between one individual in real life, right now, and all other humans with the same melanin that have lived. They can distinguish between me and all the evil people with my skin colour who have done evil. When they do this, we live and laugh and love together, not as white and black people, but as human beings.

    You people using this ‘all whites are the same’ and are evil language do not know what you are unleashing. You are justifying de-humanization. You argue slave owners were evil to do that to Africans, and anyone with decency would agree.

    What is the plan? Do you want to solve our problems by pushing the population to hate all low melanin people, and blame them for everything bad in the world? This is how you get back to a mentality of Hitler and of slave owners. Is that what you are aiming for?

    And note that while you are pursuing this means of solving our problems, you are missing the actual issues that may be causing us problems. You are looking in one direction while solutions lie in others. So you are making us all worse off because you are addressing every issue as if historical racism is its cause.

    Stop being stupid and deal with issues according to the issue, and not blame me and every other caucasian for every thing.

    Human first, – skin colour somewhere down below Christian, family, country, etc.

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  41. Note says:

    Stop noise pollution at the immigration desk along with a host of other pollution peculiar to humanity at its lowest form.

  42. @clearly says:

    Yep. This the same blarney others like yourself was chanting at a Governor on n the eve of the revealing COI and your fallen Black Premier.
    Keep it up!

  43. Check yourself says:

    has nothing to do with the matter at hand

  44. Lol says:

    it’s cultural dare you hold down our culture of non stop noise and drama.

  45. Madea says:

    Its about time – they must be deaf cos I cant hear myself think when they are there outside. Also the bar in the carpark opposite Bobbys – sometimes so loud I think me eardrums going to burst.

  46. Scooter says:

    Y’all need to clamp down on those LOUD scooter riders. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I can’t hear myself talk or my tv when they pass.

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