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Plans to modernize CGB sewerage plant; beach still closed

Cane Garden Bay beach. after the hurricanes

Plans are afoot to upgrade and modernize the faulty sewerage plant in Cane Garden Bay which is being blamed as the likely source of water contamination at Cane Garden Bay beach.

The beach, which was ordered closed recently because of an unusually high amount of bacteria in the water, has not been officially reopened, BVI News Online understands.

The Government said upgrades to the sewerage plant in that area is part of a short-term restoration plan for the general sewerage network across the territory.

“The short-term restoration of the sewerage network will be pursued, followed by enhancements to increase resilience,” government said in a draft of its recovery and development plan.

“Proposed works include modernizing and streamlining the system and network in operation at Cane Garden Bay, commissioning of the Paraquita Bay Waste Water Treatment plant, enhancing the network of sewerage pump stations in and around Road Town, and repairing the Burt Point Waste Water Treatment Plant.”

E. Coli?

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Conservation Officer, Kelvin Penn had said earlier this month that the unusual number of bacteria found in the water at the popular beach may have resulted from the excess runoff into the sea because of heavy rainfall and the non-functioning sewage treatment plant in Cane Garden Bay.

He did not specify the type of bacteria found in the water, but sources said it was suspected to be the Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria – a type of bacteria that lives inside the intestines of humans and animals.

However, Chief Environmental Officer Lionel Michael said microbial testing will have to be conducted to confirm. It is not yet clear whether the tests were done.


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