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Police arrest men travelling to VG with over $13K

Not the exact cash mentioned in the story.

Information reaching BVI News is that police last week arrested two Tortola men who were found with more than $13,000 cash suspected to be connected to criminal activity.

The exact age of both men are unknown but BVI News understands that both are under 30. It’s also reported that they’re both from the Baughers Bay community.

BVI News understands that the two men were on a boat heading to Virgin Gorda when they were stopped by marine police. The cops discovered the cash after they conducted a search of the vessel.

BVI News was not able to ascertain the exact amount of cash seized.

It’s also reported that the men told the police they were traveling to Virgin Gorda to buy a vehicle with the cash that was found onboard.

However, the police arrested both men based on the suspicion that the cash was the proceeds of crime. The money was also confiscated.

It is unclear whether the men have been charge and if/when they will appear in court.

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  1. WTF says:

    I sometimes carry that amount of cash (address withheld) so now you cannot travel within the BVI with more than $10,000 unless you looking fly!

    Did they also impound the boat as it cost more money that they confiscated???

    Must be more to this story

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  2. Why? says:

    Is it now illegal to have $ 13K in cash in the territory? The story does not state that they came from outside Territorial boundaries.

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    • 21 Jump street says:

      Of course it’s not illegal to have large amounts of cash on your person in the country. But if the cash suspected to be connected to criminal activity it can be seized until you can prove where you got it from

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      • nope says:

        This is not how it works. The burden of proof is on the police and the Government to prove that the money was received from illegal actions. If the Government has no proof, the people are innocent. They don’t have to tell a thing as they have the right to remain silent and they don’t have any need to prove where the funds came from. In my opinion this is a breach of their human rights and privacy. Any person can do what they want with their funds and in a form how they want it – cash, payment card or wire transfer – it does not matter. Even more, the cash seized was not a substantial amount. We are talking about 13k not 300k, and even then the burden of proof is on the police not the accused persons. Innocent until proven guilty – not the other way around. This is a miscarriage of justice and the accused people should sue the government after they are released from custody, which should inevitably happen. Think before you speak.

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        • Remain humble says:

          Actually “Nope”…in this case the accused is to prove that it is not illegal means used to acquire the funds. Having the money is NOT a criminal act that the police or dpp needs to prove…the police suspects that the money is of illegal means, therefore, the person should be able to prove it is NOT of illegal means. If someone climbs from your bedroom window with 1000 in their pocket and you claim it is yours, would you need to prove it is yours or the person caught climbing from your window? The men, when they are caught on the water are ask if they got nothing suspicious to declare or with them. If they say no, and the 13,000 is found. The police would then ask, where these funds came from or where is it going? If they showed a list of employees or to be paid, or a bill of sale or information showing communication regarding a purchase of a vehicle or item, then these would debunk the suspicion of criminal activities… Once they remain quiet or unable to explain then the police can take the funds into custody on suspicion of an illegal act.

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          • lol says:

            You clearly have no clue of how the law works. Do some research on criminal law and then comment.

          • Aint make no sense says:

            Wa you just say aint make no sense they didn’t thief no money or nowhere reported money stolen so what’s your point?

        • Truth says:

          u too damn foolish, playing intelligent. Idiot a**

      • To 21 jump street says:

        “But if the cash suspected to be connected to criminal activity it can be seized until you can prove where you got it from.”

        And on what do you base that suspicion? The fact that they don’t wear a suit and tie?

        And fyi, an accused person don’t have to prove a thing. He who alleges must prove.

        • Remain humble says:

          That is why you all in uproar against words spoken against corruption, cause these kinda activities happening and you all want it to happen with no one to control or to oversee. Once you got this much funds with you, and can not explain or show how you got it, then this in itself raise suspicion.

          Y’all (black, white, bvi islander, expat, belongers) children coming home with stuff and you do not know how or where they get it, or they can not explain where it came from….YOUR human instinct will not raise a level of suspicion under y’all skin?

    • Blindman says:

      They have to give it back its not illegal to have 13000.00 on you and if they say its illegal they have to prove it . Police have to understand not because you have the power mean you are right . Easy win for a lawyer.

  3. BB says:

    Harassment at its highest. $13,000.00 is pocket change. I make more than that legally per month

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    • Right says:

      So you make more than that legally per month?

      In cash?

      And you take this to Virgin Gorda on your day trips?

      Get outta here.

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      • Left says:

        It wasn’t a random day trip to VG though. They stated that they had a specific purpose for the trip – purchasing a vehicle. If this indeed was a reason, I don’t see any problem for having 13k in the boat.If you go to purchase a car and the parties agreed to do the sale in cash, then of course they would take out the necessary funds from the bank or their personal savings before the trip. Even if didn’t make the money in cash as a monthly salary, what makes you think they didn’t withdraw the money from a bank or if the cash wasn’t just saved up at home. This is not a huge amount of money… people usually buy vehicles with their savings or through a loan – this is not rocket science, you don’t have to make 13k per month in cash to have that amount of money with you.

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      • Daddy says:

        None of your d**n business. Let go the man for his chump change…. If I choose to save up my money in the bank and then one day withdraw it all I don’t have a thing to tell the police where I get it from. Let them that’s accusing me prove.. Innocent till proven guilty.

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        • Remain humble cousin says:

          bro well withdraw 15,000 and go on a boat, be caught by the police and tell them none of their d**n business and see how fast your backside getting arrested, when you go before the judge, tell him/her “none of your d**n business” see how fast your backside going B-GHUT. Then when your get to the prison and a prison officer or even a dominating cell mate ask you why you here “none of your d**n business”, see what happens next….ignorant human!

    • Deh Watcha says:

      Walk around with it and prove it.

  4. LG says:

    13 k is not pocket change.
    you must be able to show where it came from .earnings, bank account or loan.

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  5. Mayflower Madam says:

    $13,000 dollars in cash is money you use for tipping.

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  6. Ok nope says:

    Thanks for the correction nope. I’ll think before I speak or rather type

  7. Truth says:

    Ayo aint hear the media say more than?
    same how ayo love misinterpret n love defend criminal activities. Guess over a hundred grand is legal pocket change eh?

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  8. 10K says:

    Having large amounts of money on your person is not illegal, However, any amount 10,000.00 and over can be questioned by the authorities. Usually, you will have to provide a SOF (source of funds) form to declare the origin of the money. Even in these days… banks are questioning you about 5000 deposits or withdrawals.

    • Deh Watcha says:

      The thing persons missing is, the fact that there has been the drug bust, other drug seizures, money seizures and voice note with claims of persons paying for “hits” on other persons I can see where anyone walking with excess amount of cash can look suspect.

  9. Fools says:

    Just put back of cash over your shoulder and catch [ferry]…Strupes. Want to be Criminals with no Brain..

  10. Hmm says:

    The problem is walking around with plenty chains on your neck and jobless. Police watch you. The biggest criminals wears suit and tie but you do not see cops studying them. I find these young hustlers not smart at all. Stay under the radar and you can walk around with 20k, you will not be harassed.

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  11. Pocket change says:

    If you rate 13k as money to question you shouldn’t even be on herre commenting, you need get busy and get your money up… thas tip money for real, yall focus on the wrong s**t and so yall cant get up, 2 man got 13k and you automatically think drugs? Lol how

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  12. Anonymous says:

    The problem isn’t the amount of cash. It is rare for people to save cash at home so if they got the money from the bank they can easily prove that. If the amount of cash doesn’t match their source of employment that also is a red flag.

  13. Easy maths says:

    6k is mine 7k is his so I can’t walk around with either

  14. yes says:

    my VG grocery bill and a quick burger is near $13k

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