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Police confirm armed robbery on VG

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has confirmed an armed robbery on the sister island of Virgin Gorda on Friday night, June 7.

The police reported that the robbery took place at the Bath and Turtle Restaurant.

Details of the incident are still sketchy as the police are in the early stages of investigating the incident.

RVIPF has stated that its officers have visited the location to process the scene.

BVI News will provide more information as it becomes available.


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  1. ... says:

    when is the fire arm act to be brought to the house?

    You know the one that lets us not be sitting ducks to armed robbery now & sexual assault later. kidnapping? We have to be realistic defending your life from a trauma is a right no one grants.

    Every creature is entitled to self defense. If the criminals werent armed I would preach Kung ku. But we have to be realistic.

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    while we playing the blame game , using – racism – cololonialism and xenophobia – the entitled wannabe ganster youths has been mastering their SKILLZ, AND IS NOW FLEXING THEM OFF ON INNOCENT PEOPLE , WELL HALLELUIAH LETS SEE IF ITS THE UK / CINDY – OR WALWYN WHO WILL BE CHOOSEN AS THE SCAPEGOAT

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    while we playing the blame game , using – racism – cololonialism and xenophobia – the entitled wannabe ganster youths has been mastering their SKILLZ,

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  4. Hmmm. says:

    Where is the Bath and Turtle Restaurant?

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  5. maria louisa varlack says:

    is the british virgin islands involved with terrorism, sex tourism, human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug activies, crime, guns, weapons and violence. the british virgin islands has definitely broken down or someone is a serial killer serial rapist or there is mad person on the loose creating havoc and chaos.

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  6. maria louisa varlack says:

    formerly i worked at the royal virgin islands police headquarters in road town tortola british virgin islands and since 1988 when i attended valencia community college and in 2002 when i attended seminole community college i have been targeted as a criminial here in the usa everywhere i travel to in the usa i am being targeted as a dangerous criminal.

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    • @marialouisavarlack says:

      Ever wonder why they are targeting you because we surely are? Perhaps, your mind is causing this. Can i make a suggestion please? I am trying to be kind as possible because i am concerned about you. Please see if you are able to join or participate in some free mental health programs or if you can be seen by a Mental Health Personnel. I believe the visits are covered by Medicare…js. Wishing you a blessed day.

    • @maria louisa varlack says:

      What is the relevance of your post. Looks like you have lost more marbles since.

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  7. WWE says:

    What going on up Vg?

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  8. Valley Police says:

    We would like to release a statement around the circumstances of da robbery. Leverick was a miss, so they come back and take B&T. We don’t know nothing about any of it cos our officers are never on patrol. Plus, they all too fat to chase robbers and they were asleep at the station at the time. We will promise the public that we do everything to catch the bad man, but really we play dominoes and drink Guinness.

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  9. Joker says:

    Probably the same group associated with the Leverick job. Given a week off by the police to relax and plan allowing them time to carry out their next raid.

    Set of jokers!

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  10. Resident says:

    As i have pointed out several times. Its time to get UK police in 6 month rotation so they dont make friends and they can uphold the law. There is zero respect for the Law here in BVII. Governor its time to restore law and order. Get the guns off the street. The BVI will eventually become Haiti if we dont do something.

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  11. Business Owner says:

    I am sitting laying in wait for you little crumb snatchers to step in my business thinking you can rob my place. All business owners have a right to protect their business.

    • Another business owner says:

      They come with the BS talking about they robbing my business,……… they are going to feel my wrath. Outside of this place, business owners are given licenses to carry to protect their business. Only here in the BVI AKA CANDY LAND THEY PUSSY FOOT AROUND THE SUBJECT.

  12. skuntington says:

    what you expect? times are harder. stop giving us the crumbs instead of a piece of the pie if you want to keep a safe haven to enjoy and flaunt your wealth

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    • @Suntington says:


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  13. Pay back says:

    U take our weed

  14. Einstein says:

    Doesn’t take a genius to figure out if the police are going to willingly let people break the law and basically have no presence thieves will have their way. The COP and head of VG police should be embarrassed at the recent crime spree and step down. If you can’t teach or instruct your force to enforce even the simplest of laws you are not a leader. It’s a sad state of affairs at the moment and with weak leaders there will be no change soon.

  15. Word on the street from a CI says:

    The ones that tried to rob the poker run money and this recent robbery is the same people.

  16. UK says:

    The police is powerless as to what to do, we are at the mercy of these criminal, but this is the result when you have square pegs in round holes, you have the weakest crime chief in the history of the rvipf, you have the weakest supt of OPPS, you have a total failure as CI for opps, you have another failure who believes he is the brightest human on planet earth I/C of CID, you also have a barfoon as the insp CID, so tell me, what do you expect?.

  17. Obviously says:

    the RVIPF are doing a better job at sea now than on land. The wannabe smugglers can’t make any cash money from smuggling now so their amateur attempts at armed robbery are escalating.

  18. More Cameras says:

    Less Drug Dogs….more bomb/explosive dogs

  19. Can't wait says:

    For the news to report someone killing one of these robbers when they mess with the wrong person.

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    • @can’t wait says:

      It is only a matter of time before it happens. Then, the law is going to lock up the business owner that is protecting their business. People is tired of these little nappy headed idiots constantly robbing or trying to rob someone’s business. It is time for business owners to be licensed to carry a gun to protect their business. They try to rob the money from poker run and now they rob the Bath & Turtle Restaurant and the spree is going to continue because the little criminals think they can get away with it until they get got.

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  20. @Einstein says:

    Not weak, but inept, corrupt, ineffective because and don’t give a rats a** cause the system is not constructed or programmed to function as a law enforcement entity is supposed to.

    Politicians are not the only potential corrupts. Every last entity, because of huge money and no accountability for it, is corrupt to the hilt.

    It is so obvious.

  21. Sooooo says:

    Is it going to be like some of the Restaurants in the Bahamas where armed guards is posted in the Restaurants to protect the diners when they are having dinner?

  22. The Time Has Come..... says:

    When our Great Grand Parents used to tell us that it is only a matter of time when the BVI would become just like other places. I can remember very well those conversations and Teaching. We are no different than other places and it is quite sad. We are no longer our Brothers’ Keepers. We no longer keep watch for our Neighbours. We are no longer able to tell a young person what they are doing is wrong or we will get a Tongue lashing from their Parents. Businesses and Homeowners must be Vigilant and take nothing nor no one for granted. Protect your premises. Be watchful for who is coming or going. Lock your Doors even in the daylight. Install Cameras around your Businesses and Homes. The Police cannot be everywhere at all times. The Governor and COP cannot prevent Crimes. It takes all of us to play our Role. The Days of taking a Village to raise a Child are long gone. Parents have a responsibility to know where their Children are and who are their Friends. Parents have a responsibility to educate their Children as tough as it may be at times. After all, You are responsible for bringing these Children into the World. Some Fathers come and Go.
    The Government is responsible for putting Laws in place to curb Crimes in any Country or Territory.
    Stiff Immigration Laws and Policies must also be a part of curbing Crimes. Not all Crimes are committed by young people.. To catch a Criminal one has to think like a Criminal. It is high time that we become proactive and not reactive. like everywhere else, this situation will get worse not better if something is not done NOW.

  23. Former Tourist says:

    Virgin Gorda is where I chose to stay when I visit the BVI. I love the wonderful relaxed vibes of Virgin Gorda and dinning at the many wonderful restaurants. Please don’t allow the criminals to give Virgin Gorda a mega tourist destination a bad look.

  24. Same O same O says:

    As always Black on Black crjme.,against each other,against their employment against tourism against they and their country’survival.Harboringm shelterjng zipping their big lips of evidence and identification, Same lips ah blaming de yt man, Pathetic,and self destruct they move and solidify the crumbling of these VI with more and more never enough CARICOMERS, the death knell of their unfortunate islands of origin and neighboring islands except those that defy the fatal idiocy of joining the afro blood pudding aka CARICOM.

  25. All in All says:

    This is my opinion, and mine only sans I can not speak for anyone but myself. I am sick and tired of the constant talk about the Politicians not doing enough for the young people in the Territory. First of all the Politicians is not the young people baby sitting service.

    • @All in All says:

      I do agree with your comment. Same talk and hearing over and over about the Politicians not doing anything to help the youths. This is getting stale. Some of the same young people don’t want any help or advice from anyone, they are going to do what they want to do. Agree, the Politicians is not the young people’s babysitting service nor is the teachers responsibility to be their students babysitters. Drop them off to school , let the teachers handle whatever problems is going on with the children.

  26. @ EINSTEIN ? says:

    WOW , so you have added another new name again/ please can’t you just stay on your yello site and write and post your racist blogs over there , we are tired of your broken down record narratives / how about going by the bridge by ( super Val- U and looking both sides and see if the GHUT is really being CLEANED and take some pictures / them write and
    blogg on it , that would be a good start to something constructive to focus your energy on ,but then again your overgrown ego might get mad at you for trying to do something good for a change , and that can cause can implosion

  27. fingerprint mess says:

    Sorry to say but all the police going to do is leave black dust all over the business that is impossible to clean up and will find NO clues. We will not hear about this again….they will NOT find the culprits. Never do…Sad about the mess..and the hardship of being violated.

  28. smh says:

    Stop stereotyping. Talking about nappy head is ridiculous as if that identifies a person as a thief or robber. Id rather be proud to be black than shave off looking like a baby but that has nothing to do with crime. Look at Andrew Fahie he was clean shaven looking right like a baby, no beard no hair, for his official picture, where is he he now. Clean shaven is a relic of slavery times.

    Stop judging people based on their appearance it will come right back to you when those people give you no break when you are in their business.

  29. Increase in poverty says:

    Increased in burglary = increased in unemployment and desperation
    The Premier and his cronies are oblivious to what is going on in the communities of the BvI
    In fact they all know but cast a deaf ears and blind eye
    Only help when they or families are directly affected by it.

    Heartless bunch of uncaring, unsympathetic people

  30. Cap Fit says:

    Help yourselves. Pretend you are a self sufficient human and not a lowlife animal and with gratitude and birth control who will no longer give birth to a species of fatherless low life cannibals and parasitic beggars roaming from pillar to post.

  31. sad says:

    BIV is going in the wrong direction and its the fault of the BV islander, no one else!! Your people and kids are the way they are because you all feel entitled! Think the world owes you, or the white man!! Men don’t care to bring their kids up, women are bitter because the men so selfish! its sad and you don’t let anyone in to mix it up and help you develop! Such a beautiful land left to fools!! blame the white man is all you got! cant even control a few thousand people!

  32. Facts says:

    It’s a shame that the police took about 20mins or more according to a person that was present at the establishment at the time of the robbery. Virgin Gorda Police officers needs to do better. They sit in the station and talk about man and woman affairs. Some of females have these big hairstyle and the males some of them their belly big and run. They should be required to be on the road patrolling by the 2’s to ensure the safety of the community. 20 or more mins to get to crime seen when the police station is less than 5mins away is crazy. What is your emergency plan though? Clearly yall have none. Sad Sad

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