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Police contend with disobedient domino players, curfew breakers

Acting Deputy Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool. (BVI News photo)

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has reported having to use non-lethal force to discourage residents who have been having illegal gatherings that flout the government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Jacqueline Vanterpool said in a police statement on Tuesday that “despite the present public health warnings, persons around the territory are still gathering around domino tables, at their favourite watering holes and outdoor spots”.

She said one officer had to discharge pepper spray in the vicinity to disperse well in excess of a dozen individuals that had gathered around a domino game in East End after his direct order was disobeyed.

The individuals disbanded temporarily but returned an hour later to continue their game so establishments are also now being penalised.

But the police said there have been other kinds of breaches.

“We are also seeing persons travelling by boat during the curfew hours of 7 pm to 5 am. The restrictions of movement around the territory applies to both vehicle and boat traffic. If you are out and about after 7 pm without a new July 2021 police-issued pass, you will be arrested for violation of the Curfew Order,” the Acting Deputy Commissioner stated.

“Those who possess the new passes must have them in hand along with identification. One person’s failure to act according to the law affects all of us,” Vanterpool added.

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  1. Curfew says:

    The curfew is ridiculous. It does nothing to stop the spread. Covid only awake from 7pm to 5am? This is third world dark continent thinking.
    Fact: curfew does nothing.
    Fact: vaccine is the only solution
    Fact: many who have vaccinated will get Covid but won’t die
    Fact: soaking doesn’t do shit
    Fact: bush tea only helps the penis
    Fact: BVI Ministers have no clue what they are doing.

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    • Anonymous says:

      It’s idiots like you that don’t have no common sense that is the reason for so much misinformation and Covid spread. The curfew reduces the risk of Covid spread by minimizing the time we have to to potentially spread the virus.

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      • @Anon says:

        Soooo, at night when everything is closed there would be spread but during the day breathing down the neck of the customer in front of you at the supermarket is ok. Lmfao. You need to crawl back under the rock from hence you came.

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        • Viva says:

          “whence you came”, not “from hence you came”.
          If you’re going to insult people, please do so correctly.

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    • Big AL says:

      @ Curfew
      Whoever this jacka** is he/she needs shooting with s**t. My God with all the people dying every day from this virus the stupidity continues. UNBELIEVABLE.

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    • Forgot says:

      Fact: Those “bahn here” believe laws were made for non-belongers, down islanders and other outsiders.

  2. TruDat! says:

    The time for warnings is over – just arrest the violators, every last one of them, and the message will finally get out that we are serious now. Seize their cars and their boats and their scooters and fine them to the maximum extent allowed by law.

    Contact tracing tells us that a bunch of srti**ers coming in illegally brought this back to our island. Arrest the club owners who put dollars over death – shame the MS and make them pay the price for what they did to our people.

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    • @TruDat! says:

      Based on the call for contact tracing, it should be obvious where the Outbreaks generated. I agree that these establishments should be fined and closed permanently if the Individuals they employed brought in the infestation and all those who caught it as patronisers should be fined also!

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    • BS says:

      Though there might be some validity to that, and there probably is, why blame the dog only when the fleas are biting just as bad.

      The strippers comment is too narrow, because it is not just them if at all. The problem is far wider, greater and more sinister than is known.

  3. Umm says:

    If there are flights arriving after 7pm or close to 7pm how are the passengers of sister islands supposed to get to their destination? Also if they have to wait hours at the ferry dock after arriving on the late ferry and testing is not readily available how are they supposed to get to their destination by 7pm?

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  4. Hmm says:

    Saw this one day during the daytime right opposite the east end police station.

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  5. Windy says:

    Meanwhile we contend with a disobedient HOA hellbent on stealing public monies.

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    • @Wendy says:

      And people who truly needs a little help and assistance are being ignored and left out.

      There will be angry words and deeds come next election.

  6. Waiting says:

    They be playing Dominoes inside M**a Restaurant and Bar in Baughers Bay. They lock themselves up inside and play. They dont adhere to the Government protocols.The place looks closed on the outside. But inside full of men playing dominoes and drinking. I know because I have seen it!

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    • To waiting says:

      The 2 legged pests are in there playing domino while the 4 legged ones are running around all over the kitchen🤢🤮😷

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  7. Local girl says:

    You too damn nosy, how do you know that unless you were there yourself, ah you like too much mette,will you be paying for their funeral cost? I can say for a fact that what you’re saying is the truth, because my brother was one of those who hang out there and he was warned.
    The moral of the story stay in your lane, in other words mind your own business.

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  8. J says:

    Too many bars are open. Enforcement needed. Force bar owners to comply with the law.

  9. Spy says:

    Check out the P**yroom and D*s Ch**as in Sea Cows Bay – they’re hiding inside and carrying on just as usual

  10. east man says:

    them pigs quick to use force but tell them to take off the uniform and raise hands and see who will win

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  11. That's Why. says:

    Maybe it was a prayer meeting. Were they fasting too?

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