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Police discover over 20 marijuana plants at Foxy’s

Not the plants mentioned in the story.

Police reportedly are investigating a relatively large drug discovery at a well-known establishment on Jost Van Dyke — Foxy’s Tamarind Bar.

BVI understands law enforcers on the island found more than 20 potted marijuana plants at the back of the establishment.

Police reportedly informed management and questioned employees at the facility.

No arrests were made in connection with the discovery, BVI News understands.

When contacted in relation to the reported incident, General Manager at Foxy’s, Thomas Warner said he has “absolutely no idea” how the plants came to be at the establishment.

He further said neither the Foxy’s business nor its employees had anything to do with the cultivation of the plants.

Police have confiscated the plants and highly-placed sources say the illegal plant will be assessed for forensic evidence.

If one or more persons are implicated in relation to the plants, they could be charged with cultivation of cannabis as well as other related charges.

The discovery of the plants comes on the heels of the establishment’s highly anticipated marijuana-focused event called Extrava-Ganja 2018: A Virgin Islands Hemp and Cannabis Festival.

The event is slated for Saturday, July 7 and is aimed at reviving discussions about legalizing or decriminalising marijuana in the BVI.

Local authorities are said to have responded positively to the festival, which will see a number of speakers participating. One such speaker is a well-known advocate for the legalization of marijuana in the neighbouring US Virgin Islands, Senator Positive Nelson.

Saturday’s event does not involve breaking any of the territory’s current laws.

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  1. well sah says:


  2. Tarrus Riley says:

    ♫Lowe Di Trees♫

  3. Can anything be done right says:

    Stop the waste of resources. Bring this plant into the economy. Regulate it and tax it. Only allow those engaged in legitimate agriculture to cultivate it. Allow businesses that adhere to the highest letter of the law to sell it. End this motivation of criminal enterprise to corrupt the youth. Stop the complication of personal lives over personal consumption. It makes all the sense and dollars in the world. There is no need to wait while more human capital is lost. Turn the societal loss into a gain.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Quoting the words of an infamous US president, “here we go again.”

    Was that business all locally run, there would’ve been seizure, arrest and imprisonment. But because there are white expats involved, they get a free pass, as usual.

    Why do we continue to witness such double standards in law enforcement?

  5. portraitpainter says:

    Oh Please,
    Don’t the police have more important things to do? Maybe try to solve a few murders?

  6. SMH says:

    Herb is a natural Medicine…legalize it, make Revenue and stop criticizing it!

  7. Diana says:

    I thought — was —— them for — herb festival later on.

  8. me again says:

    The Festival is advertised and sanctioned for July 07, WHY people have to be BAD MINDED so?
    These plants were probably there to show the different straints / types (male/ female) stigma /buds and medicinal properties of each ,
    Fair enough .if you are not interested DO NOT attend , but why cause problems on trivial things such as this ?Aren’t there MORE pressing / important issues that need addressing in JOST ?
    Who ever the “snake” is have to be looking for mongoose now ; but you what ? The festival will still be held AND there will be —– —– —- at the establishment and in FULL VIEW

  9. Jeezumbree says:


  10. Listen says:

    He HAD to know they would come and harass him.. smh

  11. hmmm says:

    They probably for his upcoming ——- ————.. he didn’t notify the staff the ex——— p—— had arrived.

  12. @Hello says:

    The most recent record do indicate that his “wife” is white.

    Now let’s explore a few “obvious racially divisive rhetoric” realities:

    1. There are two communities growing roots in the BVI. One Afro and the other white and separate from the Afro, done so by a conscious choice and totally motivated by race.

    2.There are now two BVI communities totally segregated by race. True or false? And will remain so and grow likewise into the future. True or false?

    3. There are a great number of white children in this territory, but not one ever attend the all Afro public schools. Again, a choice motivated primarily by race. true or false?

    4. The last US president was elected primarily based on racial political platform. True or false.

    4. The borders of every EU country [except for Spain, which is quite surprising given how it treats its Afro people] is being closed to Afro and brown people. The main motivation being that of race.

    5. I have suffered from racial discrimination from the day i was born to present, and i did nothing wrong to no one. My crime? being brown.

    6.I have been personally assaulted and racially profiled many times over solely on the basis of my race.

    I and my Afro people will continue to be judged not by the content of their character, but the color of their skin. That is a shallow, and very small minded truth and reality world wide.

    7. The world your ancestors created and you are maintaining is a racially divided one.

    So do review your denial rhetoric relative to race thank you.

    • Hello ............ says:

      My point remains! This was not a racially motivated event! So stop spinning BS. I do not deny for one second there are racial components to all colours NOT JUST BROWN! So please stop acting if this is a race thing. People are sadly segregated by race, colour, religion, and a myriad of other things! The vast majority of people here are good and decent people that lament your experiences and wish all things would be equal and fair. But, the world is an f’ed place and it will never be fair or ever be just. Either be a victim and whine, or fight on for better things between old colours and creeds!

      Oh ……. one last fact my dear friend! I’m brown too! So who’s profiling? I guess my mindset does not jive with you ‘victim’ card you so love to play!

    • Theo says:

      BVI doesn’t have just black and white people.

      I don’t think the “segregation” you allege is only about race, because there are plenty of non-whites who wouldn’t want their kids to attend just any school.

      I don’t deny that there are sordid details to every group but it isn’t simple as just racism.

      Also, it isn’t just Europe closing it’s border’s to Africans nor is it only Africans they close their borders to.

      There are plenty of people from Eastern Europe as well as Northern EU countries not wanting an influx from other surrounding EU countries with less robust economies.

      If we should be worried it should be about the same old story that our own black people selling us down the river to rich outside interests to make themselves better off at cost to us.

      Black or white, it doesn’t matter if they going to take advantage of us, and we can’t afford to isolate ourselves from the world, so the mature course of action is to exercise our minds properly and not just jump to conclusions.

      PS. “Illegal plant” lol

    • @@Hello says:

      Men have oppressed women for centuries. They have committed the most sexual and other assaults on women, by far, over hundreds of years.
      They have oppressed them in the home, in the work place and In every situation you can imagine.
      Therefore, if you are a man, Mr Anonymous, you are an oppressor, a rapist, a woman beater.

      Does that make sense to you? No? Even if the facts are true?
      Well, look at it this way – that’s how simple your logic is about ‘white people’.

    • YoungBlood says:

      I am white as you say, I am an Virgin Islander, I am a product of a few all “Black” schools in St Thomas and I am not with you you and this rant!
      I have known Foxy from the 1960’s and his wife and you must be told that THEY are NOT Black and White, They are the finest ISLAND people I will ever come to meet. Do not slander us of the islands, Do not throw race in my face, it is not has not been a part of our lives in all these years of great friendship. USVI/BVI are but one!

  13. legal eye says:

    This reader is quite surprised that no one has been charged with this offence since the Drugs Act of the Territory makes it absolutely clear who is deemed to be the owner of the drugs until contrary proven ….oh boy!

  14. @Hello says:

    No one plays a card except in a game of cards. Life is a serious thing.

    When “victims are silenced and their horror stories buried, the human atrocities continue.

    When the Jews honor their holocaust dead, are they playing the “victim card? I think not!

    When Negroes are hung from trees and burnt at stakes, and shot down in cold blood and they speak about such inhumane atrocities, are they playing the “victim card? I think “Brown skin,” which i do not think you are, but do forgive if you truly are.

    See if you are, there is a term used to describe your type, but i will never try to disparage you behind your back. See Malcolm and Garvey taught us differently.

    • Hello ............. says:

      I’m going to just respect your thinking (although disagree) and leave it at that. Good afternoon.

  15. Tola says:

    Strupes this news try legalized the damn thing.

  16. Hmm says:

    20 plants and no one knows anything.hmmm

  17. LOL says:


  18. hm.. says:

    Legalize it

  19. Hmmm says:

    Really 20 plants in there veg stage not even close to been ready to smoke and you want them to arrest a man like sir foxy callwood you got to be out of your mind,take a rest and go sleep or find something better to do and find some respect for our virgin islanders who are great entrepreneurs

  20. Well well.... says:

    Not a single comment in support of the current laws. Seems simple, legalize it and move on.

  21. Crazy! says:

    The Proprietor has to answer for these being found at his establishment!!!! Remember you will be setting precedent… when some other less prominent person has a similar issue…will they also be shown such deference!!!!!! The Owner needs to be arrested!!!!

  22. woke says:

    i guess we gonna keep the white man law that we can’t plant what we want on the earth they own

  23. Return visitor says:

    Really 20 little plants. Straight to the race a white visitor to BVI,s most belongers treat us fair some not so much. I bring lots of cash & one love attitude. Trying to help& enjoy your lands & life style. Let’s grow up play together. One Love… Your words live &respect.

  24. CW says:

    If the BVI legalised they would be one of the top tourism destinations in the world. Google COLORADO. of course, we’re counting on lots of UNEDUCATED RACISTS to make this happen, so good luck. Read above. SMH

    • Caribbean365 says:

      to CW. (IMO). It is not so much about racism as much as reeducation. What have the populace been conditioned to believe, that is the root?

  25. old skools says:


  26. ??? says:

    “Police reportedly are investigating a relatively large drug discovery at a well-known establishment on Jost Van Dyke — Foxy’s Tamarind Bar.”

    What a flawed first paragraph….20 plants are not a large find and plants can’t be considered a drug.

  27. jds says:

    very livly discussion. several things caught my mind. the plants do grow naturally, we all know, as long as no one was going into the drug BUSINESS with this stash who cares. If it was done for “distributution” cash (big cash) thats different. second is my barbara shop theroy on getting together– especially schooling. when i get a hair cut do i go to the white guy? he don’t know my head. I go brown guy – not becasue i don’t like white– but brown gets it.
    My wish is that people see we all want things to change– can’t be overnight and certainly not with someof the peoople who don’t want change– like politicians who keep their voters stired up for the VOTE.

  28. Thought says:

    christians “love” god but not what god provides. and I not even talking about cannabis alone. go ahead keeping taking drugs “doctors” are giving you

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