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Police increasing patrols in traffic light areas to ensure motorist compliance

In The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has indicated an increase in patrols in the areas of the James Walter Francis Highway in Pasea Estate as well as at the intersection of Administration Drive and Waterfront Drive in Road Town.

This follows the activation of traffic lights in those areas. And according to the head of the Police Traffic Division, Sergeant (Sgt) Augustus Bruce, the measure was taken to ensure that motorists adhere to the traffic lights which were reactivated on Saturday, October 12.

He said: “We’ve been doing checks to ensure persons adhere to the lights. We’ve stepped up patrols a bit in the areas to ensure the safety of the pedestrians when crossing the road.”

Traffic lights a good thing

Sgt Bruce said the reactivation of the traffic lights will ease the tensed situations once faced in those areas daily.

“It makes the traffic flow much easier, especially the traffic that comes out from the Moorings and the portion of the road from the Tortola’s Sports Club. It has always been a challenge for drivers to enter the main road. But with the lights now on stream, they know exactly when they should stop and when they should go and once they are in full compliance of the lights, it should help to regulate the traffic,” Sgt Bruce stated.

In relation to the intersection at Administration Drive, he further said: “It’s a great help because persons are very selfish on the main road, in that they fail to stop to give way to persons exiting from Admin Drive to the main road or persons who are turning into the parking lot adjacent to the Admin Drive.”

Warning for motorists and pedestrians

Sgt Bruce also warned both motorists and pedestrians to play their part on the roadways to ensure that there are no casualties as a result of negligence.

“I would advise patrons to walk briskly once you enter the pedestrian crossing because some people tend to pay attention to their phones and walk at their own pace because they are on the pedestrian crossing. But one needs to realise that the lights are only for a short span. Also, look out for drivers who may not be in compliance with the traffic lights,” he said.

“We are asking the drivers to be cautious in approaching the traffic lights. Not because you see the traffic lights say green that you may proceed, green means proceed, but proceed with caution.”

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  1. Hmm says:

    Sorry to say but I think they should have left the highway at the Moorings area how it was without the lights. Now that the barrier is removed and the lights are in operation, it has now become the most dangerous stretch of road on island. I see scooters and cars breeze through the red lights so anyone leaving Moorings to head East or Sports Club, or anyone leaving Sports Club/Pasea to enter the moorings are at high risk of being swiped. If the are adamant about keeping cameras there, surveillance needs to be installed as a deterrent because it is really scary. I will continue to go up towards delta and take the long drive than crossing those lanes.

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    • Lights need adjusting says:

      The lights at the intersection between Government Admin Drive and Waterfront Drive need to be adjusted because they are causing chaos for vehicles coming into town from the west.
      This morning, the traffic was backed up to Prospect Reef. We had this problem before Irma, and the traffic flowed much more freely after the light were knocked out in Sept 2017 – and the traffic continued to flow freely despite the increase of vehicle in the last 2 years.
      However, the introduction of the lights has been a disaster for the last two days. In particular the filter to turn right (when travelling east) into the small car park at the lights is hopelessly long – the car park only has a few spaces, and yet the filter stops traffic coming from the east for a couple of minutes every time (even when there are no cars waiting to turn into the car park). Hopefully the problem will go away when the one way system is introduced, but in the meantime it would be better to either fix the lights or turn them off.

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      • AGREED says:

        No other way to get from west to town unless you use Paul Wattley hill road. In my opinion the area should have had traffic wardens during peak times, cruise days etc. when there’s a lot of pedestrians, not traffic lights. I went out for lunch today and heading back town I swore there was an accident or something, nope, just the lights!!!!!!

  2. Driver. says:

    That red light from the mooring to go east last for ever, last night i wait about 4 minutes. Fix up that please.

    • main road takes preference... says:

      as it should, but perhaps the light times should change according to different traffic levels at different times of the day

  3. Guest says:

    Station the police by the festival village top entrance. Because people running the light by the treasure isle junction like crazy……….

    • @Guest says:

      You are correct. I don’t care how long the drive is but I will go up by delta or the roundabout to get where I am going before I cross those lanes by Moorings.

  4. why wait for green arrow?? says:

    when heading west at Red X intersection many people dont turn right from highway unless there is a green arrow – this is incorrect, you CAN turn right unless its a red light or arrow for that right turning lane.

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    • ?? says:

      How are you going to turn and the other lane is green as well? It’s only when the green arrow is lit, the eastbound lane by red cross junction turns red and traffic stops so you can turn. You trying to get people killed?

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      • @?? says:

        It’s called “Yielding” you clown. You turn once no traffic is approaching. Have you all never driven in other countries?

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        • WRONG says:

          Please check the traffic laws. We are not in the US. There is no turning unless the arrow is green. Please do not post misleading and incorrect information because it can lead to a serious accident.

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          • agree says:

            The original post is correct, there is no red light for this turn, ie you have green light Go and no light – turn allowed subject to yield

  5. Hurrah says:

    I am very happy to hear this. While they are at it, they need to pay attention to the following infractions:

    – Too many motor vehicles driving at night with no back lights turned on.
    – Too many vehicles on the road at night with no lights at all.
    – Motorists parking wherever they feel like, with no regard to the rules.
    – Motorists stopping abruptly while driving to have a casual chat with friends and acquaintances, ignoring traffic back-up.
    – Motorists driving through town at night with noise blaring in their cars, having total disregard for the Noise Abatement Act.
    – Motorists and cyclists racing with each other on the Wickhams Cay Road or Waterfront Road at night.

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  6. Really says:

    I don’t know what police presence they are talking about. I have not seen any. I have seen several red lights being run though. This place is just out of control.

  7. Please police the Taxis says:

    They are out of control and lawless. They speed onto the roundabout on the wrong side of the road. They stop wherever they feel like. They are a nuisance on the road!

  8. Boi says:

    The turnning lights by Moorings should be disabled during peak times. It simply is just a frig during rush hour.

  9. Retired says:

    After reading all these comments, suggestions and complaints about the 3 RT traffic lights I’m glad I don’t have to drive in Road Town anymore!

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