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Police knock down door, find student with marijuana

Not the marijuana mentioned in the story

Not the marijuana mentioned in the story

A student enrolled at H Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) ended up on the wrong side of the law when police knocked down a door at his residence and found 50 grams of marijuana.

Nineteen-year-old Earl Hazel pleaded guilty to the offence in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday, and is now awaiting sentencing.

When he appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards, the youngster apologised to both the court and his parents.

“I am very sorry for the incident that took place and I just want you (Magistrate Richards) to give me a second chance,” he said.

His attorney Michael Maduro told the court that Hazel started to smoke to ease the stress of juggling work and school.

The senior magistrate then granted him $40,000 bail and told him to return for judgement on March 23.

Reports are that, on October 26 last year, police visited Hazel’s residence to execute a search warrant.

The court was told that the law enforcement officers knocked, but no one answered.

It is reported that they knocked down a door at the home after seeing someone peek from behind a curtain.

Hazel was met inside.

During the search, police found a pair of pants with a dime bag containing marijuana.

After extending the search to the laundry area of Hazel’s residence, police found another 10 dime bags stashed in a cap that was in a washing machine.

“Where that come from? Me don’t how that get there,” Hazel reportedly told police.

The law enforcers then found a bag of marijuana seeds in a basket inside Hazel’s bedroom.

Following the discovery, the HLSCC student told the officers: “I smoke the weed seeds.”

He was subsequently arrested.

The quantity of the drugs found had a street value of $500, the court heard. However, Hazel maintains that the marijuana was ‘not for distribution’.

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