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Police make major drug bust during late-night operation

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) made a major drug bust in the territory on Friday, November 6.

In a brief statement to our news centre on Saturday, the Information Unit of the RVIPF said, “a large quantity of drugs was seized” during a late-night operation.

The RVIPF did not say what type of drugs were seized, the exact amount, or whether any arrests were made in connection to the seizure.

The law enforcers also neglected to say where in the territory the operation occurred.

“No other details can be provided at this time,” police said with no further explanation.

BVI News will provide more information when it becomes available.



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  1. BVI says:

    BVI has turned into a lawless murder and drug Territory. Hmmm. Just like all Black cities around the world

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  3. ReX FeRaL says:

    Lambert 000 police in deep.

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  4. Bubbler says:

    There own *****e man they catch with it just because they to greedy

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  5. Lol says:

    Major drug bust…

    Two ounces from a couple of Rastafarians. The oppression of the religion continues…

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  6. The Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    Tell the truth, you don’t want to say because it’s one of your fellow o*****rs, that drives around the j**+*s, there’s always something to it when they don’t want to give out much information.

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    • Doh says:

      You are correct. Corruption within the department…

      Custom and immigration too. Seen it firsthand. Luggage from ferries is routinely let through uninspected by officers. Then placed into personal vehicles.

      Of course limited ferry traffic has created a shortage of drugs. More shootings as gangs lose money, vie for control of territory, and get desperate. Marine patrols have blocked smuggling too. So the third pillar of the economy, drugs, has been collapsing.

      But carry on.

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    • @ The Truth Shall Set You Free says:

      The day those in the legal system stop avoiding the pleas of the public regarding corruption, is the day a change would begin.

      They see the truth and it’s neither here nor there with them.

      It is not about protecting and serving the people …only protecting their colleagues….but it’s only a matter of time.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    BARRY SAY YOU WILL HEAR: If you cant trust us “why are you living in the BVI?

  8. SMI says:

    BARRY SAY YOU WILL HEAR: If you don’t trust Why are you still in the BVI?

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  9. yuk says:


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  10. Corrupt says:

    What a corrupt society we live in . Smh

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  11. Foreigner says:

    All ah you shut up, this is Nature’s little secret, BVI nice, plus God is a BVISLANDER.

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    • Doh says:

      BVI is nature’s little secret along with all of the corruption that occurs here.

      And remember, God cries every time you touch yourself. Sinner…

      Carry on.

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  12. Local says:

    This is a shame law enforcement officer and brother whats done in the dark comes to light , you either a cop or a dealer cant be both you never watch tv or movie they get busted fool.

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  13. Blindman says:

    3000 lbs of coke is alot in container as building material well saw big contruction with small income and business close to fishy thats why

  14. Local BVISLANDER says:

    Is ot a local or a down island cop? Please tell the freakibg truth, cops are cops no mattercwhat, so again is he from the BVI or down island?

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  15. Uh huh says:

    Everyone is dirty, we were all wondering why government didn’t take the UK’s offer to help with boarder patrol…

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  16. Foot Soldier says:

    What does black cities …. corruption ? You are so racist . However, names and location were hidden perhaps it’s their own …… Too much bias that is why the country is going downhill . Kamala Harris broke / shattered glass ceiling in the US it will be shattered here too . Just a matter of time . “Me nah want dem rule dem nah come from here… dem not indigenous….” . The Master does not like ugly !! Give it time

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  17. Hmm says:

    Is like… why announce anything at all then if you cant actually say nothing about it.

  18. New Normal says:

    Keep on this story BVI News. This will get swept under the rug if you don’t. There is a cesspool of corruption that goes both ways, Down and high up that needs to be exposed. Society will not see a difference if people don’t object to these corrupt behaviour. Things will only get worst if we continue to live this way, our children’s future depends on it. All the drugs and guns flooding the streets and these senseless murders. How soon before bullets start flying through your very own windows.
    Customs needs an investigation, how did so much drugs get into our ports if we supposedly have floating platforms out there and customs/police….at our ports of entry.
    This smells very very fishy and the news needs to ask the obvious questions.

  19. drug bust says:

    I assume the person/(s) arrested with drugs were fired on the spot… or perhaps a nice little suspension on full pay until it all goes away?

  20. Diane says:

    And the reason this is not top news is because…

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