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Police name murder victims; apparent drive-by shooting

Investigators suspect that this morning’s double-murder was a drive-by shooting.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews gave the disclosure while releasing the names of the murder victims.

“The victims are Michael Stevens and Clevaughn Sweeney who were found in a vehicle riddled with bullet holes,” the Commissioner told BVI News in an exclusive interview after the shooting.

He said the additional United Kingdom detectives currently in the territory are working alongside local investigators to solve today’s murders.

Commissioner Matthews also said the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is ‘increasing its firearm response in line with security needs of the territory’.

However, Matthews said police cannot solve the murders on their own.

“We have to break this cycle of violence that will only continue to take the lives of our young people. Resorting to gun violence seems to be the first response for some of our young people and this is a problem we face as a society. The police cannot prevent such an issue alone this requires a change in the mindset of people here and cooperation,” Matthews said.

“I appeal to community leaders and representatives to engage in particular the younger members of their communities and assist to get the message across.”

He continued: “I am saddened and sickened by these continued senseless killings… My team will do everything possible to bring these killers to justice.”

Today’s double murder is second of its kind in just over two months, and the second reported shooting this week.

The men were gunned down near the Althea Scatliffe Primary School and the Red Cross building in Road Town.

Police investigations are ongoing.

The murder victims were said to be in this vehicle when they were gunned down on February 10, 2018. (photo provided)


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  1. SIGH says:


  2. Saddened says:

    Sad sad! I was hoping Irma would make the young people change their ways

  3. Saddened from afar says:

    My condolences goes out to the family members and friends. Now, let’s address the age old question that plagues the BVI and other Caribbean islands. There are no legal licensed gun and ammunition businesses on the islands, so how are such getting into the island and into the hands of criminals? Rampant corruption allows the powers to be not to enforce the law or not to implement laws to minimize such violent activity. The more people becomes complacent and not rise up against corruption, the more that such criminal activities will continue.

    • Concerned says:

      Gun control does not work here or anyplace it is in force.

      • Theo says:

        The people who have guns illegally have them because they can get away with it.

        That’s the long and short of what’s going on in the BVI.

        There isn’t some big mystery.

        However, just wait until those who do business are left with no choice but to provide their own security. Which is exactly what is happening.

      • watcher says:

        Total nonesense. Check the figures for murders in the UK versus USA.

        • go usa says:

          Apples and oranges. To make a comparison, check the murder rates in St. John vs. Tortola.

          • Watcher says:

            Yeah right availability of guns has nothing to do with it right?
            Whileclowns loke you have a vote US citizens will die in large numbers.

          • watcher says:

            yet another school mass murder by guns in Florida.
            it never happens in the UK , or anywhere where guns are controlled.

  4. true says:

    Heres a clue, why don’t you ask the young guy that got injured by being shot last week, solve a case quick!

  5. tallfat says:

    So close to the station. What if those unarmed patrol officers was in the vicinity? Condolences to the family.

  6. Citizen says:

    Mr. Commissioner, do you allow kids to operate motor bikes in the UK? Why do you allow it here?
    Why you won’t address noise pollution in the middle of the night from young people?
    Too much talk and no action. Solve the crimes. Get the police to be up and about. Get them out of their offices. Crack down on drugs import Sir. Just do your job please.

    • Stop talking says:

      They have the same problem is the UK, in Cayman and many islands in the Caribbean. Police will not go on cat and mouse chases and get themselves fired after killing one of them or a pedestrian. Not worth it. Parents need to parent and stop leaving it to law enforcement.

      • Citizen says:

        Please there is no kids driving or riding motor bikes in the UK. There is no noisey vehicle or bikes in the UK.
        That’s the point am making. I know crimes are every where but we all know the BVI used to be the safest place in the Caribbean.

      • Mona says:

        Fool parent make children,parent do not make there children mind deepest sympathy to the family and friends. I hope those monsters find a spot in there heart very soon.

      • Cayman says:

        There’s none of that in Cayman. It makes me sad that the locals are ruining the most beautiful place on earth. Get your kids under control, educate yourselves and have standards. It’s one group of people doing all these senseless killlings and they will be the ‘Belonger’ future of your island. Stop living in the dark ages, God isn’t going to help you – help yourselves, accept outside assistance, outside policing, outside investment and expatriates (that are actually choosing to be there). BVI will never move forward on their own. The country is 30yrs behind the rest of the world in standards and thought. Increase your standard of public education and have programs to get these kids of the steeets, increase customer service, have some cleanliness standards everywhere and treat the tourists like the guests they are. The expats and tourist will stop coming if the Belongers keep protecting their own and allowing senseless killing that compromise everyone’s safety. There are so many people who know what’s going on and they are as guilty as the shooters by keeping their mouths shut.
        Post Irmaria is when this Island needs the most help. Work towards a better future on all levels, safety, proper standard of living, education, proper buildings,

        • Not2Sure says:

          Children have been brought up in BVI seeing that there are very few consequences for breaking the law, and usually none at all. They see scooter riders without helmets flouting the law, ducking in and out of traffic. It is natural to start assuming you can do what you like and no one will stop. And it just escalates and escalates, until we are left with tragedies like this.

          Does anyone think that these killers will be caught or punished? No. More lessons for our youth that they can do what they like and they will get away with it.

      • Duke says:

        There is a shortage of parental control everywhere you look. In most cases is due to there being only one parent at home, usually a female.

    • The people says:

      Its not the commissioner job to stop young kids from riding scooter …it’s the ministers of government job to implement laws to stop these ting from happening and it the commissioner job to in force the laws.

      • @The PeopleTo Leave or not says:

        Isn’t there a law that you must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle ? If we use what have we will be soon out of excuses.

    • watcher says:

      We are going to need a new, zero tolerance commissioner before anything gets done. Bring in a tough cop from the USA not these on holiday PC pensioners from the British police.

  7. The Demonic Cat says:

    The Commissioner is spot on – the community has to help itself. The silence is deafening……

  8. 123 says:

    Boys from St.Thomas did that!

  9. The real talk says:

    The police force is sloppy…when the UK force were here the street were clean…. beside that all the gun down story have a dirty side sorry about the death but I don’t think it was a accident …..

    • Indeed says:

      Yes, I too feel the police force is sloppy. My past experience with them has landed me more trouble and out of my house with aa protection order against me for three years. They were called at my residence more than ten times and never believed me. They said I was wrong because the other three people was against me and therefore I was the wrong one. Imagine the police told me so when even a no-brainer knows three people can set up one person to take a rap. Just a few weeks ago I went down to the police station to report my car was vandalised. Someone went in my driveway took a door off, the tail gate, the two back lights, two side mirrorrs, the back glass or back windshield, and a good useful saw that was used to clear the trees in my yard after the hurricane. Hurricanes Irma and Maria did not damaged my truck except for the front windshield suffered a hit but was in one piece. a When I saw my car I was shocked to the bones that someone had the galls to go in my yard and committed such horrible acts leaving truck open to the elements. So I rushed to the station to make a report. One officer took the report. I told them the have to go see the vehicle because the person or persons may be back for the glass. They told me they can’t go until tomorrow. An officer is busy telling everyone I not suppose to go there at the house. Though matter what I said they weren’t going. Meanwhile, I was scared the heartless vandalised will be back for the glass. Still the police determined they were not going. My only alternative was to go to the Commissioners office. So I ask where is the Commissioners located and lef for my car. As I was leaving a young school girl stopping me. She told me the police calling me. I did not bothered. At the commmissioner’s official got to speak to some man. He ask to explain what happened. Made some calls and then told me to go at the police station; the police is waiting on me. Na

  10. Oh boy says:

    Citizen it is people like you that have the place so. What bull are you talking. We must stop casting the blame where it is not suppose to be. The Police is just a small part of the puzzle. The public including you citizen is the biggest part of the puzzle. The Police is there to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Tell me something Citizen. Look at all the murders that got solved in the BVI and I will lime you and all the other critics to say what part or how much the public had in solving them. the p

    • Citizen says:

      Over 15 years a lawyer was murdered. The police are suspect of cover-up after all the small info, no arrest was made. Do your dawn job and stop waiting on people to come forward. Check all the idle time the police has in rum shops.
      You don’t like truth! But truth is truth
      Crack down on the little kids riding noisy bikes at night and day. Stupes!!!

      • Drone says:

        Agree with you Citizen. If the police hassle these riders and stress them, shake them up on a regular basis, something will shake loose that can prevent a crime and maybe save a life.

        What good reason does the top cop have for not sending armed officers out in the community day and night? The UK military was all over the place with their weopons visible.

        The UK needs to take back this guy and send us someone who means business.

      • Hmmm says:

        Police station FULL of motorcycles, scooters. Take one away and mommy buys two more to keep him quiet and satisfied. Mommy/daddy don’t want to parent. They don’t want the stress. Noise — you ain hear noise. Don’t give junior what he wants and you will hear REAL noise.

  11. WSI says:

    Ain’t god good?

    • MERCY says:

      Not only good he is wonderful ( you) better believe it.

    • @WSI says:

      Yes, GOD is good, but make no mistake…He GOD doesn’t seek revenge. Don’t get HIM confused with human nature. So please leave him out of this, except to say a prayer for the families and for those that did this to confess and come forward.

  12. Ignorant says:

    The “i from here mentality” have to stop..cause from the way it looks soon enough all of the youths gonna die out…the community needs to start giving tips and information to the local police to help solve these senseless crimes..remember it can be your kids next.

  13. Congratulations says:

    Nice going. # BVIpride.

  14. The Real Boo says:

    Wow. Thats some serious firepower.

  15. bojan says:

    Here we go imagine a man get shot by a gun man he not talking because if he talk you know he gone in so tell me how will you want the PUBLIC to go talk.LIfe hard but sweet Good luck.

  16. Save us from ourselves Lord. says:

    Handsome young men…wasted lives! Lord please hurry up and come soon!

  17. Smh says:

    KILLING DONT SOLVE NOTHING!! But god don’t sleep!

  18. Mona says:

    Fool parent make children,parent do not make there children mind deepest sympathy to the family and friends. I hope those monsters find a spot in there heart very soon.

  19. Wow says:

    So them pass delta and the stop light where I am sure the camara picked up something. It’s also clear we need more police presence at night. At 4 am not much people in the road if police are on the road they may have seen at least the car that was involved. Police need video cam to record

  20. Walker says:

    A lot goes back to the education system and bad parenting.
    I have a lot of interaction with people that can hardly read or write where the schools have let these people down as well as their parents for letting it happen. They leave school and hear all this bull about they’re rights to have everything handed to them on the plate and when that don’t happen they see another way to get what they want. If these boys leave school with a decent education then yes the BVI holds a bright future, it’s enevitable they are going to continue this way until the schools stop letting our children down and stop making excuses.

  21. G4L UTG PDN says:

    RIP TO PUP D & POTTS . God don’t sleep , Continue to watch over us

  22. Richgdgy says:

    Its not lack of education that causes crime.DRUGS cause crime.Same old liberal BS about who to blame and at the same time it is those liberal ideas that contribute to the problem!What a terrible waste of life.God Bless the good people of the BVI!

  23. Real talk!! says:

    Retired officers from the force will hang out by the corners and bars and see the young boys riding by on scooters with no helmets, swearing at people young boys smoking marijuana and would turn their heads the other way; then dont you think the rest of the society would do the same thing? What a country!!

  24. Watcher says:

    Governor. Sack this olive chief now and bring on someone who will act or who even cares.

  25. Easy says:

    Why would someone want to be known as an informant? There are consequences. Give a reward for information leading to crimes, and you will see a lot of the cases closed. It’s that simple.

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