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Police now ‘scoping’ to see if full criminal investigation needed for ESHS wall project

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews. 

Police are in the process of conducting a preliminary “scoping exercise” into the Auditor General’s special report on the controversial Elmore Stoutt High School perimeter wall to ascertain whether a full-blown criminal investigation is warranted.

“We’re looking at that the facts the Auditor General has brought together, we’re looking at the conclusions that the Auditor General’s office reached, and we’re looking at the data that the Auditor General has referred to. From there, if we believe that this warrants a proper, further investigation, then that’s exactly what we’ll have to do,” said Police Commissioner Michael Matthews while speaking to during the ‘Honestly Speaking with Claude Skelton Cline’ radio show on Tuesday.

Commissioner Matthews said a senior police detective has been assigned to conduct that scoping exercise which he hopes to complete “in the coming weeks”.

Keeping an open mind

The top cop said he and his team will remain impartial throughout the process.

He further noted that the Auditor General’s findings in her report could be the result of any number of factors, and not necessarily because there was wrongdoing.

“At this moment in time, in reading the findings of an audit, that doesn’t tell me enough. It doesn’t tell me whether the outcome was the result of ignorance, was the result of incompetence, or was something more dishonest. And, of course, we don’t jump to any conclusions. I keep an open mind, as you would expect to do,” Matthews said.

If, however, their preliminary exercise points to criminality, Matthews said he will then have to assign ‘a number of resources’ to conduct the full investigation.

Outside experts may be needed if full investigation activates

The resources that might be assigned, he said, could mean outsourcing experts for the investigation.

“It’s no secret, for example, that, there were over 70 contractors involved, I think. If we are going to go into full investigation mode, we’re going to need to speak to all of those contractors. So, I’m going to have to assign resources for that and that may well mean finding the right expertise. If that means bringing expertise into the territory, I will do that or it might be that we’ve got the expertise in the Force,” Matthews explained.

“But, we’re jumping ahead at the moment because, of course, I don’t know if we’re actually ever going to get into that mode or whether we reach a conclusion that says there is insufficient [evidence] here to suggest that anything unlawful has happened,” he added.

The Auditor General’s report

According to the findings of the report on the near-million dollar wall-construction project, Walwyn’s ministry did not comply with the government’s Public Finance Regulations — laws that govern such projects.

Auditor General Sonia Webster further accused the Myron Walwyn-led ministry of producing ‘false’ information to the government’s treasury department in relation to the project.

On the other hand, while maintaining that there was no dishonesty involved in the project, Minister Walwyn accused the Auditor General of producing an unbalanced and lacking report. And following Governor Augustus Jaspert’s move to place the report in the hands of police weeks ago, Walwyn accused him (the governor) of trying to interfere with the electoral process of the British Virgin Islands.


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  1. Wowww says:

    The question is why Myron is being allowed to run when he’s under investigation.. He needs to be l—– up he better thank god this wasn’t America he would have been long gone…. But all you clowns still behind him lol.

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    • Jokes says:

      Where did you read that Myron was under investigation?

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    • Trump That says:

      Isn’t the US president under investigation?

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    • America says:

      If anyone is thé clown,it is you WOWWW. Hé is not the only one who needs to be locked up. They take Myron down, a whole lot of other people is going down. First Clue : The Detroit connection,paper shreading of vital documents that took a few months with the help of a simple tweezer, magnafier and tape. Someone is always watching. You all are going to be on CNN soon. When one have access to $$$$, you can get info on anyone.

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    • hush yuh A$$ says:

      You sound like a want be educated s**t, talking about in America. Trump been under investigation since before he even get into office, and the stuff that this dude do and say is way worst than anything Myron ever say or do.

  2. Hmm says:

    Why was all these contractors involved on that small project.. Think he smart that lieron w—-n

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  3. Nonsense says:

    This sickens my stomach. Anyone who is objective and have read this report can see that this is nothing more than a witch hunt and it may be politically motivated. I read the report. There is not one single thing in that document that suggests any criminal activity. There may be procedural issues which anyone who works in the civil service would know that you cannot hold a minister responsible for this kind of thing. It’s the job of the Permanent Secretary and other persons in the service. I also find it interesting that the commissioner of Police was on Claude’s show yet again. I wonder if he was only called as a guest on the show to work on the minds of the electorate. This whole thing is high handed wickedness and abuse of power by the Governor and he should be shamed of himself. I don’t care which politician it is but if they can do it to one of our citizens they could do it to anyone of us and that is not right. They did this in Cayman Islands with Makeba Bush where they stained his name for ordering food from a casino and now they come here with the same conduct. I’m tired of it. Follow your history. They want to alter the outcome of the elections so they could get who they want in power to carry out what their plans are for the BVI.

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    • Really? says:

      OK, leaving criminal issues aside, how can you say that one cannot hold a minister responsible for procedural issues that were not followed by the civil service? Is he not in a leadership position? Did he not ask for the wall to be built? Why would he not insist that the proper procedures be followed? Or, is it your belief that the Permanent Secretary is accountable for this mess, but elected officials are not?

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    • Webster says:

      To Nonsense:

      Okay, you read the report and came to your own conclusion. Why not let the police do their job and come to their own conclusion? I don’t know why or how you were so privileged to read the report, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the vast majority of our population won’t get the opportunity to do so. So,just chill and let this investigation take it course and let the chips fall where they may, based on the outcome.

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  4. Ask Claude says:

    Did Claude ask them about investigating the neighborhood project? We all know what happened there. Why no one investigated that?

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    • Detroit says:

      I see the good ole pastor is not behaving. Pastor, tell the people of your Country the reason you had to leave the Motor City. When you start throwing snow balls at other people, please understand you are going to get some thrown right back at you. I hope you understand.

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  5. Pier park says:

    Why Claude didn’t ask about the pier park money that he was responsible for? The games that these people play

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  6. Waste says:

    Waste of time and resources!!! We all know the procurement processes in Government are weak and need updating. No cheque should be written at the Treasury without the proper chain of documentary evidence that services rendered were completed within the scope that’s tied to the said payment.

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  7. Watch says:

    Bring in experts? This is past ridiculous now. By the time you bring in your experts the cost will be more than the 900k for the wall. We have had all kinds of over run projects for big money and you never saw this. The hospital over run nearly 60M. The pier park over 30M. 7.2 Million on a missing plane. 1.2M on the neighborhood project. 6M on the green houses and nothing produced. 10M on the airport study and no benefit and we are doing all this for a 900k wall? Bringing in experts? Something is going on here and when I heard the governor speak on the radio about this I realized what it was. His speech had nothing of major importance in it except for the police portion which I am convinced was intended to affect the mind of voters. Now here you have the commissioner or police on radio casually talking about an investigation that from his word is really not an investigation because they are scoping it out. Since when are preliminary investigations discussed in public?

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  8. Sam the man says:

    So at best the wall project was done in ignorance or incompetently and at worst dishonestly! According to the head of Police!!! Shocking really but we’ve become so immune to such ineptness and nepotism that I doubt whether anything will be done, it’ll be just the same old same old….

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  9. Clueso says:

    Did I read this correctly? Did Matthews say that Walwyn’s actions were the result of “ignorance, incompetence, or something more dishonest?”

    Walwyn should resign today. We really don’t want to tolerate elected officials whose conduct is either IGNORANT (they should understand the laws and held accountable otherwise shame on us), INCOMPETENT (shame on us for allowing them to remain in office if the they are), or DISHONEST (well then it’s up to the police then to take action otherwise we will continue to live in a 3rd world jungle where corruption doesn’t matter).

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    • Oops says:

      For a scoping thingie it seems the COPPA had his filing through and came to a conclusion. But no he has not read or possibly seem any of the documents yet he can be on radio, airwaves answering questions. What is this a donkey show? Who is this host again? Answer a know protagonist and seemingly pestor full of vengeance. And what is the TOP COPPA role in this affair. Is this how democracy, justice, equality works? Who compelled him to get on the show? Was he ordered by the GOVNA.? If not what is his role in this politically charged matter? Can anyone believe he is not partisan?

  10. Put the blame in the right place! says:

    Those contractors are tge culprits! Inflating the costs and pocketing the money! But so many contractors though? Is this part of Trump wall Jeez!!!

  11. Wow says:

    This is just like the Russians messing with the US elections – political interference. Nothing like this happened when Millions went missing at the airport, hospital, pier park and the list goes on. It is clear as night and day what’s happening. They are now planning to spend more than the alleged discrepancy on the wall in expert consultancy fees.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    For those that are siding with him and saying that the Governor has no right, you do realize what the B in BVI stands for right??

    In terms of the police bringing in outside sources, though it is a bit late and investigations could have been used on past projects, you can’t bawl for transparency and then complain when they are trying to attain the same transparency that that you want. Proper investigation should be done into any project done by the government where the results don’t match up with the money that was spent.

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  13. WOW says:

    Bald head could go with our treasury and once it is him then it is okay. Hypocrites

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  14. NDP Supporter says:

    I cannot support Myron with this hanging over his head.

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    • @NDP Supporter says:

      You are not a NDP supporter. What you are is a FAKE B…H. That is my screen name one of the real NDP Supporters. You F…..g Troll B…H.

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  15. Socrates says:

    “Outside experts may be needed if full investigation activates.
    The resources that might be assigned, he said, could mean outsourcing experts for the investigation.” Why are outside experts needed? Is this not a routine administrative investigation? What technical experts are needed? Can’t the RVIPF conduct a fair, quality and reasonable investigation, are they that “less”? No it is not that less.

    Is it because the RVIPF does not want face the music from affected parties for a fair and reasonable investigation and it is easy to cast blame on external entities? Is unnecessarily bringing in supposed experts for admin investigation intended to create employment for others?

  16. Concerned says:

    What police officer in the RVIPF will have the skills to investigate this case?

  17. Janice says:

    Where do you live? Everyone knows that he is under investigation.

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    • BVI! says:

      Wallwin must be upset that he was not involved in the construction of the prison walls as he could his buddies have created an escape opening.

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  18. Blah says:

    Every year local bands have to literally be begging to be paid after performing for festival. One of the known excuses is the lack of an invoice. An invoice is needed for government to make payment. In this case the same ministry allowed contractors to be paid for incomplete and jobs not yet started. The invoices provided for some work were allegedly faker than a $11 bill. You must expect shenanigans when you have over 70 contractors for such a small job. Some might even say that employing over 70 contractors is a sham in itself, sucking up to constituents. Think about it people over 70 contractors. The Brooklyn Bridge probably didn’t use 70 contractors.

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  19. WTF says:

    Why is the Attorney General Office not investigating Government misconduct and corruption? This is not a police matter. Even if something is there nothing will come of it.

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