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Police offering penalty-free vehicular tint checks today

For today only, the Royal Virgin Islands Police (RVIPF) will be making itself available to test the window tint on vehicles and there will be no penalty for those found in breach.

The police will be present at the Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Expo where they’ll erect a both to share information and test the tints from 11 am to 4 pm.

Persons need only drive their vehicles to the entrance of the brick path between the First Caribbean Bank and the park to have their vehicle’s tint checked.

“Police are urging persons to use the opportunity now to ensure their vehicles do not exceeding the tint stipulated in the law because the penalty is high. The fine for each window that exceeds the tint limit is $750,” the RVIPF stated.

“Front windows should have a reading of no less than 35% light penetration while the front windshield should have no tint at all. Back windows should have a reading of no less than 20% light penetration. Store-bought tints combined with factory tints will likely exceed the tint requirements stipulated by law,” the law enforcers further said.

They continued: “Heavily tinted vehicles are generally used by those who want to hide their identity or carry illegal weapons or goods. Citizens who want safer communities should take a strong stance against criminality, by abiding by the law.”

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  1. Jackie Long says:

    Tinted vehicles aren’t the issue. 20% on front windows should be legal. Control the dammm scooter riders……. I’m pissed!!!

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  2. But says:

    Factory tint look very dark too. Hope other than today they test and do charge ppl who have factory tint.

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  3. Place hot says:

    Have to protect your interior and protect our self from sun rays gosh!

  4. not entirely true says:

    “Heavily tinted vehicles are generally used by those who want to hide their identity or carry illegal weapons or goods”. That comment is not entirely true. The sun is very hot sometimes over 100 degrees. Some people actually use dark tint to cool down, putting less strain on the AC system. The BVI hardly have trees, pure concrete structures promoting even more heat, it hardly rains and don’t talk about the outside dust thats not good for you. I will not be ignorant to the fact that some crimes are done by using dark tinted vehicles but crimes are escalating and it aint by dark vehicles, scooter riders have taken over that.

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    • @not entirely true says:

      Not enirely true in all cases as you have generalized it..

      Many take great care of their vehicle interiors especially. They utilize the heavy tint to protect the interior from sun damage, mostly, and others from peeping eyes.

  5. okay says:

    Not the main issue at hand nonetheless it is still an issue. The tints on these vehicles are getting out of hand. Callwood need to be on the road because only him does get the job done.

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  6. picture says it all says:

    dah wha dis @$$#*!& like…like 2 b in thing

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  7. Cake soap says:

    The sun to hot. I need my dark tint.

  8. Careful....... says:

    Of all the issues we have in these islands this is what you choose to focus on?! My God!

  9. Seriously Commissioner dude! says:

    There are killers rampant through the territory and the focus is tints??? Seriously??? Is that the best thing the RVIPF can dedicate energies to?? Come on man; get your ish together!!!!

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