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Police officer suing commissioner for not promoting him

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

A member of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) attached to the East End Police Station has filed a civil lawsuit against the Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews for, among other things, not promoting him to the rank of sergeant.

The claim was filed on January 29 by Sabals Law chambers on behalf of their client Officer Nicholas Tranquill, who is seeking damages, costs and any further relief the court may deem just.

No promotion

Court documents state that Officer Tranquille believes it was “unreasonable and irrational” for the police commissioner not to promote him though being successful in the police promotion exams since 2017.

Further, the documents indicated that the officer in question was appointed to act as a police sergeant on 11 occasions between 2011 and 2019 .

The lawsuit also stated that the officer had a “legitimate expectation to be promoted to the rank of sergeant.” 

The second area of contention was with both the commissioner and Police Service Commission.

“A declaration that the decision of the first defendant (the commissioner) not to support the claimant’s application for early retirement was irrational, wholly unreasonable and made in bad faith,” the claim form said.

The court documents indicated that the Police Service Commission had the power pursuant to Section 66 (2) of the Police Act to grant the officer early retirement after he attained the age of 50.

The first hearing is scheduled for April 6 at the High Court of Justice at the Sakal Place.


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  1. LOL says:

    SUE seems to be the new word around the BVI days

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  2. SMH says:

    See, if they stop giving out promotions as personal gestures and based upon personal ties, there would be no need for all this. Promotion should be based on Merits,Ethics,Principles and Community Welfare.

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  3. My take says:

    The Commissioner is a waste of time

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  4. Lily Ann says:

    Only now he aint gonna get promoted !!!

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  5. BVI says:

    The honey comb of the Virgind Islands!

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  6. lmaoooooo says:

    he think this going make he get a promotion??? he suck salt now

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  7. Real says:

    The commissioner is a real waste of time all he doing in the BVI is enjoying natural beauty.Long time someone needs to sue him for doing alot of s***. Alot more officers needs to come forward and do like Tranquill.

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  8. What? says:

    Isn’t this the second time he trying this stunt. I thought they would be happy to give him early retirement and get rid of him. So when they promote him after a while he is going to sue them to promote him to inspector next. I do not think the force need this guy so badly.

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    • &what says:

      There’s something call unfair treatment in the workplace! So you wishes him to be stumped on and keep on smiling? Would that be your stance if it was you? Is he blacklisted? Meanwhile failures and cronyism is being rewarded! Is the farce an equal opportunity organ? if it Isn’t isn’t then what

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Earn it if you wanf it.

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    • Read says:

      I work with him for year before I left cause the bulls**t the senior ranks up hold. He work for it and didn’t the post said he passed the mandatory promotion exam. He train the recruits and before the promotion to segregant was a given not sure why that is but he deserve it the thing he did to make sure ppl spend comfortable at night when most scared to patrol on foot he fighting the good fight and I hope he get what he is seeking to get.

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  10. Home Boy says:

    I know for a fact, a lot of officers who were promoted should have never been. Why have Officer Tranquille act as Sergeant 11 times and he did pass the exam and not confirm him to the rank. I think it is unfair and I seriously hope and pray he win the law suit. Sorry to say but the Police Force mashup and this are going from bad to worse.

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  11. The Reaper says:

    These set of island people who can’t be police in there own country which there county is Independent come here too show their backside off ..Am proud to born here 70’s baby.. 70’s I see lots of thing here in this place and these people from their own country to take over mine..Well you cop stop it .because you never protect and sever as a police in your country if am tell me. If here was using EC dollars..You wouldn’t join the Police ?‍♀️ force in the first place Facts So humble your backside or pack and leave. Growing up in the BVI ,I saw so many changes.So many police faces can go on and on…Never left my born place and I don’t give f*** about you’ll Island cop who ain’t protect Their own f***ing Country.Running for betterment. Don’t wake me up before..I sink this place. Old School people don’t f*** around ….70’s Baby ??…Build your place of birth. Before you talk down Mines….Your country is Independent…your country can stand on its own I sure of it…An all you people here talk my country BvI …We have nothing compare to your beautiful country…So tell me this why you all living Here. This is the America land of dreams and opportunities…My birth place respect it. BvI …You gonna Sue. Question .year u start the force over year u left your Independent country ……….Who Vex Vex !!!!!!!

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    • Strupe says:

      Here we go again a next foolish distraction from the point, who ask you when you born, last I check you all BVI Born run to America and larger country for the very same things so why you can do it and we cant. Get back on point by here is little America thank God for the US dollar have you all drunk and stupid feeling you matter. The Guy has a case stop making s**t about place of birth. All one earth 70’s and lost in that time keep up.

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  12. @What? says:

    Yes, I think the Force and the BVI need people like this to re affirm that NO ONE is above THE LAW. Too often wrongs are done and they get swept under the rug because people dont have the money or courage to take then to task. Not saying a wrong was done here…I dont know…but let the courts decide. Other civil servants should take note.

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  13. Insane says:

    This is what the world has come to, everyone plays the victim when they don’t get what they want

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  14. Policy says:

    The commissioner is incompetent and negligent if he has officers that believe they can be promoted mostly based on an exam result.

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    • #? says:

      Obviously you did not read the article before posting your comment. Did you not see that the officer was made to act in the position for 11 time over a period of year. If he is not sergeant material then why was head given the acting position? Let the court decide but on what is presented to them but the officer as well as the other side.

    • Strupe says:

      Name a force that dont have the same policy. Listen talktola ppl always talking s**t they dont know. In order to sit the exam you have to meet the criteria for the promotion one seeking. If u sit on the outside u cant input on things you dont fully understand. It a clear case of double standard, I say what good for one good for all. They doing the same. It have locals in the police that still have the police constables running the show cause they lack leadership skills. Get the post my year of experience and not knowledgable of how to manage.

  15. Employer says:

    So does anyone know a timeline here? As an employer I don’t think anyone would reasonably expect you to promote someone who has applied for early retirement…. unfortunately certain practices in the BVI have resulted in MANY entities being run/staffed by people who are in no way interested in their position or doing a good job. They are there just to do the hours to collect the paycheck and then the pension…. they don’t care who has to pick up their slack and definitely don’t care about anyone who depends on them to do their job properly….. this has led to complete incompetence…. this comes from the top down. I am not saying everyone. But I’m willing to say majority…. I personally asked an elected minister before the 2019 elections if they were running again and their answer was… no, I’ve got my pension now. It is time for change. Treat everyone the same…. if you do a good job you get promoted. If you do the time you get the pension – as dictated by the labor code YOU have written.

  16. CoP V says:

    Between 2011 and 2019 and 8 years later still acting in the rank of sergeant and being succesful in the police promotion exams since 2017,seriously now Matthew get off your high horse man….This cannot be anything but ABUSIVE.

    • Missed the point says:

      He was not acting all these 8 years continuously.
      He is asked to act occasionally as the work force demands it.

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  17. Round 2 says:

    Wish you best of luck Tranquille. 1st Round Matthew, shot down your attempt and cort was no help. Hopefully this round you will succeed.

  18. Now says:

    Is there a vacancy for a sergeant?

  19. #? says:

    Obviously you did not read the article before posting your comment. Did you not see that the officer was made to act in the position for 11 time over a period of year. If he is not sergeant material then why was head given the acting position? Let the court decide but on what is presented to them but the officer as well as the other side.

    • Sorry... says:

      This is the second time you have asked people to read the article and then said something that wasn’t actually there……the officer was asked to act as sergeant 11 times from 2011- 2019. That is 8 years.

  20. Watchers says:

    Only the Creoles are the best police in the bvi Police Force. Only them can work in all plain clothes departments. Whether they know the job or not. The police force in BvI seriously needs reviewing. A lot of demotivated good officers that can do the job been left behind because the don’t speak Creole. Pay attention Governor and Premier

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  21. Dave says:

    The whole force have square pegs in round hole

  22. The Reaper says:

    Let England send their people for the Spot. beside We are not Independent an I assure u His place of Independent,Come here for an easy Fix ..U hold strong Commissioner He couldn’t have reach this far in his own Country..long live The Queen

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  23. Add this says:

    So while he at the suing can he sue the government foe the 3.5 years outstanding increments

  24. Anonymous says: not believe that this Officer can win this case.But there are reasons here for concerns the number of years he has been asked to preformed as Acting Sergeant which he has seems to have done it quit well or if not Jen would not have asked following these number of years.The Commissioner Of Police motive wether motives or not should treat this Oficer with much more know how some Officers think,they believe they can do the job,when in truth and in fact they does not know one iota of what is going on.What I wish you did not do is given this Officer this high hopes and then to place him down solfly it,s really does not right in any sense whatsoever.Anyhow my friend I wish you all the luck in the World.The only thing that bother me most do hope that with all you are taking The Royal British Virgin Island Police Force through ,you would just simply pack your bags and walked away,because here is where you put an end to your carrier of that was your intentions.Let me say to you,anyone can try a little thing,but is what the outcome is going to be in the long run.You will never know what is going to happen, and then formed it going to take when it,a over and done with.But in my little way of thinking I do believe you have already.may up your mind in what direction you intends the remaining of your carrier is going to take you.A case of this magnitude is quit troubling especially reading about the crcumstance surrounding the whole case.Again I have to say it,s quite troubling,My only hope that it would come to a peaceful resolution,not just for this Officer but the whole Force.

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