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Police release the name of BVI’s second murder victim for 2022

Le’Shaughn Arr Smith

The following is a media release from the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

Police can now release the name of the victim of last night shooting in the Huntums Ghut.

Le’Shaughn Arr Smith, 30, of Horsepath Ghut was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital before 10pm last night.

Initial inquiries suggest that Smith was outside his business place Big Ballers in Huntums Ghut when the shooting occurred. Commissioner of Police Mark Collins says all information on this homicide is important.

“Information as simple as whether the perpetrator or perpetrators were in a vehicle or on scooter, or the number of gunshots heard could be helpful as the team works to identify a suspect,” he said.

Persons who were in the area at the time of the shooting or who may have information on a possible suspect are asked to contact the Major Crime Team at 368-5682 or RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339.


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  1. Raid says:

    Good * to this p**t, did his boat involve in the 2 missing boys?

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  2. Huh says:

    Where is horse path Ghut buddy? Lol

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  3. sadly says:

    Each member of SOB – West or East click – HNF group will feel the pain………..

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  4. Bout raid says:

    Missin u Sister an you Mother stfu

  5. Picture image says:

    Is the position of the hand in the picture an appropriate public image?

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  6. my two cents says:

    I would not blame the police for these crimes and the police would not be able to solve all .what I do know is that bvi police force have a record of that solving serious homicides. as one blogger stated that the unsolved murders is about 65 and this is from about 1990 to present. this is alarming and this is what really need action by we the people. we know who did this last murder as with many others. many of us are beneficiaries of the illegal drug trade so we keep out mouths shut.the police force is not what it use to be when local commissioner Malone was there.yes he wasn’t perfect and none of us are but discipline and morals was at its highest
    presently there are no morals and discipline in that organization and this is a fact.No police officer want to walk the streets anymore another fact.the police force need a strong over haul from top to bottom and then the public can start to some confidence again. when you have police officers working for illegal enterprises what do we expect??.when you have senior officers going with junior officers what do you expect?? when you have so many female police officers making out in public with other female officers what do you expect??. these lead to the low morality of any organization. and yes the police force is and should be different from any other organization in this territory because it’s the only law enforcement body and security that we have. the senior top portion of the force is very week and the lower ranks knows it and use it to their advantage. the government making laws every week or month. when last you see a new piece of regulation to govern the police force?? the entire police system need complete over haul now so we the public can restore our confidence in them and then we might see solutions. look how brave the perpetrators of crimes have gotten. one question is why?? one answer is that they almost sure law enforcement would not get if a criminal or a want to be criminal want to commit a crime almost nothing to deter him or her because of the obvious reason that he would hardly ever be caught. who is really responsible for security in these territories need to act with action and not just words.this last homicide was a guy that start out working on a garbage truck .nothing wrong with that. but in a few short yrs he earn so much money that he is the owner of a club or bar a boat business a heavy equipment business and gosh man are we so blind by the dollar sign??it’s no grudge people about this long comment its the reality. so you live so shall you die and death is a guaranteed.

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    • Agreed says:

      Check the District 5 pictures from Christmas 2021. Politicians now speaking about denouncing violence but yet give full support to businesses they should question.

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    • annudda2cents replying to my two cents says:

      Out of respect for your name, I changed my name to what it is currently about two years ago. I could not have said what you said better. On point.

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    • Correct says:

      When you have female officers dating criminals, and I do mean criminals that did jail time for attempting to kill another person. Police officers who’s sister husband is involve in drugs and yes they are fully aware.

    • resident says:

      The police are corrupt for sure and need reform, the female cops are worse than the males

  7. @ my two cent says:

    you are right on target.

  8. @ YOUR 2 CENTS says:

    is straight 2 the point ? but you left out when they are caught they are given a pat on the shoulder , they will be out on bail shortly , they are treated as if they are the victim according to who their family are , in
    other words they are protected by people in high places so welcome to the holy land

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  9. Ausar says:

    RIP Kuzz****

  10. Lol says:

    Hail Satan!

  11. world War 3 says:

    @ @ your 2 cent.

    right on point. yes sah, you said it best.

  12. Mad Max says:

    Was he ever convicted of the charges from 2016? If so, why was he not in prison?

  13. Have some heart says:

    You people are so insensitive, a life was lost.

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