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Police searching for boss who fought employee over cash owed

BVI News understands that the police are seeking the owner of a local construction company who got into a physical fight with an employee he allegedly owes money.

It is understood that on the day the fight took place, the employee – a non-national – went to a bar his boss owns and asked for the money which has been owed for a job done a few months ago.

It’s understood that the boss got angry and asked his employee to leave the bar. However, the man reportedly said he wouldn’t leave without the cash owed to him.

Upon hearing this, the boss allegedly took a chair and threw it at the employee, causing a fight to break out between the two men.

It’s alleged that the two men wrestled and that the employee was choked during the tussle.

It’s unclear whether either of the two men was seriously hurt during the fight. But our news centre was told that the employee reported the matter to the police the same day.

The cops then visited the bar in question but didn’t find him at the establishment.

BVI News also understands that the cops requested to see CCTV footage of the incident but their request was denied by the person who was present at the bar.

The matter is allegedly being investigated.

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  1. lol says:

    the police don’t have to ask permission to view footage of a crime spot. soft you see.

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  2. Hmm.. says:

    Pay the ppl!!! I swear plenty of this going happen construction be up an down some be out of work for months with rent to pay plus some with kids and still got to be waiting on their pay its ridiculous!!! and because majority of them ain’t from here they got to swallow this sh*t and keep quiet or fear consequences… Pure wickedness of some a those company owners chupz!

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  3. Allegedly says:

    The BVI police have been allegedly investigating crime here for years but rarely seem to solve them.

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  4. Taxpayer says:

    This is the same government crony that has been collecting tax, social security and Nhs from his employees for 15 years and has not paid one cent over to the government. But nothing happens because he is a relative of someone in power.

    Jail these thieves.

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  5. How says:

    How about publishing the name of the company and the people involved. Stop protecting government cronies.

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  6. Well sah says:

    It have alot more of those bosses but people are scared to speak out..because they will be penalized …some of the people in GOV office are protecting those bosses by sending the employees home.

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  7. Smh says:

    Well we can’t help search being that we don’t have a clue who is the “boss”.

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  8. Hmmm says:

    Well i complained to labour dept for monies owing to me and unil today i received nothing. Labour keep saying they will look into it 8 years now.

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    • @ hmmm says:

      Labor Is useless especially that D*** Guy. I won’t waste my time going to labor I prefer spend my money to see a lawyer,,,I think labor need more women case workers, from experience in business women will do a better job representing employees, they are more empathetic,

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      • Anonimous says:

        Labour [allegedly] calls the owners of companies and warn them about employees complaints, employees get suspended or fired..this hapoened right in front of my eyes

  9. Obstruction to justice? says:

    How the h*ll you deny police access to CCTV? Wa kinda joke business?

  10. Street Justice says:

    My husband is a VICTIM, and I will FULLY support any decision he makes towards money owed to him when the time comes !!! One of these construction owners HAVE to be made an example of !!!

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    • Truth says:

      Yes there are persons who work for 20yrs and more in the BVI.They have not received not one dime of severence pay. Years later and is waiting.

  11. FEO Gomez says:

    Some you all local owners will start dying for your nasty ways. I will welcome it.

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  12. Reality says:

    Reading is fundamental. The cops “requested” to see the CCTV. of course the request can be denied. Now if they have a warrant for same, they can direct that the CCTV video be shown to them, no questions asked.

  13. @ at D joker says:

    Who shows some comments AND not those that really expose the other side of whats really going on in the country ( the truth will catch up with you pretender

  14. guest says:

    Been owed $8000 since 2010. Lodged a case with Ms E**rds from Labour at the time……to this day not one word from them…how CORRUPTED BVI IS….SMH

  15. Anónimo says:

    No hay

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