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Police searching for gunmen who robbed VG business of $30

Police have said they are in “active pursuit” of two gunmen who forced their way into a Virgin Gorda business and stole $30 in cash and coins.

Law enforcers said the masked men broke into VG Graphics early Wednesday morning, September 4.

After successfully demanding the money, the perpetrators reportedly fled on foot.

No one was harmed during the incident.

“The suspects are described as slim built and approximately five feet 5 inches. At the time, they were wearing all black with masks on their faces,” police said in a media release following the robbery.

“Persons with information into the identity of these suspects are asked to contact the Virgin Gorda Police Station directly or call the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) access number, 311. Persons can also call the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 284-368-9339,” law enforcers added.

The police have made it clear that all information will be “held in the strictest confidence”.


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  1. Which is it says:

    How come they saying 30.00 and ‘another site’ have 30,000.00.

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  2. :) says:

    $15 each? It would have been much easier and smarter to look a job. I’m sure that they both felt like @$$ clowns after they looked at their “earnings”

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    • Idiots says:

      Dumb and Dumber. Damnnnn they didnot even get enough loot for a few bags of potato chips and soda. They need their A**es whipped good for being so dumb.Hope the police roll up on their A**es real soon.

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  3. Wondering says:

    Let’s see if their parents will step up and ask them to turned themselves in. Save the embarrassment.

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  4. Me again says:

    @ idiots. The sad part about what’s happening is it’s all YOUNG men who are “ born here “ So the pundits won’t have to say “ deport them” But I trust / pray the first one that gets killed While playing their game The PARENTS won’t be asking for help . TOO MUCH S**T GOING ON and “ MOTHERS “ in particular are turning a blind eye .

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  5. Rock says:

    You know what your children doing at all times ayo sound so stupid.the police them vg robbing people all the time. Why ayo dont do something about them incompetent drug dealing officers c***s ur boy is the main one doing dirt f 150 dude need get hide way

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    • @Rock says:

      I have been hearing for a while that the Police on Virgin Gorda is doing most of the robbing. I also heard they will often rob the low level weed sellers for their weed and money. The police Commissioner need to look into this and handle the dirty cops. Not all the Police on Virgin Gorda is dirty, but there is a few in the mix.

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      • Rock says:

        Yep they rob them man weed and sell it back on the street they abuse there police powers, go [gas station] you see them drinking alchohol in uniform driving the police keep harassing the young girls by blue house gambling

  6. Dear police says:

    The parents of the boys knows exactly what their boys did. If anyone knows who the boys are,drop a dime. Disguise your voice and drop a dime to the police.

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  7. Hmm says:

    The Police well know the perpetrator but will just question him and let him off the hook. tHere is no law and order on Virgin Gorda. Set of jokers .

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  8. Anonymous says:

    How many of u adults your own children and own spouses sibling witness u stolen even the livehood of s fmaily in usa under sick excuses .

    Thats is nothing compare to what all of u will endured all over not only in usa

  9. @me again says:

    Soooooo only the mootherrs should be blamed? Why you dont say let the father step up and handle this too? everything cannot fall on the mother….on another note they need their backside cut. $30? really?

  10. Slattt says:

    They both DUB n I know there feeling “SHAME” SMH

  11. Ns man says:

    Black f150 dude soon get throw well spent for he

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