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Police seized over 150 kilos of cocaine! One arrested

Not any of the cocaine mentioned in the story

Members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) made another major drug bust; seizing more than 150 kilograms of cocaine on the main island of Tortola.

The drugs were seized in an early-morning police operation on Tuesday January 19.

A media statement from the RVIPF on Wednesday said police recovered the bulk of the drugs in a vehicle they intercepted in Hodge’s Creek.

“The driver of the vehicle made his escape [but] a total five bales, weighing in excess of 150 kilos was recovered in the vehicle. A vessel connected to the drug seizure was also located in the Brandy Wine area and seized by officers,” the RVIPF said.

“A search of another vehicle during the investigations uncovered another four kilos of cannabis. One person has been arrested on suspicion in connection with the drugs found in this vehicle,” the police further said.

Investigations are ongoing.

In the meantime, this latest bust is is second major seizure since last November  when police recovered more than 2,300 kilos of cocaine — the largest such seizure ever in the territory. Two police officers were arrested in connection to that seizure.


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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Those Columbians are suffering. People need to make sure their armored vehicles are in good order.

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  2. Go Gus says:

    Gus going to tell the guardian and the sun about this right now!!!

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  3. navy says:

    milk and oil , rat and cheese

  4. Wow says:

    Imagine I saw the 2 truck load of police them brandy wine that morning I didn’t know is that what’s going on jahhh smhh

  5. Listen says:

    This is the eastern Caribbean hub for cocaine transshipment to North America. I’ve know this for the 26 yrs am on this earth. Where do you think the people with all the excavators and heavy trucks getting money to buy them. Not through the banks for sure because the record of burrowing would be there for many to see. My only question is why it take so long for a commission of inquiry and for unexplained wealth to be dealt with?? Why??. Mr governor you don’t have anything to hide neither do i. The COI needs to go back further and deal with the beef island bridge that cost over 10 million. Dont forget about that COI.In china if you don’t have a business registered in the bvi you are considered not doing well financially. With drugs that our local people help to facilitate getting to here and from here you expect to get rich to. Law and order is out of control for a while now but it has gotten worse.

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    • @Listen says:

      Unexplained is a term concocted by people who do not want to see certain people of a certain color have any.

      Unexplained wealth is nobody’s business. And no, i am stone clod poor. Have no money, but have been working for the last forty four years.

      If they are concerned about people who have lots of money, no matter how they got it, they should also be concerned about and ensure that wages are not slave wages, common items such as food, shelter, transpertaion and others are not over priced.

      But no, for them, the average man and woman must always be poor, broke and hungry. And as soon as you appear not to fit that mold, they classify you as an unexplained wealth person.

      And, the hypocrisy of this is they only target Black people. Why?

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  6. what do you say to that says:

    Andrew Fahie, everything under control in the BVI?

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  7. What!!! says:

    Second big drug bust, each time suspect “escapes”?

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  8. Wiseman says:

    Bruh this is not the time to be engaging in drug trafficking.

    get out that game gentlemen.

    • @ Wiseman says:


  9. escape? says:

    how he could escape in lil Tola? come on police. Why youall let the guy just run. Guess ayo shoes were too tight to run after him. He was on foot and youall were on feets

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  10. Tony Montana says:

    That is a lot of yayo

  11. Tony Montana says:

    Keep up the bad work

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  12. Shorty Guzman says:

    Why they didn’t loose their dogs to sniff dem out? Wah happen the popo ain’t got trainers to run wid dem man? Jokes wid deez man dem (rvipf)….these drug mules dem need a Cheque from Sowande for their speed!!

    • Need for speed says:

      You can’t out run a man running for his life if you aren’t built for it!

      That’s natural nitro, evasive maneuvers and everything. Add a wall of bush at night and he’s gone. No officer has the will to run as reckless in the dark.

      When they are in the boats they get caught because fear doesn’t make the boat go faster.

  13. Reply says:

    Again? This place appears to be washed in illegal drugs. Is finds like this what the governor was referring when he spoke of organized crime?

    It appears to anyone who is paying attention, there is a serious drug smuggling operation occurring within the borders of the BVI with the assistance of people who live here.

    The question I have is: What is the authorities going to do about this? I personally do not believe the RVIPF has the capability to root out this level of organized crime. I think they are going to need some help…lots of help.

    Long gone are the days when a kid on the block smoked a little bit of locally grown weed. The dealers and smugglers have apparently moved on to bigger things.

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    • @Reply says:

      “This place appears to be washed in illegal drugs. Is finds like this what the governor was referring when he spoke of organized crime?”

      The unfortunate other side to that issue is, only one groupod people are being targeted Black people, while the major investors//traffickers, who are not Black are never scrutinized or arrested. Everyone know who those other non Black people are.

      The Europeans, Arabs Americans are all involved, but they sit in their segregated communities unaffected by law enforcement, because law does not go after the.

      That is discriminatory law enforcement to the tee.

      • @@Reply says:

        If “everyone know” then why do you not report these people? How can the police act if those that know stay silent. You say law enforcement is discriminatory but don’t seem to want to help them. You cannot have it both ways.

  14. Richgdgy says:

    Money is the only God that Liberals have!So lets put the blae on those idiots.

  15. Wise up says:

    Need the commissioner and governor need to stay for another year pls pls pls .

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  16. Bvi says:

    Everything under control in my country bvi

  17. Andrew says:

    Everything under control in my country bvi

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