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Police spend over $80K on mould removal

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews.

As reports of mould continue to fester within the public service, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has spent close to $100,000 to eliminate the problem in their department.

“We just had to expend $84,000 to remove mould from Road Town Police Station,” Police Commissioner Michael Matthews reported.

He disclosed the figure while noting that he was still reeling from the spend.

“Mould, I know, is a problem in a lot of the buildings here in the territory but we were starting to see steadily increasing sickness levels as a result of people working in those conditions in that environment and I suspect the hurricanes and all the rains that came has exacerbated that problem.”

The RVIPF is not the only local law enforcement agency whose workers have been stunned by mould infestation.

Just months ago, former Acting Chief Immigration Officer Geraldine Ritter Freeman reported that a number of her workers at the time had stopped showing up for work because of mould.

There have also been reports from other departments in the public service but it is not clear whether government has even begun to address the issue.

The remedial works to police facilities so far were done independently of government and through funding from the United Kingdom.

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  1. Black Starliner says:

    This man is nothing but a media police. Tired of seeing his darm pic on social media.

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    • Bawn Here says:

      Thank God he has the courage to speak out. So many people suffering in silence because of pride or because they don’t want to shame the government or because they will have to deal with stupid comments like yours, Starliner. Sad that you show no concern for the people whose health is affected. Typical, though.

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  2. Huh says:

    Mold is over rated. Everyone love ball mold!! It’s over rated, can’t do noting in most cases. It’s just a fancy excuse!

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    • research says:

      Not sure if you’ve taken a science class but if you did you’d see the dangers of mould on both short and long term help. Regardless of whether everyone complains about it or not it’s a problem that needs to be addressed, plain and simple.

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    • If you have nothing good to say, say nothing! says:

      Please get educated on this issue,and stop spewing nonsense out the sides of your mouth. Unfortunately, untill it makes you or someone related to you gravely ill, this is the kind of nonsense the public will hear from people like yourself.

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  3. I see says:

    I see how money spending is out of control in this place…$84,000.00 to remove mold..a thing that is caused when you fail to clean the place properly on a regular basis. So let it grow again, and you need another $84,000. to do another big splash of cleaning,..well sah, this is what the BVI come to.

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    • Anonymous says:

      $84,000 seems outrageous for mold removal I agree. You really think that’s how mold is caused?? Reading is fundamental…you should look it up.

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  4. E.Leonard says:

    Government, along with other employers, must provide a safe, secure and healthful working environment. Mold is toxic and hazardous and exposure to it poses a health risk, especially to the young, elderly and people with weakened immune system. What causes mold/mould and how to control it?

    Mold spores, which are prevalent indoors and outdoors, needs two other prime ingredient to grow——- ——moisture and a food source. It can be looked at as a Mold Triangle (mold spores, moisture and food source); food sources are also prevalent (wood, drywall, cotton….etc). Therefore, if one leg of the triangle is controlled, there wouldn’t be any mold infestation. The easiest and most practical of the three legs to control is moisture (high humidity, condensation and water leaks). Therefore, remediating mold should include 1) removing the moisture source and 2) safely cleaning up the mold infestation.

    Cleaning up the mold without addressing the moisture source is only temporary. For example, if the moisture source is in a wall or in a roof/ceiling, just cleaning the wall or ceiling surface will not totally solve the mould problem. The moisture source must be fixed. Did the ~$100K expended include fixing the moisture source and cleaning up the mold?

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    • Only in Tola says:

      Unfortunately, in the BVI when someone gets SBS, ignorant employers simply fire employees to get rid of the real problem. But one day they WILL pay for that. Old people say when you see some people suffering dearly in life, let them be, its for something they have done in their past.

      • E. Leonard says:

        @Only in Tola, indeed, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI) are conditions that posed health issues to building occupants. Building operators need to maintain/operate buildings in a manner to mitigate the illnesses that are attribuable to SBS and BRI. It is important to note that some gypss of mould are hazardous and dangerous, ie, penicillium, aspergillus, stachybotrys, cladosporium, fusarium…..etc.

  5. Hmmmm says:

    Who got paid the $84k to clean it up?

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  6. Public Grand Larceny! says:

    Wow! $84k and the issue(s) have not been addressed. The roof still leaks and the block-walls are more than likely still filled with water/moisture. Was it a local firm? Something seems very amiss over this and warrants an audit as the cost is astronomical compared to what some businesses have paid for mold treatment. RVIPF got fleeced big time and some people need to answer for this ridiculous price tag imo.

    • Me againn says:

      Some of you on here commenting REALLY think $84,000.00 was paid out one time ?
      READING is understanding NOT being able go call words only
      Jump high jump low.
      The white ( man) still had to save us from ourselves because EVERY ONE who get them hands on Gov money THIEF
      Or else them wouldda put cks and balances in place
      My thoughts

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      • Grand Larceny says:

        @ me againn: maybe you should take some of your own advice and re-read the article. Comprehension seem to have alluded you at some point in your education. Clearly his statement evaded you entirely. Think before you attempt to be a keyboard warrior and fail epically at it! Drops mic ???? and walks off stage left….smdh…

  7. Eighty Four Grand! says:

    That would replace a lot of sheet rock and false ceiling

  8. Golden says:

    I wonder how old is this Commissioner of Police. They sending home other officers here at age 55 but I can bet this man is over 60.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    The whole mold bogey man is total harum sacrum.
    Just another excuse for days off and bitching.

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