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Police warns against knowingly spreading HIV and STIs

The Family and Juvenile Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has released a statement warning that it is a crime to knowingly spread HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

They emphasised that such actions can lead to jail time.

“This kind of reckless and selfish behaviour is covered under Section 325 of the Criminal Code, Revised Edition 2013, which stipulates a maximum prison sentence of up to 14 years,” the RVIPF stated.

It is unclear whether the police have encountered cases where individuals have knowingly transmitted STIs. However, the warning comes in the wake of a story BVI News broke on June 5, which revealed statistics from the Health Ministry showing that HIV and other STIs have been rising steadily over the last five years.

According to Jascinth Hannibal, the BVI’s Chief Nursing Officer, individuals of all ages and demographics continue to contract HIV and other STIs, with over 262 cases reported in the last five years.

The police said they endorse the concern from the Health Ministry and consider it quite timely. They are urging individuals of all ages to get tested and know their status.

“We would also wish to add that given the steady increase in these numbers, children and young adults, as a particularly vulnerable group, may be exposed to the associated risks. The RVIPF, therefore, urges parents to augment their supervision of their children and, where necessary, get them tested,” the police statement said.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has cautioned that not all cases are reported, and health officials estimate that there are many more cases of HIV and STIs in the community.


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  2. If says:

    A person knows that they have AIDS and they transmit AIDS to another person it is a crime. In the US you are going to spend at least ten years in prison.

  3. And, says:

    those diseases correlate directly with rising immigration immigrants into the territory. Wonder why the article did not point that out?

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  5. Unfortunate says:

    That young lady from St Kitts that works down at the law firm by RTW prospect got herpes and sleeping with married men. She also gave it to a man who gave it my friend. Be VERY careful who you sleep with cause lots of ppl just doing it unprotected. Let ppl get tested and show you before. Lots of ppl here with herpes as well. I feel so bad for her and wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone!!!

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    • Missy says:

      To: Unfortunate,
      Shame on you for going into this person’s intimate information here. You are an irresponsible person. From the particulars you gave, anyone can seek out the company and find out who that individual is. Why did you do that? Can’t your friend speak for herself? Or it’s actually YOU that got caught up from a cheating man.

      Shame on you!!

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  7. Legal strippers says:

    If they legalized the strippers and prostitution that happen via the bars and strip clubs so the ladies had to be tested and clean them this would help.
    Also all the people who are doing meet ups in their cars pretty much every where and then taking the diseases home. From the condoms left behind some are having safe sex but a lot aren’t

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