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Policies to be devised to curb vandalism at local recreational facilities

Director of BVI Recreational Trust, Stephen Payne.

Policies and measures will be implemented in the near future to help tackle the recent events of theft and vandalism at recreational facilities throughout the territory.

This was revealed by the Director of the BVI Recreational Trust Stephen Payne.

Payne said he believes security measures such as the installation of cameras are not sufficient to deter culprits. He said public education and reminders of why these facilities were created are key to rectifying the problem.

“Those (cameras) are things that you would go and review after a person had done things just to catch the culprit. So in order to mitigate or prevent vandalism, there must be a re-education of posting fines, having dialogue with users to get them to understand that the facilities are built for them and for generations after and they must rethink how they approach the use of the facilities as well as to minimize or totally stop vandalism,” he argued.

Items such as a 1,000-gallon tank and concrete blocks were stolen from the AO Shirley grounds. Payne, however, said those did not impede any of the development or rehabilitation of the facility.

“The blocks were used for the resurfacing of the track and that was completed without any incident. It was the storage of the blocks after. That’s when persons help themselves to them. The tank was there for the shelter that lasted six months in the initial aftermath of the hurricane which was used to store water,” he said.

On the other hand, he said the vandalism done to the Walters Recreational Facility on Virgin Gorda will cost the Trust.

“We are still trying to ascertain the cost into repairs because these were very, very recent. They have not been damaged totally, the damage to that facility was primarily to the paper dispensers, they lit them afire and they damaged the two tank covers. The tanks are still functional however we just can’t replace the covers so we have to replace the entire toilet so we are still trying to crunch the figures to get that done,” Payne said.

“What will happen in the future is that we will have to as a statutory body … sit down and negotiate policies to help curb and prevent theft and vandalism,” Payne further said.

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  1. son of the soil says:

    We need to put a policy in place where a local should always be on top in all government positions

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  2. What!!!! says:

    “son of the soil” Regardless of ability ????

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  3. Ausar says:

    “Son of the Soil”, you’ve made a valid point!

    But do we have COMMITTED LEADERSHIP to EXECUTE such a plan?

    This is the next area in which Premier Fahie needs to place double lens focus!!

    After all, BVIslanders are well educated and quite capable to handle all responibilities of leadership that this country has to offer!

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    • lawyer says:

      How are you defining a BVIslander? Mr. Dawson said on the radio ‘if your grandmother wasn’t born here, you are not indigenous.’ Be careful with how you are thinking. Lots of parents are having their children in the USA. We have many inter-racial, and inter-nationality marriages, and the off springs are bvislanders whether you like it or not. Some may or may not have a traditional ‘BVI last name’. The US Virgin Islands when through this social change. Now the 3rd and 4th generation of immigrants are the leaders of the USVI.

  4. I tell you says:

    Why all of a sudden those people coming from under a rock where was he all the time when NDP was in power why all these measures was not into place

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  5. Uh says:

    What does citizenry have to do with low-lives who insist on their own selfish desires. Such persons are not team or community players.
    A reward should be offered to anyone who turn in these culprits that insist on stealing & sabotaging the community efforts to uplift and enhance.

    The funny thing is that the culprits/thieves and their own families can all benefit from the various forms of social development in and around the territory.
    Being a low-life have nothing to do with where one is from.

  6. What a ting says:

    You sound so lowlife you don’t even know . When other people were her giving of their time, talents and energy to the country and building the community you were in the US . Then come back here watching people with what they work hard to accomplish . Go and learn the English Language “citizenry “ is a noun not an adjective

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  7. Please says:

    This is one post that needs new leadership. Lots of money being dished out in salaries etc with very little to show for it. Facilitated are being poorly managed and maintained. Time for accountability.

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  8. Watching on says:

    It’s interesting to read how this article generates dislike of this man who since his appointment has worked tirelessly to ensure that the facilities are made available and kept in some pleasing condition. This article is was presented to highlight the way the facilities are being destroyed. It’s not about belonger or non belonged. I know that this gentleman and he has always been accommodating and informative, placing the upkeep of the facilities a priority. So stop this nonsense about him not being from here. He is a belonger.

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