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Policy change | Driving schools, instructors must get certified

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By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has announced plans to implement a certification programme for all driving schools and instructors operating in the British Virgin Islands.

Commissioner of the DMV Kye Rymer told BVI News the programme entails a training process for all parties.

He said the programme is being implemented because safety on the territory’s roads is paramount to his department.

“Certification is necessary because you want all the officers to be on the same page and not using the opportunity to make money but to teach in the right way.”

Currently, to operate a driving school in the territory, persons are only required to have a trade license, insurance coverage, and a ‘discussion’ with the DMV on what is expected, Rymer explained.

Mandatory hours for learners

Rymer further said students learning to drive would soon be required to complete a certain number of hours before receiving a driver’s license.

“They need to practice enough,” he reasoned.

Presently, the level of readiness per student lies solely on the discretion of the instructor and inspectors.

While he was unable to provide a timeline when his department will roll out the new programme, Rymer said discussions are well underway in that regard.

“It’s just a matter of bringing it to fruition,” he noted.


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  1. EAST says:

    YEt DMV Giving u set dates to do cone test as u pass the writing that’s bull. Let me Come and schedule a cone test when I kno I have mastered the skills. Remember I have to do the written to get the permit so I can practice on the road at certain time!!!!!!! so stop rush ppl

  2. Albion says:

    That’s BVI – regulation for the sake of having more regulation.

    Don’t let me ever hear the DMV say again that “safety on our roads is paramount” given the Cowboy-like attitude that prevails in relation to road safety.

    • Theo says:

      It’s a good thing nobody outside of this place sees what is going on. It’s a hilarious tragedy.

      The driving instructors only about money, but who can blame them, the entire system is broken down.

  3. Introspection says:

    If safety is so paramount then cancel all licenses and retest everyone. With the way people drive here me thinks we have plenty licensed unqualified drivers!

    • Positive says:

      That is a highly irrational suggestion. Drivers are fully aware of the rules of the roadway when we go to get our DLs, so it seems that we get a case of instant amnesia and mo— behavior once we are successful!? What needs to happen is enforcement of the laws and if the police would have a higher presence on the roads, I am sure our common sense while driving will be held in check! Want to bet? It’s a pity that we want to act lawless and always have to be policed, when we just simply need to do what is right and be safe.

  4. vick says:

    they need to update their teaching. It’s been a long time now that you don’t stick your arm thru the window when you want to turn, you got turn signals for that.

    • Hmph says:

      You just talking to talk because they don’t make you do that anymore. It’s still in the books but never implemented when practicing on the road.

  5. See says:

    And please lets stop with the moronic blowing of the horn every 5 seconds. We look and sound like a nation of fools

  6. Migoman says:

    Good job Rhymer.

  7. Please says:

    Let’s hope it’s especially stringent for the scooter riders.

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