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Political victimisation infecting VG, whistleblower legislation a cure

de Castro

Describing it as one of the most significant issues plaguing the 2019 election season, Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) candidate for the Ninth District Jose de Castro says political victimisation has badly infected the constituency.

“Victimization is especially real here in Virgin Gorda. If you wear a shirt, if you come to a rally, if you shake my hand, you are afraid of your business not being patronised. You are afraid of your family and friends not talking to you, you are afraid that people will talk about you if you wear a certain colour,” de Castro said.

He further condemned political victimisation and said such practices must not be made to roll over into the next general elections which are constitutionally due four years from now.

The political newcomer said one way to put an end to victimisation is through the implementation of the much-talked-about whistleblower legislation.

He said: “We need whistleblower legislation for our civil servants. That is one of the tools we are going to use to stamp out victimisation.”

“Civil servants, you need to be able to say something if you see something. Anything you see getting done, like a wall being built for too much money, you need to be able to say something and not lose your job or not have a fear of losing your job,” he said.

This particular legislation was promised under a National Democratic Party administration of which PVIM leader Ronnie Skelton was a senior member as recent as late 2018.

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  1. No nonsense says:

    A result of your own lice biting you. Direct all your questions and queries to your head(trushy # 1)of party. He was deh among dem!

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  2. Voter says:

    wow, so my neighbour is going to rat on me if i don’t patronize their business.

    And that is the law he wants to introduce.

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  3. Dizzy G says:

    Did he name at least one small community in the world where political victimisation is not common? Maybe that will be too hard to do, so let us include big communities too. Political victimisation is everywhere , and it is only getting worst.

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  4. Huh? says:

    It is one thing to have legislation in place, but everyone knows that everything goes in the BVI.

    With all the laws on our books (and we have quite a hefty sum) who pays attention to them? Not even the lawmakers.

    Enforcement is key.

  5. On Looker says:

    Is this why Andrew can promise 1000 jobs in 1000 days he plans to clean house for his 1st district people.

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  6. @ on looker says:

    It seems so. I have been told several times if I don’t vote for VIP I will no longer have a job if they win the election. That’s why I’m not voting. Think VIP easy.

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    • VOTE says:

      Don’t Stay home… vote to ensure that they don’t have that opportunity or satisfaction to intimidate you.

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    • Fact says:

      No one will know who you vote for. If they are so confident of the win why are they even studying you for a vote. Don’t mind them. Whether you end up voting for them or not go vote it’s your right.

  7. 9th District rep4real says:

    Of the three candidates as a person he seems to be the most honest and trustworthy however a newcomer, not well known and unlikely to gain the vote of the majority this time around. Unfortunately persons will have to learn the hard way and the next 4 years depending on Monday night results overall may be a lesson that Irma may not have driven home.
    Jose, and several others who may have what it takes may just have to be patient and wait until the public is ready to receive what you are offering maybe in next 4 years. Use the time to learn listen plan and pray. All we need is the two bald heads to get in from the two Parties and watch hell

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  8. Watching says:

    Jose is a good guy. We need to know he is a strong guy same time cause this HOA gonna be hot and heavy
    Hopefully corruption will not be allowed
    Gov are you watching ??? Preparing ???

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  9. @9th District rep4real says:

    Im sure candidate Jose O’Neal is a nice young man. a brilliant young man. Yes as you have correctly observed, there’s much to learn…and he will learn. First lesson he will likely learn is who to follow. Unfortunately this nice young man has made his decision to follow half of NDP1, becoming known as NDP2.
    President Obama during his presidential campaigns frequently talked about how his mother poured everything she had into him. Perhaps that included knowing when to follow and when. Best of luck Jose

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