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Politics: Too many hiding ‘behind banana tree’



The immediate past president of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party (VIP), Carvin Malone, has lamented that too many capable natives of the British Virgin Islands have been ‘hiding behind the banana tree’ instead of seeking elected office to improve the lot of the territory.

According to him, members of the public, from time to time, have been mentioning the names of persons who they think would be tremendous assets to representational politics. But those qualified persons named have declined to come forward.

“The voting public; they are calling the names of a number of persons who they would like to see come forward to assist in representing – in ruling this country,” Malone said.

“I am not afraid to say it; that too many of us who are able [or] capable simply aren’t willing. And too many who are willing; there are some issues that they have to face. Is there another cause in those persons to whom this country has offered so much – another cause for them to come out and say ‘here I am whether it is for a four-year period or eight-year period or whatever it is?” added Malone.

He noted that persons often urged the political parties to field ‘good’ candidates. But Malone questioned how that could be possible when locals stay at bay.

“If we are going to wait and then just say ‘Carvin make sure you get good people’ – where are these good people gonna come from when the same people who you are calling on are hiding behind a banana tree – the softest trunk in the jungle. At the end of the day, a banana tree cannot protect you [who are hiding]; one swipe of a machete and it’s gone and you are gone.”

Malone, who made the comments on the Cross Talk television programme hosted by Bishop John Cline, noted that qualified persons seeking office should however understand that there is no guarantee they will be elected.

That, he reasoned, should not be a deterrence.

“One will have to ask the question: Did they get the best that America has to offer [in the last presidential election]? I am not gonna answer the question. It is the same thing here [in the British Virgin Islands]. I think that we have to come to grips that those who are capable and able have to come to the table,” Malone further reasoned.

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