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Pope Francis endorses civil unions for same-sex couples

Pope Francis is the chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church. (Photo by Gregorio Borgia/AP)

Pope Francis — the chief pastor of the worldwide Catholic Church — has endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples in a new documentary about his life and work.

Civil unions provide same-sex couples with a legal framework equivalent to the marriage of heterosexual couples.

The film titled ‘Francesco’ premiered as part of the Rome Film Festival. In it, Pope Francis said, “homosexual people have a right to be in a family”.

“They are children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or made miserable over it. What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered,” the Pope said in the film which is quickly gaining notoriety because of his controversial comments.

According to the BBC, the film also shows Pope Francis encouraging two gay men to raise their children in a parish church.

The Pope’s comments in the film are a departure from his usual stance on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights. In the past, he has said every person needs a male father and a female mother that can help them shape their identity.

The Catholic Church is said to be largest branch of Christianity in the world and the BVI has at least three catholic-faith places of worship on its shores.


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  1. So> says:

    Here comes a firestorm from hypocrites, who are going to criticize this decision since they’re, somehow entitled into telling people how to live their lives.

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    • Hmm says:

      Christ really at the door….look up saints ur redemption draweth nigh. I’m not surprised because the bible must be fulfilled.

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    • Happy clappy says:

      Remember civil union is not marriage. Catholic Church defined marriage as one man and one woman not the Bible. The Bible only shows us what a marriage looks like. It doesn’t show us 2 men or 2 women.

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  2. finally says:

    Well they had to eventually marry their alter bhoy Tim

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    • Billy says:

      King William would be proud after the 2 goals were met with nothing, now this the kiddo fiddler church welcomes back their alterbhoys.

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  3. Chosen says:

    Abomination my Pope

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  4. Troglodyte Killer says:

    You also endorsed paedophilia and slavery so what’s your point. Just another wicked act you endorsing cause that is what the Vatican does.

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  5. 2020 says:

    They all now gone against the Bible.

    The Bible does not condone sexual immorality of any sort.

    The Almighty God, Creator of the Universe, the God of the living is never a participant to any form of wickedness which includes taking the life of another, beastiality, adulterous marriages, homo-sexual marriages, greed, covetousness, willful wickedness and the like.

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  6. blood of Jesus says:

    mr pope needs to repent baptize in Jesus Name be converted while this season of grace is here because whats wrong cant be right doesnt matter a who says, wrong is wrong and right is right , but for who doesnt know that pope has nothing with God he works through a spirit of deception which is a familiar spirit that has nothing to do with God , talks about God yes but twist the truth , there is no way in the world that 2+2=3 your right foot can never be a left are right hand for a left hand when God created us he made he a male and a female and when he looks at us you know what he says ,WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE , go be fruitful and multiple ,he also blessed them , God cant bless that.

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  7. Heckler says:

    So BVI the Church done say its ok.. what you waiting on now lol

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  8. well says:

    All them church men wear their dresses anyway

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  9. One more year says:

    Let hear from the force that love the governor gasper …for I know his views are the same ..lolmao

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  10. Exapt says:

    How come they ain’t sending back the expat for this

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  11. SIN IS SIN IS SIN says:

    Don’t try to justify our sins by saying oh well:

    You having sex and not married
    You stole something
    You lied
    You killed someone
    You having hatred in your heart
    You lusted in your mind though you didn’t act physically on it
    You committed adultery
    You took the name of the Lord God Almighty in vain

    …etc etc etc

    Homosexuality is a sin like all other sins and would be judged like all the other sins.

    People more interested in pleasing others instead of God and going along with the ways of the world then when things go wrong asking for prayers and if they die it’s “they’re looking down from heaven” (God is not pleased with us trying to rewrite His commands).

    Judgment is awaiting us all.

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    • Yeah says:


      Committing adultery
      Devil worshipping

      What goes on in the mind once not acted upon is NOT sin – only God can judge that, not man. We are imperfect and certain circumstances may cause certain thinking but at the end of the day, if the awful thoughts were not acted upon or were fought out of the mind, there is no sin. Mind your own business and remember God is judge of this. That’s why we pray not to yield to temptation.

    • @Sin is Sin says:

      Look how many BVIslanders are having children (therefore sex) without being married, sometimes more than one child, with different men, yet y’all act like you’re God fearing and better than anyone else SMDH.

  12. The truth says:

    Anyone who reads and truly understands the Bible will not be surprise by these things. The Bible must be fulfilled. The earth will be filled with everything that is not of God. The Pope May have portray himself to be godly, but remember their are many so-called gods, and he is just worshipping the one of his choice, not the true and living creator. In the last days, many shall come in His name, but they will not be of Him.

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  13. YUP says:

    But if we catch you smoking that plant we will send you to prison because that tree that god created is the most abominable thing in creation. Evil Monsters.

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  14. Hmm says:

    Christ really at the door….look up saints ur redemption draweth nigh. I’m not surprised because the bible must be fulfilled.

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  15. Why? says:

    Why is this on the news. It has nothing to do with here, I HOPE

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  16. Thousands of years old says:

    Does anybody realize that the bible is now thousands of years old?

    If my iphone is one week out of date we all want an update but for some reason we follow a book that was written in a completely different time when knowledge about the human brain or biology.

    There are some very important principles in the bible, sure. But reading it literally is ridiculous. Science has shown (thousands of years after the bible was written) that being gay is not a choice, people are born that way. How can you be a sinner if you are simple what you are born as?

    Perhaps an update in the bible is needed…

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  17. Patrotic bvi. says:

    Batty man.

  18. Hypocrites says:

    All these bible thumping hypocrites. Blogging all this trash. Set a backwards third world brainwashed idiots.

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    • Be fair says:

      They are taught the bible is about fear and condemnation and avoid that it is about love, peace and respect. Hi past any church and they are shouting angrily in there. This is not by accident as the charlatans can then extract money from the crowd pretending that is somehow going to magic away sins, like it’s a wishing well. You don’t see that church money used for good though (other than some token gestures to distract the masses). You don’t see churches producing a transparent account of their receipts and expenditures.

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  19. Norris Turnbull says:

    Disgusting, just disgusting.

  20. Repentance says:

    God hates the action which is sinful but loves the sinner . Pope Francis cannot undo God’s guidelines for sin . God set the laws that points out sin .

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