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Positive COVID violators frustrate Premier into pushing for $20K fines

Premier Andrew Fahie in the House of Assembly.

Following the recent breach of quarantine protocols by one tourist who tested positive for COVID-19, Premier Andrew Fahie has said he will be lobbying to have the maximum fine for breaches increased to $20,000 when the Cabinet meets today, Wednesday, December 16.

Premier Fahie made the comment during Tuesday’s session in the House of Assembly where it was revealed by the Health Minister Carvin Malone that the territory had recorded another three positive COVID-19 cases, pushing the total to nine active cases.

The Premier scolded the actions of the tourist who put the territory at risk by venturing out of their quarantine area. He said the visitor’s actions could have easily reversed the many months of progress made by residents who have complied with the COVID-19 measures.

“Everyone has been here working hard, adhering to everything and then in comes somebody and decides that they’re just going to leave the quarantine area, and they’re positive. It’s nothing to hide under the bush.”

“I am going to be pushing for it (the fine) to be $10,000. And if I can get it to twenty, I will push for it to be $20,000. It’s foolishness — vexes my spirit,” the Premier expressed.

16 close contacts negative so far

Premier Fahie said the contact tracing efforts so far have been rewarding, with the majority of the persons who came into close contact with the positive tourist returning negative results.

Some 16 close contacts had been identified at the time.

“We pray God that the few more that have to come in they’ll be negative too. And I want to say this very blunt, ‘that’s totally irresponsible’. It’s disrespectful to the people of the territory,” the Premier said.

No evidence of community spread

The leader of government business also assured residents there is no evidence at this time to suggest that community spread is present in the territory.

He said that all nine active cases are presently being quarantined. Of the nine, five were detected after having their test done at the airport while the remaining four tested positive on Day 4 of their quarantine period.

“We have no evidence of community spread at this time but the contact tracing continues to make sure to double-check and triple-check that it is not so. I urge everyone under the sound of my voice to take COVID-19 very serious,” he urged.

Two to be questioned for breaches

Health Minister Malone informed the House that the two quarantine violators – one from a previous instance – were being investigated by the police.

He said: “The two persons that have violated this so far, they are being questioned by the Royal Virgin Island Police Force and whatever the law dictates at this time would be administered. But, we don’t want your money, we want your safety so we urge everyone to be vigilant, to be resolute in keeping us all safe.”

Close contact residents urged to come forward

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry is appealing to residents who have patronised two popular restaurants over the last few days to contact the Public Health Division to be tested for COVID-19 free of charge.

These businesses include Willy T Restaurant & Bar ( if you visited Friday, December 11 3 pm and 6 pm) and Pusser’s restaurant located in Soper’s Hole, Tortola (if you visited Monday, December 14 between 6:45 pm and 8 pm).

Those persons can contact the Public Health Division at 284-468-2274 or call the government’s medical hotline at 284-852-7650 for a referral.

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  1. idlewanderer says:

    send em to balsam ghut.

    at least it’s the willy t, an establishment where social distance is always maintained.

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  2. Hm says:

    Andrew dem is i***t how can u put someone on self quarantine is like u guys ain’t learn from when the country first got lock down (people cannot b trusted) put security where they are quarantining. That’s it and that’s all ??

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  3. Sixpence says:

    What about the taxi driver who mixed up the incoming groups? One positive among one group and the other group had to quarantine because of the taxi drivers greed. Was the taxi driver penalised?

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  4. Oh! says:

    Well it has happened because your system is S**T and you were told this many times before the borders opened. If you had a proper system of tracking this would not have happened. You were offered many top-notch services but instead insisted on dealing with a low level Jamaican product which blew up a few days into border opening. You reap what you sow.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      There is no need for expensive unreliable electronics anyway. Many resort hotels use wristbands to identify guests. These are durable and waterproof. They are readily available and cheap. All we need to do is place a wristband on anyone in quarantine. Taking it off or destroying it would incur a strong penalty. Bars etc serving anyone wearing a quarantine wrist band would also be subject to a severe penalty.

      It would work and it would not cost millions.

      It is not too late to do this Mr Malone.

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    • @Oh! says:

      Now go home and tell that to your leaders!

  5. SMI says:

    Both businesses should be charged.

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    • For What??? says:

      So, a couple of sneaky, selfish, ignorant people flaunt the law, violate a standing quarantine order to go party with friends. How is the establishment supposed to know this???
      Don’t be so ignorant. These are adults, know the rules, but decided they knew better and put us all at risk with their CRIMINAL behavior. Have them pay for the 14-day quarantine, which should be in prison, a hefty fine and immediate expulsion at the end of quarantine period. ZERO Tollerence for this behavior! But it’s not the business’ fault or responsibility.

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  6. Hmm... says:

    These is grown a** people an should know better you know you tested positive and still feel it was ok to go about risking the health of others… Damn selfish and whoever should be fined and banned from reentry… Sucks that you have to be babysitting grown a** adults to do the necessary things… Like come on man the rules there for a damn reason!

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  7. Donald Trump says:

    Lock them up like Cayman Islands

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  8. Bulldawg says:

    I guess the bracelets not working, or maybe no one is responsible for tracking who is in quarantine. Lock them up for a month with a stiff fine.

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  9. positive test says:

    Can you require a second test?? Testing is not 100% accurate.

  10. How? says:

    Explain to me how the business is supposed to know who on island is supposed to be under quarantine?
    I’m waiting…

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  11. Bitter Pill says:

    If there are no symptoms then it is not a “Case”. We keep on reading about new “cases” which is at best disingenuous. Let’s be honest, some viral RNA pertaining to sars-cov-2 was detected during a highly sensitive PCR test. For there to be an infection the causative agent (sars-cov-2) must be of sufficient number and virulence to destroy normal tissue. The problem with PCR testing is that it is designed to test for the tiniest trace of virus RNA, it is not designed to to determine if a patient is infected with a virus or not.

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  12. Loco says:

    This government is loco. COVID-19 is over. The election in US is over and that’s all this was about. Let’s quit pretending this is a serious virus and get back to normal. All you need is a painkiller and sunshine and you be all right. This Premier must be like Obama. Only cares about his agenda and not the people. Hope these protocols are lifted soon so our people don’t starve.

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  13. WEW says:

    Sure… as long as it’s not a “local”. Andrew needs the $$$. On another note, what is the accuracy rate of the tests being given and the person giving it- certified by whom ?

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  14. Meh Son says:

    Where does it stop? Not just look them up without even the option to pay a fine?

  15. disappointing says:

    it is very disappointing that someone who was supposed to maintain their quarantine until the negative 4th day test didn’t. presumably they understood the rues and hopefully it was effectively communicated. if so its quite simple, fine them accordingly and raise the fine where it is actually a deterrent.

    just plain lack of respect towards others and selfishness.

  16. The Nation says:

    $20,000 and a DEPORTATION ORDER after payment.

  17. John Irwin says:

    Has it been published where these cases are from what Country /State and the route they came into the BVI? It might help to identify High Risk areas and therefore by enforcing quarantine from these areas in a Govt controlled facility minimise the risk to the Islands. Anyone who thinks Covid 19 is a hoax should look at the infection and death figures from USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain and now Germany and Holland who have introduced a 3 week lockdown over Christmas. The Tourist Board has promoted and encouraged visitors from all over the world even opening an office in China so ‘High Risk’ areas need to be monitored.

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