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Poverty assessment being conducted in four BVI communities

Minister of Health and Social Development, Ronnie Skelton.

A poverty assessment is being conducted on residents across four communities in the British Virgin Islands.

The Social Development Department is coordinating the assessment, which will include in-depth interviews, case studies, and community workshops.

The department did not specify which four BVI communities will be examined but said the assessment is part of a larger study called Country Assessment of Living Conditions.

Social Development Minister Ronnie Skelton announced the commencement of that study this week.

The Country Assessment of Living Conditions will comprise a handful other sub-studies besides the aforementioned poverty assessment.

1,000 households to be examined

Those other sub-studies will include a ‘Survey of Living Conditions’ and ‘Household Budget Survey’ which will cover 1,000 randomly-selected households. The Central Statistics Office will be in conduct of those surveys.

The Ministry of Finance will also act as a coordinator for another of the sub-studies – the ‘Macro Social and Economic Assessment’. This assessment will involve the collection and analysis of secondary data in order to examine key political, economic, and social trends.

The final sub-study under the Country Assessment of Living Conditions is the ‘Institutional Assessment’.

This institutional assessment will cover a range of government institutions and civil society organisations that provide services which are designed to improve living conditions.

“More information on each of these activities, and how you can become involved, will be communicated by the members of the National Assessment Team over the coming weeks and months. I encourage everyone to share your input whenever the opportunity is presented, in order for a broad range of voices and perspectives to be heard. The success of this important process depends on your active involvement,” Skelton said.

And while explaining the significance of the country assessment, the minister noted: “To make certain that the territory’s economic recovery and development does not leave socially disadvantaged groups, families, and communities behind, it is important to understand the day-to-day living condition of all segments of society, and to hear directly from the persons most affected.”

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  1. ndp heckler says:

    and then what???

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  2. LOL says:


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    • @LOL says:

      Please explain how the NDP got anyone in poverty. If that is the case, you also have to call out the VIP. Stop making it seem like the VIP is so damn innocent and perfect. The only thing I see is VIP running scared.

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  3. exit please says:

    what a timing . after all these years and proposing $6 per hour which he cannot survive on. boy do the country a favor, resign and go home like youre doing.

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  4. Gandalf says:

    Man, he got a sweet looking watch on! Bet that cost quite a few years wages for those less fortunate!

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  5. Where?!! says:

    Lies….. STOP F**KING LYING

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  6. crap says:

    another set of survey. So many people came to my roofless house with writing pads taking info the weeks following Irma. Up to now haven’t seen any result of that information. I remember to get a UK tarp from the bandstand the Sunday before Maria, you had to give them your name, number and who all live in the house to get a tarp. What was done with that information, or was it a way to try to look important. survey, studies, accessments in BVI all always lead to the dead end road

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    • @crap says:

      I know what you mean. I was one of the volunteers conducting assessments and it pained my heart when I saw people weeks after the fact who still did not get the help they needed.

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    • true says:

      I HAD them all coming in to my place from agencies around the world told them all to piss off as they had done nothing to help me and their statistics did nothing for me either

  7. Bullsh*t says:

    look all this is is people minding people business!! if the government really want to help,They would have done what the Redcross did. many benefited from that program.look real work to do cause yall know aint nothing coming out of those surveys!

  8. Brad Boynes says:

    All who looking at what the man wearing out of place. That’s none of your dam business. Lots of BVIslander families especially catching hell before and after the storms. Take of them first.

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    • Gandalf says:

      Brad – that is exactly the point that’s being made. Just a little too complicated for you to get I guess! These clowns aren’t doing nothing for those catching the hard times, while they live the good life! Try to not be so narrow minded and catch the irony about something that is far from funny!

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  9. Government says:

    NDP government is who cause the poverty to the country. You as a minster knows it, you all should be a shame.

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  10. Brad Boynes says:

    @Gandalf. Seize the time. It’s ripe for picking.

  11. Soiled Son says:

    A poverty assessment conducted by he who drives a big old mercedes

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