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Pregnant woman sits on moving car for ‘justice’

The scene described by the pregnant woman.

A resident who said she is pregnant has sparked a fiery debate on social media after she declared that she sat on a motorcar yesterday to prevent a bad-parking male driver from leaving a public parking lot in Road Town, Tortola.

She was adamant that the male driver, who reportedly blocked her in for some 40 minutes, would not have been allowed to leave without first being charged.

However, members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force did not arrive at the location to lay the desired charges, according to the pregnant woman.

In a post on social media, she explained: “The owner of the vehicle arrived and wanted to leave. I said he had to wait for the police, and that he would get a ticket. He then started calling me all names and entered his car. When I noticed he was going to drive off, I sat on top of his car to make sure he stayed.”

“He drove off with me on top off his vehicle, breaking and making turns trying to make me fall off. After, I jumped off his car and he drove away. Still here waiting for the police,” added the pregnant driver, who said the bad-parking motorist is a Government worker.

She stated that she went to the man’s workplace nearby and asked for his contacts, but the “staff refused to give any info”. “I have witnesses. Can I sue this person?” the pregnant motorist asked in her post on social media.

She later acknowledged that her life, as well as her baby’s, was at risk during the incident. But the woman said she decided to take a stand because the police have failed to address the issue of illegal parking.

“His car was stopped when I sat on it. He was the one to drive off with me on top; put me and my baby in harm ways,” the female motorist further reasoned.

“Yes it was wrong and a desperate act of someone upset trying to make justice once for a change. I’ve been blocked several times. Every time I call the police, nothing is ever done to the culprits. And, like me, everyone is sick and tired of this situation. So I honestly thought I’d get more support.”

The woman’s post on the BVI Community Board (Facebook) attracted mixed views.

While she was highlighting her experience, well-known businessman Colin O’Neal was elsewhere on social media also highlighting a ‘selfish’ situation he had observed regarding public parking.

“Daily example of selfishness in the BVI,” O’Neal said in a post, which also included the photograph below:

Photo Credit: Colin O’Neal

After O’Neal posted that photograph, some other residents on social media reacted by posting similar photos. Here is one posted by Sarah Graham:

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