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Preliminary indications suggest negotiations went well during Premier’s visit to UK

Premier Andrew Fahie and Lord Tariq Ahmad of the UK.

Preliminary indications of the meetings between Premier Andrew Fahie and United Kingdom officials suggest that negotiations went well.

These indications came from Premier Fahie in a series of updates on his visit to the UK where he and a delegation of government officials negotiated the terms of Britain’s £300 million loan guarantee offer for the BVI’s hurricane recovery efforts.

In one of his updates on social media, the Premier said he met with the UK Minister responsible for overseas territories, Lord Tariq Ahmad.

“I held highly productive and positive meetings with Lord Ahmad on the BVI-UK relationship and the loan guarantee. Our constructive engagement with the United Kingdom will continue as we work to get the best for our territory and the people of the Virgin Islands,” the Premier stated.

He also met with Brexit Minister James Duddridge in what he described as a fruitful and constructive exchange.

That meeting involved talks about Brexit and the impact it will have on the British Virgin Islands regarding trade, European Union funding and travel.

Fahie also met with the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Baroness Patricia Scotland at Marlborough House in London.

The Premier was accompanied by several top government officials including the Minister for Health & Social Development Carvin Malone, Financial Secretary Glenroy Forbes, government Permanent Secretary Kedrick Malone, Special Envoy of the Premier Benito Wheatley, Director of Communications Arliene Penn, Legal Consul/Operations Manager of BVI London Office Tracy Bradshaw and Senior Political Officer Siobhan Flax.

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  1. GREAT says:

    I know that this Premier will look out for the people of the BVI and not himself nor themselves like the last set.

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    • Waiting for evidence... says:

      Fahie has lost public credibility. I will wait for him to show us the evidence.

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      • Dylan says:

        He deserves the Nobel Prize if he he actually signed this.

        Finally, transparency.

        Will someone now tell us what happened to our $7.2m? And also please tell us the result of the police investigation regarding the school wall?

  2. Admire says:

    I am not a 100% supporter of Fahie but I must admitt that he fights for what he believes is right for the people of the BVI. I admire that about him. Keep it up.

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  3. Former NDP supporter says:

    For the 6 months in office I think the Premier is doing well. They are those who want he and his team to do in a few months what they failed to do in 8yrs. I now support our Premier Fahie. With time I can see that he will do great things.

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  4. My take says:

    I agree with the Premier on his stand that he agrees that loans are needed but let’s get clarity about the conditions. Any wise leader will do this. The man wants to ensure that we the people of the BVI are given first preference and not intentionally left out.

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  5. vip heckler says:

    This still ain’t saying nothing. All i see he went on was a photo shooting spree.

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    • Smh says:

      @hacker have you ever googled the word hacker and hater? You’re confusing the two. Your a hater. They do good you hate. They do bad you’ll still hate. But if the Government fail so shall you!! It’s best to encourage our leaders. Write them, call them etc

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      • @smh says:

        But is there any gurantee they will pick up your call or answer your letter.

        • Anonymous says:

          From personal experience, some have have solicited the personal vote, received it, were sent important critical information by letter, and they never even bother to open the letter muchless read it.

          I wonder if they realize how deep and awful that pain feels?

          What a callous and horrible manner to treat your fellow citizen.

  6. Nice says:

    It will take some time but I habe confidence that the Premier will do what’s best for the people of the Virgin Islands.

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  7. Smoke says:

    All am asking , did he SIGN or not.?

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    • lol says:

      They probably hypnotized him while he was there…maybe doesn’t even know what he did and didn’t do. Same thing must have happened to Doc because that guy was clueless….

  8. Smoke says:


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    • Exactly! says:

      The supposed deadline right around the corner and we are yet to hear the details. I hope the Governor does the right thing and hold a press conference cause it looks like this VIP government afraid to hold any!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Probably sold out any hope of any type of autonomy or self regulation into the perpitutiy.

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  10. Retired says:

    I’m tired of reading news articles with no substance but lots of smiling photos. Please provide the public with the details of ‘negotiated’ loan guarantee, the role of the RDA and all the other recovery benefits pending with the UK.

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  11. VI Exit says:

    Did Andrew have them eating out of the palm of his hand also…..?

  12. Guarantee Grant says:

    I never understand why we get a Guarantee and everywhere else gets a grant? Please explain!

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