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Premier appeals to landlords, telecoms providers to show compassion during COVID-19

A section of Tortola. (BVI News photo)

Premier Andrew Fahie is urging landlords and telecommunications providers to show compassion and consideration towards tenants and customers during this coronavirus period.

The Premier made the appeal while expressing disappointment at some telecoms providers that have authorised service disconnections for residents who have been unable to pay their bills during the ongoing pandemic.

He said he has received numerous reports of disconnections from residents.

“We are asking all telecom companies during this lockdown period, which was before and now; please do not to cut the services of the people for non-payment … For those who have done it, please put the people’s phones back on. They couldn’t get out to pay because of the curfew,” Fahie said in an appeal to local telecommunications providers recently.

“Some of you have told me that it was an automated system that had it done. But then go and turn the automated system into standard and get the people phones back on because that is not right. And as a government, I can’t stand for that,” he further expressed.

Don’t evict your tenants

The Premier similarly appealed to landlords to be understanding towards their delinquent tenants who are experiencing hardship or whose lives have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Please don’t evict the tenants during this time because some persons were laid off, some persons haven’t been able to get to the bank,” Fahie said.

And while also calling on supermarkets not to participate in price gouging, the Premier argued that times of crisis should never be used as an opportunity to take advantage of persons who may be struggling.

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  1. Wow says:

    Maybe you could shot down the incinarator at doesn,t make sense to try to save us if we slowly dying from garbage burning

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    • VICKIE says:


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    • Click says:

      Absolutely no burning of garbage they are killing us in the west.

  2. Essential worker says:

    All rent should be deduct by at least $100 depending on how much your rent is so persons can stock up on food in this pandemic situation I sure can say food for those 2 weeks especially with kids at home, rent and a low income can be frustrating

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  3. The Oppressed says:

    The Premier postulated, “and while also calling on supermarkets not to participate in price gouging, times of crisis should never be used as an opportunity to take advantage of persons. ”

    Now the honorable, respectable and our current leader know that business management conscience will not respond to mere words.

    Moreover,the gentleman is fully aware that only lawful legislation with might and bite will curtail the unconscienable scourge of price gouging and exploitation of the masses and those who can least afford such economic terror.

    Canada in particular has powerful pieces of consumer protection for price gouging in place, with serious enforcement tools attached. The same must be done wherever people arebeing disadvantaged, the BVI.

    Hence, have your AG look into and model a piece legislation for the people of the BVI who have been, are and will continuue to be brutally brutalized by the greedy business practices of the business people.

    Enact priceing controls. Reduce or elliminate price gouging, legal thievery.

    You know the problem sir, you are now in position to fix it. Get it done for the people.

    Release them from the that suffering and scourge of legal thievery. Give them an opportunity to just live and not suffer. When youdo, they will repay you with high honor. That is the nature of the human spirit.

    So be bold; be brave; be fearless; be a warrior for the people. Give them a reprive from misery and economic oppression.

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  4. Diaspora says:

    The cost of living was sky high and skyrocketing before the roaring ashore of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic but the pandemic has exacerbated the situation. Tourism is a major employer in the BVI and many residents income may have been impacted by Covid-19. True, landlords, telecommunications companies, supermarkets, banks…….etc are not charitable organizations and are in business to turn a profit?

    Nonetheless, the BVI is facing a challenge that most residents have not experienced in their lifetimes; it is an uncertain and unprecedented time. Thus, it is a time for businesses to show some understanding and compassion in this difficult period. Customers have been there for businesses so it time for businesses to show some corporate social responsibility and be there for customers. Shame on any business(s) that employed price gouging during this difficult time. They should be put on blast, on the wall of shame and boycotted. Here is a news flash.

    Customers have memory like elephants and will remember who exploited them during their darkest hour and will take their business to businesses that stood with them during their darkest hour. And they should. For example, a food business in a nearby regional country is now out of business due to price gouging after a hurricane; customers boycotted the business out of business.

    Moreover, true businesses have their own obligations to meet but they can show some compassion. It is not going to bankrupt a business to turn a 35% profit instead of 50% profit. It is an open secret that businesses profit margins are highly inflated. Businesses will say me ah tell lie bout dem profit so prove dat lie me ah tell. Can the greed til after things stabilize; bunch ah greedy ba……s. Furthermore, just charge fair and reasonable prices all the time. BVI businesses need a strong dose of competition, for nothing cause a business to fly right like a strong dose of competition.

    • Friend says:

      Stop buying expensive hair. You SHOULD save your money for times like this. You don’t have rent money get out the people house.

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