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Premier attending Caribbean hotel summit in US

Premier Andrew Fahie sits stage-centre at the ongoing Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit in the United States.

Premier Andrew Fahie is currently attending an overseas tourism-related summit that is expected to produce benefits for the territory.

The Premier is at the three-day Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit (CHRIS) in Miami, Florida.

A media release from government said the summit, which is more than a decade old, presents the Premier the opportunity to generate productive exchanges and partnerships with financers and investment executives and could see the prospects of more job opportunities being created for BVI residents.

Premier Fahie will also meet with various heads of government from the US Virgin Islands and Saint Martin to conduct discussions.

The event is considered to be one of the Caribbean’s most notable hotel investment conference with more than 30 percent of the attendees’ being chief executives, presidents, or owners of top companies.

The summit ends today May 23.

While Premier Fahie is away, Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley will be acting as leader of government business.

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  1. vip heckler says:

    He is the new travelling man

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  2. lol says:

    He done pass kedric with frequent flyer miles

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  3. Great says:

    Premier we are so proud of you

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  4. Travel junkie says:

    How many trips is this in total? Not even three full months yet and gone to Guadeloupe, UK, Nicaragua, and more. What will the BVI really receive out of the thousands being spent on travel?

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  5. Well sah says:

    more trips than donald trump and actually spending more than we are making right now

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  6. BVIslander, Brooklyn says:

    Mr.Premier, when are you comming to New York on business, would love for you to visit Brooklyn.

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    • Boogie Down Bronx says:

      That would be great if the Premier can make a trip to Brooklyn for the Labor Day Caribbean Parade. Why not, the majority of leaders from the Caribbean is in Brooklyn for Labor Day.

  7. Just Ice says:

    I thought he was supposed to be in VG tonight…

  8. Stylish says:

    I would like to see better suits made for our Premier , after all he is the ultimate representation and perhaps a little shoe polish . He is a brilliant man and we want him to look his best !

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    • vip heckler says:

      This man look like he is running a one man show. What happen to the other ministers, they cant travel too?

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      • To vip keckler says:

        What an un-researched comment. The other Ministers also do their official travel. Also you cannot fix the BVI unless you get around the table abroad. Premier keep up the good work.

    • Yes says:

      I agree, just look how the other men are tailored he really can do better.

  9. I was thinking the same thing says:

    Yes Premier, no disrespect, but it is time to have some new suits tailored made to issue a better fit. You are representing us and you have to look your best at all times.

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    • Gieves and Hawkes says:

      Maybe he could eat a couple less hamburgers.

      Not a good example in this diabetes ridden country.

  10. Backward< says:

    I think they want to get BWI Airway so they can hang out some more down the Leeward Islands. “Dis Iz Weez, I going ride 1st class every time if we get it back..

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  11. My take says:

    The amount of stupid post on this about the Leader of a country travelling to get better for the country is totally out of ignorance. Some of the people in the BVI do not need representing only drowning.

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  12. One thing says:

    Our Premier should be commended that a panel of this high quality requested of the Premier of the BVI to be part of this panel. This makes me proud of our Premier.

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  13. Not says:

    Please don’t give him suit ideas ,next thing he bring in Calvin Klein to be his personal ….

  14. Hmm !! says:

    Are you serious?? Calvin Klein don’t carry those yuge s***s. A Chinese company would work.

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