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Premier calls for locals to invest in tourism

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley

On the heels of the announcement that local developers JOMA Properties Ltd will be building a new hotel in Port Purcell, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has called for more locals to invest in the BVI’s tourism industry.

The Premier said the BVI economy is doing well but some just aren’t in a position to benefit from the success. He added that the territory’s tourism is projected to continue seeing growth, hence the reason why residents should invest in the industry.

“I think it sets an excellent example when one of our very own successful investors steps outside their comfort zone and invests in tourism. I would hope and wish other investors in the BVI take a similar approach because tourism will continue to grow — we had our second-largest number in history in 2023 and we will surpass that in 2024. The numbers will continue to grow and we have to ensure we are well positioned to benefit from that growth,” the Premier stated.

He also said locals should note that the same benefits and incentives given to foreign investors are available to them.

Opposition spokesperson on Tourism Myron Walwyn has been hammering the government to seek new investors for tourism, like the BVI’s neighbours in the Eastern Caribbean, which Walwyn says continue to attract new investments.

But on Monday March 25, the Premier said he continues to receive calls from many foreign investors who are interested in investing in the territory.

“We have a number of investors from all over the world who are knocking on our doors and saying we believe in the BVI, we want to invest in the BVI,” Premier Wheatley said.


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  1. Salty Fish says:

    What good economy? What tourism plan? This guy talks so much $hit! Please people, can we remove him? Can we not remove all of them?!!

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    • My Two Cent says:

      I find nothing the premier said is wrong. yall want too much hands out, shut up and get out there! it is sicking to see the premier have to come on here to tell yall get in tourism when you see millions of passengers coming in each year, 30k+ residents can not keep any of your small business afloat much less pay a bill. Make sure what you get into is tourism product that if you are on vacation it is something you would eat, do or buy!!

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      • Anonymous says:

        When I think of investments I think of stock or bonds. I don’t think of items that I would have to sell to tourist at the chance they’d buy or not or if I’d see a return on my investment on said items. Locals need to make profit or else they wouldn’t be able to pay bills. Clearly the island relies too much on tourism and needs to find other ways to make money.

      • @my two cents says:

        The only time he know about handout is election day?

  2. Don't mind he says:

    To be knocked about and given the runaround???

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    • SMH says:


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  3. ................ says:

    Each and every day I dislike this man more and more!

    Although, I will admit, that from time to time, I wish I could leave my reality and join his delusional world of nonsense once in a while.

    I am not optimistic, but I am hoping this raising tide of extreme dislike for your despotic dictatorship will soon bring your time at the helm of our Country to a quick (but peaceful) end!

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  4. Reality Check says:

    Untill you clean out Labour and Immigration none of us want to invest in what will likely be labour intensive businesses. Work permits and Immigration permission is so abysmally slow and mind-numbingly painful that the last thing I want to invest in is anything having to do with hospitality. Much more lucrative to just invest in the market and vicariously enjoy the chaos this government is causing reading the news sites!!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    How about the Premier invest his own money into it. Or does he just want local investment so he can somehow get a cut of it.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    You gotta be crazy to openly invest into something and see no return on your investment. That’s not called investment that’s called donations.

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  7. Fresh water says:

    And sewage , smooth roads ,the hedy perfume of the dump fire the not so distant sound of gunfire PARADISE

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  8. Youths deh man says:

    Yall need to invest in the youths!

    not just in jobs but mentorship

    after school activities etc

    create hobbies for the youths.

    Give them something to do. Idle hands are the devil tools.

    The next generation is looking very hostile we need to start now and not later. Later will be too late

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  9. Sana says:

    Please do invest in making tourism better. Start with eliminating half of the cruise ships coming in. Then people who spend money will come back.

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  10. maria louisa varlack says:

    i thought the king and queen of england scotland wales and ireland were helping the bvi. i thought the uk prime minister was helping the bvi. i thought the uk parliament was better for bvi islanders. i thought that the uk politicians was helping people in the bvi. there is nothing in the bvi but but drugs gun crime and mental emotional and psychological illness. where are bvi islanders going to go for help when the bvi become independent?

  11. Foolish says:

    Ask hotels, and charter companies. We are not having a good year and did not last year either. Where are you getting your info from Mr. so called leader? Not from local businesses who made investments here. The cruise ship numbers are up and that is what is killing us. Over night visitors who spend don’t want to be around cruise ship people so they are staying away. Wake up you foolish man.

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    • Foolish - yep says:

      Too many cruise ship people over running places like the Baths.
      My Villa rentals are still lower than before Covid…and way lower than before Irma.
      If locals want to invest in tourism, just vote for someone else besides this clown!

  12. ISLM says:

    @My Two Cent you are jut as bad as him.

  13. What? says:

    But let’s be serious. We really don’t want investment, We treat people awful. Ask any of the charter boat companies how they get treated by Ministry of finance and Customs. It will make you cry. Charterboat industry is the lifeblood of our touirism economy. This is a fact. boating is #1 here. And if you go by how they get treted you will know this is more Sow%$#@ horsetalk.

  14. BuzzBvi says:

    Ha ha. Until they see the Trade and Busineas Acts now in place, and then the pool of workers they are forced to use and the now nearly non existent infrastructure of roads, waste treatment, water supply, energy, agriculture, fisheries, and that isbbefore theyblookbup and seen the deeadful

  15. BuzzBvi says:

    Ha ha. Until they see the Trade and Busineas Acts now in place, and then the pool of workers they are forced to use and the now nearly non existent infrastructure of roads, waste treatment, water supply, energy, agriculture, fisheries, and that is before they look up and see the dreadful, garbage everywhere, derelict vehicles piled up, rotting container parks half submerged boats. Thwn they will go elsewhere and leave us to our rotting Government Hulks like Prospect Reef the Admin building, falling down schools, empty colllege library shelves, the pier park docks, salt island pier, greenhouse landnin Paraquita and South Sound, the Old Peoples waste land in Spooners, West End Port of Entry disgrace, Trellis ferry departure hell to Virgin Gorda, Marks Car Park, Sir Ruperts Hall…. Investors are long go

  16. transoarency says:

    where was the notice for bids for this project?

  17. @ MARIA VARLACK says:


  18. my2cents says:

    Premier we don’t want to do all that, we want ready made. We just want jobs with good salary and places to go spend on entertainment while we pay bills and buy food & clothes. Affordable prices and jobs that’s what we want. We don’t want to create and build anything.

    • $2 for 2cents says:

      this place above haiti from tourism and finance. without that we done. they require infrastructure, investment, renewal. u get zero jobs and biz on these barren rocks without that. just ask your gg bout things in 60’s . facts.

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