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Premier confirms: $2M paid in VG land acquisition for Port Authority

Premier Andrew Fahie

The government has disclosed that it spent $2 million on behalf of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) to secure land which is expected to serve as a newly designated area for passengers in Virgin Gorda to access ferry services.

The land, which is located on two separate parcels, was purchased from Dwite and Paola Flax and the purchase price was determined on the basis of an appraisal conducted by Smiths Gore.

In a release issued late last year, the BVIPA said the purchase of the land is “to expand the Virgin Gorda port facility by separating the cargo and passenger ports.”

Recipe for disaster

According to Premier Andrew Fahie, having both facilities in one location poses a significant danger to all users, especially users of the ferry boat services. 

He said: “Having cargo and passengers use the same dock at the same time is a recipe for disaster.”

Previous attempts to undertake the matter yielded no results, the Premier added.

Fahie said the land is being purchased through an instalment plan but could not confirm whether the final payment had been made for the purchase of the property.

The leader of government business further said it is envisioned that the passenger ferry service will be relocated to the area of the land purchase located in the Valley, Virgin Gorda.

However, before this can be realised, he acknowledged that some amount of preparatory work will be required.

Road Town property also acquired

Meanwhile, the BVIPA also acquired a building in the heart of the capital city of Road Town.

The building, which is adjacent to the Olva Georges Plaza on Waterfront Drive, was acquired from DeCastro Enterprises Limited for $500,000.

Premier Fahie did not disclose the reason for the purchase of the building and said he was only told by the BVIPA of the property purchases after they had been made.


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  1. Hick ....Bottom says:

    I wonder which real estate agency handled this transaction?

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  2. VI GYAL says:

    so Port went from broke to $$$$$ overnight.

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  3. Bevis has an open checkbook says:

    “Premier Fahie did not disclose the reason for the purchase of the building and said he was only told by the BVIPA of the property purchases after they had been made..”

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  4. Well sah says:

    All while sewerage running on the streets, school children can’t get to online class, people vehicle jumping down and up in potholes. Well may boy we in trouble in this place

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  5. 1st district says:

    This maths teacher should be held accountable for every dime misspent in that farmers/fishermen stimulus. He is c*****t and should step down. Despicable!!

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  6. Wait says:

    Envisioned? A possibility? That does not sound right.

  7. heckler says:

    This one man gang and his wrecking crew are wreaking havoc on this country

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  8. COI says:

    Please investigate. The Premier allegedly has interest in a local realtor company.

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  9. 2CENT says:

    Now Hon. P lawd have mercy you all just doing a bunch of madness with this one!! come on this specific purchase for what you are making mention of is utter rubbish you all need to speak to the community before some of these ventures!

  10. ReX FeRaL says:

    How does a government body spend $5000,000.00 and the Minister of finance does not know until after the fact?

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  11. VG says:

    poor location for a ferry terminal, no parking, in any swells the boats cant come in.
    again a purchase and plan from non experts

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  12. Hmmm says:

    Wow, Port really running roughshod over us. Every time you ask Fahie, he never know, and the Port is under his portfolio. Not only that, it is owned by Govt. Not forgetting who the Chairman is.

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  13. ??? says:

    500,000 for a Match Box.?

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  14. wow says:

    Not sure if this bunch is corrupt or incompetent; but its definitely one of the two.

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  15. awa says:

    And a lot of you don’t want the UK to take over, they need to take over for at least a year and then have a new election if that doesn’t happen we are in a lot of trouble with this government

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  16. Election Time says:


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    • To Election Time says:

      Time will prove that all of this attack on the VIP will fail because the real and only truth will prevail.

  17. Climbing Jacob's Ladder says:

    There will be no old candidates to run for election. They all will be in jail for how they spent their $350,000, including the one for the pastor who built the Jacob’s Ladder road from taxpayers’ money.
    Their greed has come to haunt them.
    I think the people are now saying “Thanks to Cindy for exposing them. People joining her 13-gang women’s party.
    Not me, them wouldn’t make me wear women’s bloomers next.

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