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Premier debunks claims gov’t paying barges $17K per day for border security assistance

Premier Andrew Fahie has refuted claims that his administration is spending exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars to barge operators to assist in border security.

Government recently procured the services of these operators who are able to use their radar equipment to assist in detecting smuggling activity as it happens.

Opposition legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull said during a recent press conference that he received information which indicates that government was paying nearly $20,000 per day for each barge.

“The government will soon issue a statement on this initiative with the facts,” Premier Fahie told BVI News in an invited comment on Wednesday, September 2.

“It is a sensitive issue seeing that it involves security details. However it is safe to assure the public that the statement made in the public domain of government spending $17,000 for one barge daily is totally false and irresponsible,” he added.

Real cost roughly a third of the alleged one?

Fahie’s response also follows statements from government consultant Claude Skelton Cline who weighed in on the issue via his Honestly Speaking radio programme on Tuesday.

Skelton-Cline said the information he received is contrary to what Turnbull said.

“First of all, the information that was disseminated is incorrect … That is just not true. I made an inquiry on both sides of the private and the public sector as it relates to what’s going on and what has been shared with me is that there are three barges on the water that is designed to help with the breach that now has the country upside down and each of those barges including the fuel and the crew is $4,500 per barge [daily],” the government consultant said.

He continued: “But I want to go a step further, what if it was costing $25,000 a day but it was doing the job that we need most now which has to do with securing our borders? We know for a fact that our borders has always been porous. We have known for years we need coast guards, we need to beef up our border patrols. It’s not new but the chicken has come home to roost given this COVID-19 stuff.”

Skelton Cline further said these questions surrounding the cost for barge services should be asked in the House of Assembly for the government to respond.

“They [government] have to say exactly how much things are costing. But when we come out here and we make misrepresentations, and we make comments that are not true, it further puts the country in a state of chaos. It puts us against each other for no reason,” he stated.

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  1. Duty Paid says:

    What’s the status of the Whistleblower Law we were promised?

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  2. vip heckler says:

    When will this gravy train halt? Cronies are given fat contracts so that the money can trickle down to the politicians

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  3. Styles says:

    Hi Andy Foi

    You now state: we know for a fact that our borders have always been porous.

    So why only did you start patrolling in the last few days?

    Sir, you really need to do a thorough deep self reflection exercise. Because this is absolutely laughable.

    Always just responding, never anticipating.

    Be a leader. And not just a stubborn one please.

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  4. Lmao says:

    Talk that talk tola.I knew all along my gov is not that ridiculous to pay all that money per day per barge. Mitch just trying to remain relevant. How can you get on a public forum as a minister without knowing facts and spread such lies? It just shows how **** you are Mitch. You are young politician with a d***y mind. That will get you no where. You Probably thought you would have scored brownie points but in turn you made yourself look like a ****. If I was the premier I would not give no update. When NDP was doing the same no one dared to say anything. Cline you are right. They could make a man get kill buddy. Spreading lies on them barges. Look what envy can do . Hmm

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  5. Soooo says:

    So the Royal Navy was free and this ***** say what he is paying from the Government coffers is ok while people starve. The man has lost [it]. Second, there isn’t a barge or boat in the Territory that would go out for $4500 a day. That money to pay for the boat, fuel and crew. Where do I find these boats and their captains. I want to start a transportation business. Foy you’re a …

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  6. @Dirty Paid says:

    They will never allow a Whistle Blower law to be put in place. Maybe when a pig grow wings and soar in the skies like a bird.

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  7. Ha says:

    They fix it up after it got out. Setta teed. Are we rotating badges so that ecerybody eats?

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  8. LB says:

    But for some reason he still refused to tell us what the actual cost is. Mitch said nearly $20k but more like $17k a day. CSC said $13.5k a day. So somewhere between $500k a month for 3 months (but just like CSC and the lady in Tourist Board we know this contacts just continue to roll over once they end). $1.5 million going to people who have you money for your campaign. But we just dumb it seems. So you feed us bulls**t.

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  9. Windy says:

    Got to cover the under the table pay offs

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  10. WTF says:

    Yachts offered at $5k/WEEK!

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    • Lol says:

      You think you going get immigration and police officers bobbing around on yachts 24/7 you must think those guys are seamen …get real you clearly don’t even know the people you dealing with . And how far can you see from the deck of a yacht ? Basic navigation systems too …please stop talking what you don’t know .

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  11. WTF says:

    Yachts offered at $5/WEEK!

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  12. Debunk? says:

    Think you mean “denies”. Debunking requires evidence of which we have none.

  13. Local girl says:

    All ah you hot exactly what you all wanted, now ah you bitching and griping, I don’t feel for none of you,even in my church I will watch them all starve, set of deplorables.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Pure f***ries far as I concern ???

  15. HonestTruth says:

    Never mind the cost of the barge, it could be free and it would still be an utter waste of time.

    How about investing in another marine police boat or two and employing officers who aren’t tied in with local gangs? Oh that’s right, there are revenue streams that need safeguarding. We all know how officialdom roles here.

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  16. @Styles says:

    Your feelings are so hurt that your ndp team is not in there squandering the money. So much style and crying like a child.

    NDP not getting back in there as long as the brown bomber got the helm so go take a nap.

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  17. @ Debunk says:

    First thing I said

  18. @ Windy says:

    Cline checks in with the office regularly…that vehicle there in plain sight

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  19. Am a vip says:

    And it’s true he need stop lie now man is sickening. All of them is the dam same the wuk for the evil ones

  20. Lol says:

    Don’t give yourselves heart attacks. If it’s wrong and God deem its wrong then the gov will pay for it in some way or another. God does not sleep. Leave it to him and stop getting you all selves worked up. At the end of the day the owners will still get paid . Plus it doesn’t seem fair. I have seen it done with the previous gov to one particular family for years! Lmoa. ?

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  21. Deh Watcha says:

    It seems the only or easiest way to get information from this government is to start a rumour.

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  22. Employment says:

    Support locally owned companies! These shipping companies employs a lot of people . The Money trickle down .
    And what shipping family was giving free food to its community in the lockdown…Mitch family ???
    Ayo sit down and hush ya sk**t

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  23. Doh says:

    Thank you for the contract. My barge crew and boat makes more per day now, not moving.

    My crew is drinking, sunning, and swimming every day, we are living well thank you.

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  24. @employment says:

    It’s bad minded them bad minded.These are the few locals in the BVI who sit around and add up what another man is making and if they deem it to much then they spread rumors and hate. I say it a disease they have and they better be careful they don’t get heart attacks according to “lol”. I to have seen it done with the previous gov. I am not to sure what is the problem here? Just bad minded them bad minded. Watching other people financial gain. I think it’s fair to say , those barges still get paid with or without Gov contracts!

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  25. Bad boy says:

    The uk navy was free

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