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Premier defends COVID measures: ‘Can’t make money if you’re dead!’

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has fired back at critics who believe the government has sacrificed the economy in its fight against COVID-19, saying money is useless to an unhealthy population.

“There are those in our society who want to play down the work that this government is doing and still doing for coronavirus … But I want to say that if you’re not alive, you can’t make money, and if you’re not healthy, you can’t enjoy the money. And if you don’t thank God, nothing is possible. This government has been doing all three for the people and working on the economy,” Fahie said on October 12 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Road Town Market Square.

As the BVI has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at this time, Fahie said the Health Minister and healthcare workers should be commended for “conquering coronavirus up to this time”.

“That is important. While there are those who want to make it seem like nothing, that is important!” Fahie expressed.

The BVI has been under multiple curfews for some nine months as the government worked to control the outbreak of COVID-19 which, to date, has affected over 70 persons and claimed one life.

The shutdown of the territory has put a strain on the economy as the movement of people is curtailed to stop the spread of the virus in the community.

The BVI will officially reopen to tourists on December 1 but sections of the public have openly criticised the government for the lengthy shutdown of the territory’s borders. Some have also scoffed at the numerous curfews which limit movement of the public, especially at night time.

Critics have advocated for a sooner reopening of the territory with strict safety protocols to prevent the importation of coronavirus.

In response, Premier Fahie has stated that his government is taking best practices from countries around the world in order to control the threat of COVID-19.

Without giving figures, he has stated that the BVI’s economy is performing well given the circumstances but promised that curfews will continue until the public learns to diligently practice safety measures to control COVID-19.

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  1. Rolling my eyes says:

    Here comes the usual fear mongering because the government did not have the ability to manage the health and economic imperatives. Have you thought about the other health issues that were brought on by the lack of proper management of the effects of the virus?

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    • You starve if you cannot eat says:

      I would rather die from Covid then from hunger..what kind of a leader is this man?!

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      • Well says:

        Go live in America… not here. Some people have no self control, they live like animals in the wild, with no regards for anyone ‘just their stomach’.

    • The Truth says:

      How is America and the UK handling it?

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      • Soothsayer says:

        If the Test works – Why the False Positives?
        If the Masks work – Why the Six Feet?
        If the Six Feet works – Why the Masks?
        If all Three work – Why the Lockdown?
        If All Four work – Why the Vaccine?
        If the Vaccine is Safe – Why the No Liability Clause?

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      • Hanno says:

        I think you may have intended to write “How ARE America and the UK handling it?”.
        You are welcome.

    • Wow says:

      This man speak just like. D****tor talking to his s***id minions. He has no concern for your health, safety and welfare. Only his own, family and cronies that are helping him s****. Keeping the Territory closed keeps watching over him very difficult. His objective is keep the Territory locked down so nobody sees his c*****d deals and his mal*******e. He is a true c****nal that should be brought before The Hague for f*****ial cr***s against the people. You voted with pos into office. Now it’s time he leaves in h******fs.

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      • Why says:

        Why does BVINews block words. These are words in any dictionary in the English speaking world. Is BVINews an extension of the Foy’s misdeeds that they won’t let people say their mind. BVINews write the articles but don’t censor the responses. People should be heard.

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        • Jonathan Smith says:

          It is really quite simple: defamation, libel, slander… its BVI News that would get sued not you. Of course you are free to post your comments on social media, an open letter or even write a letter to whom it may concern signed with your real name in all cases, if you feel the need to be heard.

          • Really says:

            Ever hear of freedom of speech. If what you say is true, half of the US and all of the BVI would be libel and being sued by Trump. This is just plain censorship by BVINews

    • Fahie says:

      Looks like he is eating at least 3 full meals a day..with deserts

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      • @Fahie says:

        Quite frankly I’m amazed he’s able to get into his fancy government vehicle. Definitely no room for the bodyguards and him.

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  2. Lead by example says:

    How about you out yourself in the same position that you’re making everyone else. Try living 3 months on $1000 per month, then nothing. Then let’s here you talk about not needing money if you’re dead.

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  3. Clearly says:

    Clearly now all the other Caribbean countries that went ahead and reopen for tourist without strict measures and no quarentine are now experiencing major out breaks so while I do not always agree with the Premier I have come to trust his judgement.

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    • facts says:

      Major outbreaks of 10? These countries have 1/4 million people or more as a population, its not a major outbreak it a few and even when we open we will get them ,no matter what is put in place.

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    • Ur wrong. Speak for yourself. says:

      A lot of us will die if we don’t make money and make money soon, can’t pay bills, can’t buy food, can’t see the Doctor. Mr. Premier it’s really tuff for a lot of us out here. Try and understand,. Maybe because you and your people doing well, you don’t believe it’s really ruff for a lot of people…Come on, open the place up.. Stop throwing up your hands..Quit waving your White flag…Be a leader. B positive.

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    • Tongue Fu says:


      What countries?

      Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica, SVG have all opened with limited quarantine requirements and zero spikes.

      Why are we locking down for a virus that has a mortality rate of less than 3%? We need to come up with the safety protocols and open up the place as loss of livelihood will eventually affect your healtH. Think about this. Unemployed, cannot pay the rent/ pay bills/ buy groceries or healthy foods now under severe pressure that can lead to chronic hypertension, diabetes, etc. However you cannot afford to go to a decent doctor.

      Digest that for while.

      What we are doing will cause more damage than Corona itself.

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    • IHOP says:

      I don’t agree with everything no person would but he is right judgement I truly believe that we was affected with this virus very light we are truly blessed

  4. Lol says:

    And we would be dead without money. Hence, that’s why we are asking for you to find a middle ground.

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  5. Fahie must go now says:

    Ppl understand what you are saying
    But you failed to realize ppl will die of hunger at the same time
    Coronavirus isn’t going anywhere but you fail again to realize that
    You are not listening to we the ppl all you cared about is yourself
    It’s eight months now the economy is closed
    Don’t you think it’s about time you stop your nonsense and listen to the ppl

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  6. SMI says:

    You have done good for the control but now is the time to move on, you had a lot of time to put things in place. You are going to take the BVI down if you don’t get on with the opening.

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  7. deathknell says:

    “But I want to say that if you’re not alive, you can’t make money, and if you’re not healthy, you can’t enjoy the money. And if you don’t thank God, nothing is possible.”

    1. yeah, but not many people die from it
    2. open for debate
    3. this is simply false

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  8. vip heckler says:

    We need a leader who will attract more revenue than what he spends. Unfortunately this individual does not have those characteristics

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  9. hugo foy says:

    “If a man kill heself trying to save heself he still end up friggin heself”

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  10. it's obvious now says:

    The VIP has no plans whatsoever

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  11. Anonymous says:


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    • Concerned says:

      And the only Death is due to fault of the H*****-A**********. She came to the Hospital several times and was turned away. So now VIP killing the Economy. Plenty of Rentals are already empty and no people to rent them to, so Citizens will lose properties to the banks. Hotels and Villa’s have not recovered from Irma yet and now VIP giving them the next deadly blow. Shame on you the Government, you are all eating well and don’t care about the rest of we.

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  12. Lol says:

    Mugabe’s way or the highway. No discussion, no debate, no consultation. Eat them out, hear them out, vote them out.

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    • Dog says:

      Dear Leader doesn’t care about the economic implications as that’s how socialists work. The concerns of private industry and capitalistic ventures are of no concern to the government. They pander to the lowest class of citizen and use fear, doubt, and strong arm tactics to manipulate and control. Sound familiar? All for the “good of the country?”

      They shun outside assistance from Western nations except from fellow socialist nations. Cuban doctors? No U.K. help? This is right out of the pages of the socialist handbook on how to destroy a nation.

      Watch after reopening how fast we will be closed yet again when our Covid numbers jump to 5 people. That will end and put the final nail into the coffin of the tourism sector.

      Then the real panic sets in and you will see a leader grasping for control. Desperate measures on his part to control us the population will result in the loss of freedoms yet unseen. Be ready.

      Carry on. The marines are coming

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  13. BVIlander says:

    Lord………… when election coming?

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  14. Ok then says:

    Foy love bacanal every thing fire back on. Strupes

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  15. Separation of church and state says:

    “But I want to say that if you’re not alive, you can’t make money, and if you’re not healthy, you can’t enjoy the money. And if you don’t thank God, nothing is possible”

    Dear Andy Foy

    Do you know that there is a separation of church and state by law? So do you know you can’t make such claims on god as premier of a country? You are perhaps confused with your big buddy Skelton Cline who is a church person.

    By the way, “if you are not healthy” look at your body… what do you do for your health other than locking up the country>

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  16. Best practices? says:

    Foy says he is using best practices of other countries… When have you heard any other country adopting this double test and four day quarantine approach?

    Or where have you heard that you have to test before BOOKING a flight?

    This Foy guy is completely de******al.

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  17. Ning says:

    Don’t mind the Honourable Premier. If he was not feeling the pressure from multiple people talking logic and sense to him he would not be speaking out to scare the people. Unfortunately his reaction seems to be to turn a blind eye and systematically take out those that speak their minds suggesting things for the benefit of the country. Because after all, it seems that those individuals are deemed to be a threat to his dictatorial ideals rather than seeing that they love the country as much (if not more) than he does.

    We the people need to keep our voices heard and keep the pressure on as it is my sincere hope that the Premier will take a long hard look in the mirror and at very least listen, and consider the fact that he needs to meet the business community half way.

    This is not an ant-Government blog, this is written in hope that the Premier will listen to all sides and not just his selected few that have more personal, than country interests at heart!

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  18. WTF? says:

    So COVID = Death? So what about the cancers and other illnesses being caused by the processed food that is being sold legally by our supermarkets? If the Governments really cared about health they would put out the statistics on how many people are seriously ill or have died as a result of their lifestyle and products being sold to us for consumption. The level of fear mongering is ridiculous now and this has nothing to do with health and wellness.

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    • LOL says:

      Concerned about the health of our citizens then you would have stopped poisening people with your smoke from the incinerator and open burning in Pockwood Pond.

  19. Over Covid says:

    WHO recently released an advisory that lockdowns should not be used as a means of Covid-19 control but merely a stop gap/buy time scenario in targeted areas.
    Shutting an economy does not work. The poverty and economic chaos that follow does more harm than good.
    Shutting businesses does not work!
    The virus isn’t going away so to keep doing the same thing over and over is pointless.
    Keep social distancing and masks in place end enforce rules in areas where you know the regulations are being flouted.
    (Target your resources)
    Protocols for border entry should have been in place before the opening date was announced. Now the BVI just looks plain silly and disorganized. I’m embarrassed for the BVI!
    Protect the vulnerable, (Mr. Fahie – you are in that group – and therein lies the problem) but allow others to support themselves and their staff.
    Oh- still no stimulus checks received here either !
    And no god is going to pay my bills so just stop the god talk while being a politician.

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  20. Lolllllllllll says:

    “Without giving figures, he has stated that the BVI’s economy is performing well given the circumstances but promised that curfews will continue until the public learns to diligently practice safety measures to control COVID-19.”

    Parent to child: “Stay in that corner until you learn to behave yourself”

    This is what it really is … CONTROL …

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  21. Stop it. OMG. No one will die says:

    This is not good or motivational.. This kind of language is dark, negative and without optimism… The ultimate control by the fear game…I’m positive. No one will die..

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  22. Guest says:

    Can’t be alive wearing masks 24/7 you’ll killing us faster.

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  23. Clown says:

    Covid survival rate is in the high 90’s, stop leading the people astray

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  24. Derek B says:

    World Heath Organization does NOT recommend quarantines or shutdowns. Getting Covid-19 is not a death sentence for 99.9% of people that get it.
    Follow Sweden and open up.

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  25. real says:

    The thing I would say is that the BVI should be opne to smaler island natiomsof the Caribbean NOW to get all the protocols done properly.

    Now December 1st letting everyone in is a big risk the USA is rife but so is the DR and suddenly these people can fly here, this is wrong.

    Yes it will bring things to a halt for the US market but thats the reality of this virus, the whole of Europe , Asia, Middle East and all of Americas are striggling to stem the spread of the virus and you want these people here?

    We might need them but we need to introduce shielding and other methods of protecting vunreable citizens , all the protocols they want in place why bother coming on holiday???

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  26. Jay says:

    Ok but sir you also cannot eat if you have no money. So where is the balance?

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  27. Told You So says:

    I told you all A few months back that:-
    will be worse than

    Now here we are with the Premier chatting nonsense. People are starving. Children are hungry. But no real and definitive plans from our government. But we wanted the VIP to rule so let the rule and you all keep just hush. This is what we get for doing bulls**t at the polls.

  28. Trauma says:

    Mental Health illness off the charts, people in Dire need of the basic human needs,Poverty Skyrocketing Homelessness looming.Lockdown is not going to cut it ,Joblessness is the new reality of many.

  29. Common Sense says:

    Money is useless to an unhealthy population? Since when? Does health not cost anything? This guy is brainless.

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