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Premier denies impropriety in barge contract, stimulus grants

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has insisted there has been no impropriety on his part in granting a contract to EZ Shipping to host the government’s radar equipment and assist in detecting smuggling activity in the BVI’s territorial waters.

The government was heavily criticised after it was discovered the BVI government racked up a $360,000 bill for two barges it hired to secure local sea borders by serving as radar platforms from December 23, 2020, to January 22, 2021.

“I can tell the people of the Virgin Islands; not a dime from any stimulus or any barge or anything is in my bank account,” the Premier said in a weekend interview with ZBVI.

Stimulus grants went to unemployment benefits

Premier Fahie said whatever his government did was to the benefit of the people of the BVI.

The Premier also denied suggestions that the stimulus funds his government distributed did not hit their intended target.

Recent audit reports done from the Auditor General and the government’s internal auditor have shown significant discrepancies in the distribution of COVID-19 assistance grants to farmers and fisherfolk as well as grants to small and medium-sized businesses that applied for COVID-19 relief.

But according to the Premier — contrary to those suggestions that the $40 million-plus distributed as stimulus “didn’t reach to the people”, most of these funds had gone to unemployment benefits and National Health Insurance (NHI).

No saviour coming from the sky

He said the public is being given the impression through what he described as ‘public relations’ that elected officials cannot be trusted.

“Some of our people actually buy into these things because they actually feel that [elected officials] are no good,” the Premier suggested.

He noted that while persons are free to disagree with certain laws in the territory, other countries also have similar challenges as the BVI.

“What challenges [do other places] have that we don’t have? What success stories [do other places] have that we don’t’ have? We have to start to believe in ourselves. If you feel that one person isn’t doing a job good, well then let’s replace them with some of our own people,” he stated.

He said persons should “believe in our people” and stop thinking that a saviour will come from the sky to save persons in the BVI.

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  1. Rooster says:

    No comment needed. The fowls have already come home to roost.

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    • 007 says:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Joseph Goebbels

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    • BVINews says:

      BVINEWS is taking down posted comments. Did the Foy call you up and threaten you? Nice to see that the comment taken down was the truth otherwise no need to remove it. BVINEWS succumbs to bullying. We will pass this move of yours throughout other media sources so they know what you do.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Lol slander and libel is real. Lawsuits are real. $15,000 ain’t much but when you have to pay that because a “blogger who was too cowardly to put their real name made a comment on your site that’s too much. The news sites are the ones that are forced to pay unfortunately…

    • let down says:

      For a moment there I thought Fahie finally understood how democracy worked when he said “If you feel that one person isn’t doing a job good, well then let’s replace them,…..” but then he finished by adding ” with some of our own people,”

  2. Belonger says:

    Mr. Premier, as the leader of this territory your main responsibility is good governance. It’s not about you and your personal affairs.
    Not because the money didn’t go into your bank account means that you are absolved.
    If you really believe that’s where your responsibility stops it means that you are very naive and therefore is not capable of leading us.

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  3. o boy says:

    It would have been better to don’t say nothing than spewing rubbish to big people

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    The stories did not come from public relations.

    They came from the country’s auditors whose job is to watch how taxpayers money is spent and that correct protocols were followed.

    It is entirely evident that the Fahie government failed to follow proper procedure and obstructed the auditors in their job of looking after taxpayers interests.

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  5. Tiffany says:

    Andrew,we waiting on The List you promise a long enough time ago.
    Andrew your words are but comfort to fools.
    You are a victim of your own falsehoods.
    You say that none of the stimulus moneys will be found in your bank account.I believe you. It can be found in that of your family friends and loyal for a price voters. Nothing visible in Dustrict 1 demonstrates a caring Rep
    I wish you the best but also justice must be served.

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    • @ Tiffany says:

      You ain’t lying! Have not seen anything of great significance in D1 since 1999. Oh I forget; a big pile of dirt in front of the West End Police Station and the kick-back bathroom by the park! What a shame!

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      • Plots says:

        Haven’t two plots been developed close to B** B**’s.?

        Lots of big boys toys on them.

        Who rents them ? Who owns them?



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  7. PT9 says:

    Andrew Fahie While the place is hurting you choose to spend $360,000 on border patrol for one month when the UK offered a ship to do the same thing for free. Whatever you did was to benefit your friends and your strong supporters. He said the public is being given the impression through what he described as ‘public relations’ that elected officials cannot be trusted. We use to think so but since the COI we know you can’t be trusted. You are not even good at coving your tracks. How can one explain turning down a free offer and turn around and spend $360,000 for the something.

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    • 007 says:

      The National security council recommended fixed shore based radars that would have cost less than renting the barges. And been permanent. Smith and Fahie overrode this recommendation and went ahead with the barge contract without other members of the NSC being aware of it.


  8. Lodger says:

    Just as multiple covid deaths are showing that the virus is real and deadly, finally persuading the anti vaccers to get on board, so the COI is showing the faithful what a lot of shenanigans been going on in our government.

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  9. hmm says:

    This man swear we stupid… I think he think if he say nothing wrong happen enough times the story gonna be that nothing wrong happen even though it got reports and audits saying otherwise… He cant get me vote for him next election I sorry.

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  10. Joe says:

    All lies…He’s saying that to suit himself.

    He knows what went wrong

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  11. Probity says:

    Body Guards for hire and armoured car for sale. Apply to Ministry of Finance for details.

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  12. MAH BOI says:


  13. Sick teeth says:

    Tell that nonsense to people who don’t know you.

  14. YOU says:

    It is not about YOU! Why do you always make it YOU? Just stop being a bully and do the right thing. PLEASE and TY

  15. Quietly Watching says:

    Headlines like this one truly makes me sad. The Honourable Premier it seems honestly believes that he has committed no impropriety in hiring a barge for a one month period for $360,000. Which if my Math is correct equates to $11,612.90 per day in a 31-day month and over $1,100 per hour for ten hours worked.

    What was the outcome of this exorbitant payment? Did we catch anyone on the water bringing strippers or drugs into our Territory? They all passed upon their merry way undeterred.

    I do agree with one thing. It is not solely the Hon. Premier’s fault the way our Government is squandering our tax dollars under his leadership. The fault lies squarely on the voters who actually believed that we would get value for money and honest management of our affairs out of this group of young people. There were other options, and the COI is now giving us the irrefutable evidence that we can make sound decisions come 2023. Can’t come soon enough for me. I will sit back and watch the fireworks, as with the voting public in this place, well, we pray God is in the midst.

  16. People ain’t stupid says:

    When you are digging a grave you must always dig for two. I recall you at the top of your voice calling other people corrupt when you knew what you were saying wasn’t true. You were making frequent trips to the White House to carry fables on others in your greedy quest for power. Now look at you. Anybody who knows you know that you are not being truthful. If somebody finance your campaign then

  17. Make me sick says:

    Shut your untruthful mouth! Sick of you.

  18. Cannot be believed says:

    I do not believe a word from your mouth because what you say cannot be believed. It is only your enablers, those who are looking more money and promotions that they couldn’t get without politics and fools would believe what you say and would still be supporting you and your party. Your leadership has been severely lacking in all aspects. Undoubtedly, the worst government ever assembled in the history of the BVI.

  19. He think we moo moo says:

    Explain giving businesses that have bills and employees to pay 6k for stimulus while you give people who are neither farmers or fisherfolk 20k. And what is worse, many of the so-called farmers and fisherfolk didn’t apply for the money and the couple who applied got 100 times more than they asked for. If government money is being used to buy loyalty and votes that is impropriety. Mr. Premier, everybody in the BVI ain’t stupid. Just remember that when you open your deceitful mouth to bray.

  20. Tunes says:

    “Whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it fall in it, and whosoever diggeth a pit shall bury in it”……. I hear that bad tune loud and clear.

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