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Premier denies making multiple trips to complain to former gov

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has admitted to registering complaints to former governor Augustus Jaspert but denied doing so on more than one occasion, as has been alleged by some.

“I went down — I’m not ashamed to say it. I said it in the COI. I went down to go get a COI to see what had happened in the ports project,” Premier Fahie said while making it clear that the COI he wanted was for one specific thing.

“I didn’t go down there asking for no COI on no entire government,” he said in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Premier Fahie said he was told by the former governor at the time that COIs don’t reveal anything and were expensive.

He further said he was told there were only lessons to be learnt from the Auditor General‘s report on the controversial ports project which was executed under the previous NDP administration.

“He said I’ll be wasting money; all that I was told. And Iris’ (the Premier’s mom) boy left from there and I had never come back. I tell he you’ll never see me there around again asking for nothing at all, at all, at all since you tell me that,” the Premier said.

“I heard the man (Jaspert) there saying that I was coming frequently. Well, I don’t know, there must be a clone of me somehow,” the Premier sarcastically stated.

He also noted that there must be a record in place of when he visited the former governor.

Fahie said claims were even made by current Opposition legislators that he was seeking out the Governor’s Office often.

“To look for who?” Premier Fahie questioned. “I could count it on my one hand, and after that last meeting I turned off, I have never, never [visited] again.”

The Premier said a full COI has been COI called, ‘now that it’s convenient’. However, he raised renewed concern about the broad terms of reference of the inquiry. He said the terms are so broad that the COI is even examining matters as far back as the territory’s first Chief Minister, H Lavity Stoutt.


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  1. 1st District says:

    Another lie, tell the truth Andrew. You was continuously at the Governor’s Office complaining to Gus about NDP.

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  2. True Fact says:

    you did this to the BVI now blaming everyone else.

    Now, Fahie got what he p**p out so swallow.

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  3. ABC says:

    Fahie: “ “I went down — I’m not ashamed to say it. I said it in the COI. I went down to go get a COI to see what had happened in the ports project,” Premier Fahie said while making it clear that the COI he wanted was for one specific thing.”

    Well, the former Governor went to his superiors to get a COI into what has been happening recently in the VI particularly since COVID 19 and the issuance of stimulus monies.

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  4. Jim says:

    We have to be careful what we ask for because we may get that and more.

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  5. Strange says:

    If he can count it on one hand then that’s at least five time for sure. Count the other hand and it’s another five.

    But certainly workers at the Governor’s office can confirm.

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  6. heckler says:

    Some how I dont believe a word this guy says

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  7. Lawdy says:

    Extremely dangerous this man. By the way, where is the accurate LIST of Farmers and Fisherman stimulus payment you promised?

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  8. A comedy says:

    When people know that every word out of the mouth is a LIE but the mouth still LYING. Is the terminology, pathological?

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  9. Mick Mars says:

    So you went to go tell on your misbehaving brother to Mommy and she decide to call daddy and cut both of ayo behind after looking into you too.

    You think the UK deals in half measures, sir? That’s why you was doing as you please because you thought the light wasn’t on you but who was in before you. I think you lie but on the other side, I think you was naive enough to think that was a feasible plan too.

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  10. Lies says:

    He went down to Duncan as well, multiple times!

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  11. Dmb-ss says:

    Boss hog, just outed your lack of integrity. You push a COI on pier and ports? Priest of parlor games was running much of that then. And later you pay same cr—ked Christian 100’s G’s to advise you? Dang. I’m confused. Or this is a bad dream. Or you are a paper tiger. Toilet paper.

  12. Windy says:

    With all the back peddling, lies, refusal to take responsibility for anything I’ve heard in the past 2 years I believe the Gov & COI before Fahie

  13. hmm says:

    So the premier think a COI is just supposed to be a tool for him to use on what and who he wants? allowing him to pick and choose the only the questionable matters that HE want investigated? They do the right thing… investigate everything questionable including some of the things done by this administration. Stop whining you ask for it… whether it was one time or many times it really don’t matter.

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