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Premier denies reversal on OneVI Music Fest support

Spotted in the crowd at the festival village is Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley during last year’s staging of the annual Emancipation festivities.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has refuted suggestions that he changed his mind about sponsoring the OneVI Music Fest, which will be held later this month.

During a recent press conference, Dr Wheatley insisted that he was in touch with event promoters. However, he noted that he had yet to decide the sponsorship amount.

The Premier said his government remains committed to making event tourism an integral part of the Virgin Islands tourism product.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the promoters of the One VI Music Fest for their vision,” Dr Wheatley said. “I wish them continued success in their endeavours as they continue to plan for their event.”

He expressed confidence that this event will also serve as an integral economic stimulator for the people of the Virgin Islands.

“I firmly believe that the Music Fest serves as a model for future economic activities, particularly benefiting small businesses here in the Virgin Islands,” Premier Wheatley stated.

The government has faced significant pushback for its focus on entertainment tourism, even as residents cry out for fixes to the territory’s deplorable infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Dr Wheatley praised the recent successful return of the Virgin Islands Music Festival, acknowledging the hard work and commitment of the BVI Tourist Board and other contributors.

The Premier also highlighted positive feedback received from attendees. “Many persons have shared personal reflections with me of how much they enjoyed the weekend’s events. They were pleased with the event space, the local and visiting entertainers, and generally the activity, camaraderie, food, fun, and festivities,” he noted.

Dr Wheatley also emphasised the importance of such events in fostering community spirit and togetherness. “We take great pride in hosting events where the people of the Virgin Islands can come together to celebrate in a safe and joyous environment,” he stated.

The Premier stated that he intends to improve the festival’s experience in the future. He mentioned that he would have a debriefing with stakeholders after returning from overseas travel to review how the event was carried out and how it could be enhanced.


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  1. DONT MIND HE says:


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  2. xxx says:

    He should not sponsor them Turnbull guys like to much money

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    • @ xxx says:

      One foot in church posing as pastors other foot in a jam promoting satan

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      • @@XXX says:

        Wished i could like your comments 100 times because its the truth. How soon some of us has forgotten the VI former Premier. One cannot serve God and man. The Bible states we shoulf carefully choose who to serve. One of these days, they would be required to give an account for this travesty. Lets just watch and wait. Jehovah isn’t sleeping. God bless you npw and always!

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    • CEO come for them says:

      Them turnbull, m* all of them is one..them man does sit and plan how to use the government money between their personal business acting as sponsors.

  3. wow says:

    Hurricane season coming hotter than ever but the only thing on my boi mind is party and festival lol

    no wonder the young people are lost.

    oh boi

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  4. Amazing says:

    Why would government sponsor this up coming music fest after pouring all that money into the one just held. This makes no sense. The public servants need to strike.A total waste of funs,funds, hear what The Hon Mitch Turnbull has to say along with pastor John Clyne.

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  5. Watch them close says:

    Anything involving those two Turnbull brothers is always confusion. For two pastors they does really tell some big untruths especially when they drink.

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    • @Watch them close says:

      It’s when people drink is when they does tell the truth! So that means its lies they’re telling when they’re sober.

  6. party party says:

    what would it take for us to get it together? Another flood-out? We have some issues facing us that needs urgent attention, can we please get them prioritized?

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  7. Citizen says:

    Stop sponsoring the church with taxpayers’ money!

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  8. Well look at that says:

    The Premier is scrambling now, I agree, he is in trouble and it is being closed lip until it reaches the public. Have you noticed for the past few days since he came back under the cover of darkness he is ghost like? Heard through the underground tunnel he had better had better……………by the August deadline, no more EXTENSIONS SHALL BE GRANTED.

    • @well look at that says:

      Yeah, he is in some type of static for sure. When a leader is out of the Territory and was directed to head back home something is definitely up. Yeah, Premier is a bit ghost like. Larry the lobster aka the prince of Virgin Gorda, a lot of question marks is going on in my mind concerning the lap top you presented the inmate in jail. Giving an incarcerated inmate in prison a lap top is like turning a kid loose in a candy factory. We all know what the person is incarcerated for. That was one stupid move. You got to ask yourself who is Larry the lobster aka the prince of Virgin Gorda protecting and why?

  9. Cato says:

    Lol, why is this site using a picture of a crowded festival village night as opposed to a real photo of the music fest.

  10. The end of……… says:

    This is what happens when you put incompetent bush men in charge of running the Territory. It would have made so much more sense if both Music Fest had merged together and throw one big Music Fest. The Premiers 3 Night Music Fest was a big FLOP and a waste of the TAXPAYERS money. One of the biggest embarrassing part was hiring Freedy Jackson? he is played out, up on stage sounding like a alley sitting on a fence and rocking his hands like he was rocking a baby to sleep. He got the big bucks and the local artist that performed got chump change that was already spent before it hit their pockets.Whose brilliant idea was that may I ask if I may?

  11. FewChaGorn says:

    This is the type of rubbish that only the CAricomers would be pushing and encouraging while their unidentified gun totingspawns roam and rob.
    Pieces of chit. The politicians in turn are paid by votes at the cost of the well being of decent folks of these VI.

  12. hmm says:

    So the government just throw one and still helping pay for somebody else own? plus we got festival just now?

  13. Better Not! says:

    This is a private event. Not the same CGB music fest of the past. This is being fenced off around Paradise Club not even the same. It is private. Should not be sponsored by Gov! and our tax dollars. Let them two faced pastors alone…Church money will sponsor it unknowingly to the church goers. Crime!

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