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Premier, Deputy blast Opposition Leader for ‘political games’

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has been lambasted for purportedly posing as a ‘defender of free speech’ while attacking others for expressing themselves.

In a statement to the House of Assembly (HOA) on Thursday, Penn accused some government members of heavily victimising persons in the BVI; especially residents who do not support them and openly criticise them.

Responding to those claims, Premier Andrew Fahie described Penn as disingenuous. He said the Opposition Leader purposefully drops buzz words and says sensational things to catch the ears of the public.

He suggested that Penn attempted to muzzle the Health Minister from making points in the House of Assembly (HOA), even as he (Penn) attempts to mould himself as the “self-appointed protector of free speech”.

“I hope that the Leader of the Opposition appreciates that I have an equal right – and each member of the government has an equal right – to agree or to disagree with his point of view. And he should not become enraged if I form the opinion, from time to time, that his contributions fall short of the mark of what it should be for someone who is as seasoned in ministerial and parliamentary affairs as he is, and for someone who has set his eyes on being the next Premier of the Virgin Islands,” Premier Fahie said.

Sidestepping major issues

According to Fahie, Penn was also guilty of sidestepping major issues and offering criticism of the government’s decisions while not taking a decisive stance whenever these issues arose.

The Premier said his government welcomes feedback, scrutiny, and criticism and listens to opposing views whenever they are made to better deliver services to the people of the BVI.

“Criticism is good, but it is hollow if it does not come from well-thought-out, workable solutions,” the Premier offered.

Deputy Premier also fires back

Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley also expressed disappointment in the approach taken by the Opposition Leader, suggesting that he could learn from more senior members in the parliamentary Opposition.

Dr Wheatley drew a contrast with Penn’s behaviour and said this was unlike the position taken by senior members of the Opposition who are not afraid to join in support of the government on controversial issues.

He said legislators should not have to wait to be in the HOA for 20 years before deciding to be statesmen and women.

“You can be a statesman right now, because what is required for us to push our territory forward. We need persons who will see service above self and put the country ahead of politics,” Dr Wheatley said.

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  1. Lester says:

    I found it to be very unfortunate that Marlon opposes for the sake of trying to be relevant without substance. What blew me away was the case of the MOU that he said was signed.

    There are always two sides to a story and the truth.

    All he had to do was call M Paige for the cruise industry because she is a public figure with easy access to. So I took upon the initiative to call her and there was no such event that took place neither an MOU signed.

    Instead he have his 5 paid bloggers spreading false information.

    It is not too late to become a true statesman Smurf!

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    • Unconventional leadership says:

      My my lester, we should take the er from your name and leave you with what you really are. If it is a lie then it lies between the Premier and his deputy who said that one was signed. Do your research lest and find the statement or remain even lest than you are.

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    • Obvious says:

      You can tell the new political consultants are in play. They are
      busy orchestrating responses for the government and its
      quite transparent. It doesn’t matter to them that there is no substance to their arguments. The only thing they focus on is never letting any criticism go unanswered.

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    • too late for you says:

      I see the signature of the Bewigged One.
      If there is one thing we can all agree on – “well-thought-out, workable solutions” are not this administration’s strong points.
      Unless you call a mixture of vanity, deer-in-the-headlights paralysis, vacuous policy statements, and arrogance. The $700m+ rebuild has been on hold while the Premier conducts his personal against the UK.
      The comical clown show continues.

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  2. smufalofogus says:

    Mehson ayo leave smufalofogus to himself because his lie will be as long as his snout.

    Blogging false and negative propaganda will not win elections.

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  3. Well well says:

    When are the elected leaders stop playing tit for tat and just admit when you wrong and move forward
    Always with these childish games

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  4. Roger says:

    Marlon is just an opportunist. An opportunist is a very tricky person. Whatever sounds good or look like it good that’s where he flying right up a snake ladder. He think he can brainwash everyone.

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  5. Popcorn says:

    He say BVI lost their way and he ain’t lost lol. What rubbish.

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  6. ERRRR, SOWANDE says:


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  7. Hon. Smurf says:

    Stop opposing for opposing sake! Sickening man!

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  8. Jokes says:

    The ones who won the last election by name calling, lying, bashing and opposing for opposing sake are now crying. This is the nature of politics, deal wtih it! You wanted the big seats, you got them and now you are crying like little bi**hes.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    When folk running for office tell one to shut they going in to do what others before them did, and they are now second in command, there is reason to be concerned.

  10. :) says:

    VIP may not be the answer but Marlon is definitely not the solution. He will just be a young version of Dr. Smith. He is too predictable. Vote yes when his party is in power and vote no when in opposition. We need somebody that will agree when it is suitable and not oppose because they don’t know the meaning of being in the opposition. Opposition in political terms simply means that you are not a member of the ruling government party. It doesn’t mean to oppose blindly like some people think.

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  11. SMH says:

    When will these Members of Council that are bickering back and forth drop this childish mentality and get on with the People’s Work! Highly educated men with low verbatim and professional ethics.

  12. Wow says:

    When the now ruling party was in the opposition, they lambast, twist information, criticize, make up , generate all manner of information on the blogs . Now is your turn . Take it like a man . COI is exposing ALL of you . Time will decide truth from fiction

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