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Premier dismisses claims that he and Governor are in a ‘fight’

Premier Fahie (foreground) and Governor Jaspert during an April 15 public broadcast.

Premier Andrew Fahie has denounced claims that there is animosity between him and Governor Augustus Jaspert.

In an impromptu public address on Thursday, Premier Fahie said he had to set the record straight regarding their relationship because of what was being circulated.

He said: “I wish to make it abundantly clear that your Premier is not in any fight with the governor or the United Kingdom or anyone. As in all matters, people will not be in complete agreement with each other.”

“This happens occasionally and is routine in the governance process whether it is between the Premier and ministers, the Premier and the governor, the government and the governor, or the government and Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition,” he added

I am disappointed!

Premier Fahie also expressed his disappointment in a number of elected officials who he said have been contributing to the rumours.

The Premier did not single out any one person but said their objective seems to be aimed at “trying to make life difficult” for the government and by extension residents during this COVID-19 era.

“I also must state that I am disappointed that some members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are making deliberate efforts to fan these flames of misinformation, misstatements and mischief during this time of COVID-19,” he added.

Disagreements and not fights!

Fahie also said it is normal for officials to have disagreements on respective topics from time to time, but these disagreements are never characterised as ‘fights’.

“Why then are persons going out of their way to paint similar disagreements between the governor and the Premier as fight? Why are they trying to create fear, uncertainty and panic in the minds of the public?” Fahie asked.

“For the record, as Premier, I have a good relationship with the Cabinet members of the territory which includes the governor, the Cabinet secretary, the Attorney General and all my ministers. For the record and by extension I also have a very good relationship with all of the members of the House of Assembly,” he further said.

Not healthy

The Premier’s statements stem from his recent remarks that directly opposed Governor Jaspert’s proposal for the United Kingdom military to help with border control in the territory.

Following the Premier’s statement, members of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition raised the issue during a press conference on Wednesday.

“It is unsustainable for the government and the governor to fight … I think that this thing that is going on between the governor and the Premier is real, it’s not supposed to happen,” Third District Representative Julian Fraser stated.

He added: “I don’t know why we have these little fights, and I am glad that the constitution is up for review because a lot of these things need to be put to rest.”

Also addressing the matter, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn said the public disagreement between both officials was “concerning”.

“This in itself is not healthy … COVID-19 is a global pandemic and as a territory we need global partners and we need to have our two key leaders the governor and the Premier,” he stated.


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  1. Resident says:

    With all due respects The recent press conferences gave a different view. The govt and the governor are like mom and dad. They should not disagree infront of the children/ citizens. It was distasteful. Most of the residents and your own supporters agreed with the governor in bringing help to patrol the borders. I am sure the governor has no axe to grind.

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  2. Chris says:

    It’s not a fight it’s a battle

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  3. Who? says:

    Who is holding this J— to account. How many more catastrophic incidents will occur in the BVI under his watch? He is supposedly here for another 12 months.

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  4. Barf says:

    All this d**n destruction for what people. If the Honorable Premier does not speak out Marlon Penn will have people thinking there is some great war because his mind is selfish and evil to manipulate the public.

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  5. PC says:

    Work together and the BVI will gain MUCH more.

    This Governor is way over-qualified for this job and has powerful contacts in the UK Government. He’s the best we’ve had for decades. Why not use his skills to get more help from the UK that can only benefit the BVI.

    Pulling in different directions just wastes time and energy and produces nothing but animosity.

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  6. Bullshit says:

    The Foy is trying to save himself. He believes that the majority of the people of the BVI want independence and he uses race and actions of whites 200 years ago to incite his views. The fact is that the whites today do not condone the actions of those 200 years ago just as the Germans don’t condone how Hitler tried to wipe out the Jews. The U.K. is a parent to the BVI and is there for guidance and help when it’s needed. The problem in the BVI is that there is no family structure to realize this. Foy has been a p–r leader. This is also fact. He uses r— to divide and spread discontent. It’s time for him to move on, go back to teaching and the people need to elect a leader that is for all the people.

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  7. belonger says:

    The press conferences, recent news articles, and the word on the street do give the view that their is a fight.

    Premier clearly has an issue with the governor and the UK. He wants the Governor out of Cabinet. And doesn’t want the UK to help even tho he knows we can use it. The Governor probably don’t even want to rely solely on local enforcement because he realize the debt of the issue.

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  8. 6 for a 9 says:

    Good relationship? This Governor was the first ever refused by the BVI Government to be Sworn In, in the House of Assembly. NDP yes but that doesn’t matter because the childish overwhelmingly hateful attitude the BVI has had with the UK is nothing new, and not limited to one party.

    We the people of the BVI are well aware the truth, your obvious disrespect for Augustus Jaspert is neither new or surprising to us. unfortunately for you Andrew, Augustus is your superior in both intelligence and self control.

    Andrew, we are not fooled by this impromptu public address, it is because of overwhelming negative social media comments directed towards you and you alone.

    We the people of the BVI are sick and tired of your attitude, you are keeping us unable to pay our bills, buy food, pay rent, while giving your associates contracts and money. More than 2,000 people in the BVI are out of work since mid March and you want to continue to play your games?

    If Augustus wanted to take on border security, what except ego stopped you from accepting. Look at all the money it would have saved from having to pay those local boats, who may or may not be doing a good job. If Augustus failed then, he would look bad not you Andrew. It is like you just never want to get elected again.

    Rubbing it in, the Corona unemployed worker’s face that the Govt workers, actually Jespert’s employees, can’t get their promised money, at least they are getting paid as usual, often, even without working. The rest of us, cos of Corona, no work = no money.

    Our votes and those of our family’s will make a difference, Mr. Fahie, in the next election. We will not forget, exactly how, you completely forgot about us.

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  9. @Resident says:

    Only you Brits see it that way.

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  10. Truth says:

    This governor wants to pretend like he likes us but underneath is the plot to take us over economically for the UK.

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  11. Forward says:

    Let us move the BVI forward with our people. I agree with the Premier

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  12. East End Man says:

    Marlon working with the Governor. He’s a de****er.

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  13. Go Navy says:

    Just let the Royal Navy take over the western border patrol and no more ‘disagreements’ in the Cabinet.

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  14. Oh please says:

    Mr. Fahie; you referred to the Governor as the U.K. “agent” in your latest statements which was very disrespectful. Now as always you are backtracking and looking for excuses. If you want to be treated with respect; treat others with respect as well. Statements like these make you look very arrogant. I have never seen the Governor making such statements against anyone. Learn diplomacy. You have a very far way to go.

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  15. @ Truth says:

    U.K. needs BVI like you need a second a** hole.

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  16. @truth says:

    The UK wants to be rid of the BVI. There is absolutely no economic advantage in the UK taking over the BVI. You are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think the UK wants to take over. The UK briefly suspended local government in the TCI a few years ago but quickly handed it back. The reason that the UK sent a mid ranking civil servant to be our Governor is to push us to independence.

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  17. British Etiquette says:

    The two gentlemen may want to agree to a duel with pistols at four in the afternoon on one of the uninhabited islands to settle a point of honour.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Fahie is a petty petty man. A whole live, putting on edge an already tensed public just to answer back an opponent. If you notice whenever the governor has a press conference, the premier plans one right after. When the opposition has one he plans one right after. Just like a child.

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  19. Change Will Come says:

    England/UK still holds, by extension of colonialist and imperialist confiscation and occupation, a significant amount of the world’s land mass.

    The days when she ruled the majority of lands and seas are over, but to think that she will willing give up any more land, no matter how small is unrealistic for many reasons.

    Suffice it to say, however, those reasons will not be exanded upon at this time.

    However, there are millions of people who are yearning to be free from the strangle hold colonialism, neocolonialism and all the other european created isms.

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  20. Seasalt says:

    Mr Premier, the people who elected you do not have a low IQ as you perceive. Before making that impromptu speech on Facebook you spoke about a breach of confidentiality by the UK agent. Looking further, from inception you promote division with the Governor and in society. Where you cannot do it yourself you have contracted people to do just that on a radio program. You and yours alone knows why the constant attack on the Governor. We the voters are looking and listening.

    Check yourself Premier, we invest in education to elevate and not be played as you have done since elected. One more thing, remember common sense might not be very common but it is still the most powerful navigator of mankind. Stop PROMOTING DIVISION.

  21. FROM THE PIT OF H**L says:

    LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bloomberg says:

    The Premier is fighting for one cause only and that is to protect the people of the VI territory. No one will be yes man to continuous colonial vipers with the intention to enslave black people.

    This Governor is a wolf in sheep clothing.

    Remember he was hand pick by the queen’s states people not by the people of this country and take heed of what the world is fighting today under racism.

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  23. HonestTruth says:

    There are a lot of Frances Welsing acolytes around, you can tell from some of the bizarrely bigoted and racist comments directed towards non-belongers.

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  24. @change will come.. says:

    The UK semi controls a few small islands and Gibraltar, nothing else. Every former colony that wanted independence, got it. Some have done well Singapore, Australia etc. Alas not in the Caribbean where all the richest islands are OTs and the ex colonies Jamaica, St Vincent etc are mostly economic and social disasters.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I agree 100%. He needs to learn diplomacy. I have lost all respect for him. He is beating the wind. He does not notice that the Governor behaves on a certain level of excellence in speech and behaviour….follow suite Andrew and stop throwing stones at every barking dog as another lady so rightly quoted

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