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Premier eyes independence?

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has hinted at his hope for an independent BVI as he congratulated local lawyer Dawn Smith on her new appointment as Attorney General.

Delivering remarks in the House of Assembly after Smith was officially sworn in on Thursday, the Premier said the fact that a BVIslander has been appointed to such an important office in the country, signals “the dawn of a new day”.

He said the many Virgin Islanders serving in the House of Assembly and other public offices mean “we (the BVI) are getting there”.

The Premier added: “Soon our Commissioner of Police and the head of prison and our Governor post and our ‘Governor General’ post will be filled by a Virgin Islander. That means that we’re getting there!”

Most independent Commonwealth countries appoint a governor-general as a ceremonial head of state.

Premier Fahie added that his government will endeavour to have locals fill most posts within the government.

Talks of attaining independence are common in the BVI’s political sphere. Many politicians have called for a constitutional review to limit the powers of the governor, who is usually appointed by the UK government.

Recently, Premier Fahie has been expressing his own dissatisfaction with Governor Augustus Jaspert’s actions, stating that he will be escalating to the United Nations what he described as an “act of aggression” by Governor Jaspert towards his government.

The Premier has also written to the UK government to complain about recent comments that Governor Jaspert made about Britain’s unwillingness to pay reparations to the descendants of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


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  1. Wtf??? says:

    Please tell me you can all see what he is doing? One appointing people based on nationality rather than ability (also known as racism in all other countries and inherently illegal) and secondly ensuring he can step up c********n and d**g d*****g and be accountable to no one! This man needs to be removed ASAP! National emergency

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    • FEO Gomez says:

      Remove yuh MODDA

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    • To wtf says:

      I ask you wtf you are talking. The UK does nothing for us except make us think we cannot make it without them when in fact we have been making it without them for all these years.

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      • Irma says:

        Clearly you weren’t on island or missed this? It’s actually disgraceful how quickly people forget.

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        • Citizen says:

          Shut that mess up. It’s our general population that cleaned up and built these islands back to normalcy. All the U.K. was willing to provide was there army with there guns saying they protecting us. And not one dime was granted to the BVI. Because we are a Majority dark skinned we are only capable of getting loans. Our neighboring Caribbean islands are who really assisted by sending there officers to assist with security. What have the U.K. ever done for the BVI other than send there troops? Nothing other thanEncourage us to go into more debt AND find ways to take away financial services. Who don’t see this is blind or white.

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          • sarcasm says:

            Reg: All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
            PFJ Member: Brought peace?
            Reg: Oh, peace? SHUT UP!

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          • Citizen watcher says:

            @citizen – “Because we are a Majority dark skinned we are only capable of getting loans”

            Name the countries that get given tons of money because they are white? Right none.

            Now name the countries that get given tons of money because they are poor – otherwise known as aid. Now look at the demographics of those countries.

            Yes the exact opposite of your paranoid remark.

            Always a victim eh?

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      • Wow says:

        You are an idiot

      • David says:

        Ungratefulness is the worse sin

      • No Confidence says:

        We do not trust our local politicians! We have no reason to trust the U.K. either but this mistrust is the greatest hindrance to independence. Surely, Fahie is busy handing out money to his pal Skelton-Cline and for the life of me, he refuses to tell the public why we are paying this man so handsomely. Can you believe that this was one of Fahie’s greatest criticisms against the NDP?

    • @wtf??? says:

      Our Premier needs to be removed before he bring down the Country further than it already is. Our Premier is unfit to run the Country. Don’t trust him, everything that comes out of HIS MOUTH IS A L**. As a BVISLANDER, I am about to leave with my family very soon. Now you are beginning to understand why many Locals refuse to return back to the BVI.

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      • @wtf?? says:

        Leave with yuh MODDA too b**h.

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        • That is all you got? says:


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      • Teacher says:

        Why is it, most BVIslanders have this mentiltiy of talking s**t that can’t be surpported or proven but we talk like its the truth…
        Lets stop bitching if we can’t help with the current issues, and keep our mouths shut/negtive out these online forums.

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    • Inherently illegal? says:

      Why would you want foreigners appointed to a country’s top positions. Imagine the US saying lets appoint Chinese nationals because they are more skilled and thus in a political position will look out for Americans.

      Back in the day they should have appointed certain slaves because they were more skilled, and thus would look out for the interest of the settlers right?

      Every country rightly pedestalizes their own nationals and require persons at the top who will make decisions on behalf of their own national interest.

      There is an agreed upon agenda of decolonialization and handing over of responsibilities to former colonies to their respective cultural & racial representatives.

      Furthermore You are dim for running with

      “we (the BVI) are getting there”

      in the way the media wants you to, controversy means views.

      A simple phrase taken out of context and you get worked up.

      They stick on certain points through out the year for headlines.

      News from someone else is second hand. They get their news from the house of assembly vs where you get it from which is through them.

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    • Ajo says:

      If Fahie believes he has the support of most of the people of the BVI with this independence nonsense. He can think again. Every rational thing person knows the BVI isnt ready especially under the Fahie.

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    • no certs needed says:

      nationality is not a race…

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    • Hello says:

      Why cant their be qualified locals? You sound like a bitter expat….. you can always go home if u dont like it, im sure u will be welcomed.

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      • SMH says:


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    • Bolly says:

      Racism and nationalism are two different things

    • @WTF says:

      You may be right.

      ALL Virgin Islanders have to look into their souls and ask themselves if they are prepared to stand up for their territory and their country.

      The decision of how to proceed toward independence must not be left to crazed NDP and VIP career politicians and manipulators.

      The FIRST THING we need are term limits. The ONLY way to clear the way for a new era and a new road to future independence is to cap power.

      Think about it.
      After that, we need to fix the district system.
      If you are ready to serve our children and their children, start working now. This career politician and district system is a relic of the old colonial system.

  2. Ace says:

    that is not his decision
    put it to a referendum

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    • @Ace says:


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    • @ Ace says:

      Look in the dictionary you’ll see BVI current Premier as example of a D******r. Nobody could tell him anything…listen to how he behaves in HOA.

      He wants independence to do what he want when he want them smooth talk the people to vote him back in.

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  3. winston says:

    God help us ! Covid and this movement. BVI done.

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  4. VIP independence says:

    Respectfully Hon. Premier, the only independence the BVI wants is to be independent of you and the VIP government. Can’t wait for election. You and your government are an embarrassment to the country.

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  5. Reply says:

    Elections has consequences…real consequences.

    I don’t know what the Premier envisions as being independent, but if it means being completely independent of the U.K, and totally running our own affairs, I do not see that happening any time soon.

    I envision the BVI can become an independent island nation one day under specific circumstances and the right leadership. However, none of those pre-conditions exists today in my view.

    We are a country that produces little to supply our domestic needs, the overwhelming majority of which is imported. We cannot even produce enough food to sustain our local population.

    What are we going to eat? Andrew?

    We are also a country that is on an dangerous isolationist path which does not bode well for reaching independence status.

    To be an independent country, regional and international partners will be needed in almost every aspect of governance. Can’t be independent going down that an isolationist path.

    Most importantly for me, is visionary leadership that will be needed to achieve that goal and make a success of it. Unfortunately, I do not see the current Premier and his team capable of leading that charge.

    Finally, any decision on independence should be a decision made by the people…a referendum please, and let us all have an input on our country’s future.

    As far as I’m concern, the Premier is all horse without any cattle. He is not ready to lead any independent charge. I simply don’t trust him, nor believe in him that he can lead this country to not just independence, but a sustainable and prosperous one.

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    • To Reply says:

      Don’t ask why but ask why not? The Premier is a visionary and we need to start to prepare from now for what must come. Have you studied what is happening to the UK daily? Will they be around in the next ten years? If they are then will they be in any position to help us? From the look of things the answer is NO! A true leader plans ahead and that’s what the Premier and his team is clearly doing. Keep pushing ahead Premier.

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      • Reply says:

        Seems to me this is not the time to talk about independence for this country. IMO, what’s more important right now is dealing with Covid, and the economic and social fall out from it.

        Preparing for any possible independence would require a strengthening of the economy. The economy has to in recession right now if not heading there soon.

        The world is locked down, tourism is dead, and the financial industry is about to go out the window with the BVI opening up the registrar of beneficial ownership.

        In other words, the two main pillars of the BVI economy is under severe stress right now.

        The Premier needs to focus on getting this country beyond this pandemic. Independence should be last on his list of things right now.

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    • Troglodyte Killer says:

      So our food come from England Ahole?! So we can’t survive without the white man? Oh you believe because you light skinned all of a sudden England care bout you? If you remove WHITE PEOPLE influence from every corner of the Earth mankind would be time traveling by now FOH.

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      • really says:

        take a look at Africa and see how well the countries fare once the white man leaves, power corrupts all including the white people.

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        • @really says:

          First, tell the white man to return all the gold, and other riches he stole out of Africa and we will see how successful that psychotic pirate will be?

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      • So wait says:

        The white man has slowed down technical progress?? Now have heard everything. Look around you now. Look at everything in your room, in your cities, your roads, in the sky.

        Yes, you are right, all this thing’s were invented by the black man. Spot on. I’m not one to defend white people but come on Mun.

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        • @So wait says:

          Who do you think controlled the invention patent industry? What black man do you think your evil ancestors would allow to make one dime off an invention? You have a lot of truth in evil, don’t you? Well… I guess you have to true in something?

    • EU Citizen says:

      BVI is not a country

  6. Not your vote! says:

    Put it to a referendum together with your Premier position…

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    • Constitution Review, Yes! says:

      Of course there are good solid reasons for a Review of BVI Constitution. Chief among them should be the manner in which the Premier is chosen. Instead of the premier being chosen simply by being chairman of a political party and gaining the most seats; even though he/she won his/her district votes of a mere four or five hundred votes, the Premier should run as an At Large candidate, chosen by all the electorate of the country. Further, a person running for the Premier’s position should be considered based on his/her standing in the community, proven record in business, (public or private sector) and have achieved a basic knowledge in Legal and Economic studies. An added benefit of such a policy or constitutional imperative would encourage the study of such topics in school.

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      • Hopeless says:

        We only need to look at the other Caribbean islands that sorught independance to see how they are doing and where we’ll end up. Independance will bring many negative affects on us! Raised taxes, no accountability, crime, more government corruption, poverty, Chinese takeover, no outside investors, the list goes on…. God forbid another catastrophic hurricane or a major earthquake with no UK assistances we will all perish! Our police couldn’t handle the looting after 2017 hurricanes, we had to bring in the navy to restore order! Let’s not be short sighted here. The premier is pushing his own adgender for more power without thinking of the consequences this will have for all of us!

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  7. rofl says:

    Then they will be accountable to no one. Heaven help us

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  8. Andy Foy says:

    All this man wants is to be dictator of the BVI. He has no interest in helping the people or the economy. Just himself.

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  9. Lucky says:

    Say bye-bye to the financial industry !

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  10. Dman says:

    At this point, you would be so financially screwed.

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  11. No says:

    We do not want independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of God stop the madness.

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    • What's the issue? says:

      I do not understand why anyone who listen to the Premier’s speech would bash him. This is in the BVI’s future whether we like it or not so might as well we start planning for it.

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      • @What’s the issue says:

        You see nothing wrong with his speech because you are one of his cronies that is eating gooddddddd.

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  12. FEO Gomez says:

    thank GOD that NDP agent for yte people will NEVER
    get into power again. 7 million is enough for those yte men. I rather independence and drown in my own INDIGENOUS BLACK ideas and belief than any CON from the MOST UNCLEAN.

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    • fact says:

      you are not indigenous to the islands, you as described come from Africa these islands are not yours they belong to the Crown who put you here. Unless your an Arawak and if not STFU

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      • Tongue fu says:


        Not even Arawaks were indigenous as they came from with America.

        Only indigenous species maybe some of the plants, trees and some animal species.

    • Language says:

      Go independent, I’m sure your language skills will improve tremendously

  13. What!!!! says:

    Mr. Premier independence will not be your decision but that of the people.

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  14. No sir says:

    If you think the BVI is corrupt now then try going independent. Andrew getting on my nerves! I really hope people don’t side with this. The gov only want to break away from the Uk so when they do their dirty work no one will be able to keep them in check! Just because you got embarrassed now you want to go independent? Hmmm says a lot about your character ?I will not be for independence. This place will completely submerge in corruption.

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    • @No Sir says:


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  15. Blackhawk says:

    Soon The Republic of The Virgin Islands!
    We are doom!

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    • In Caricom says:

      With unlimited right to work for other CARICOM Nationals. I bet the Brits would make it a condition that residents would get to vote in the referendum too. They did for the Brexit vote.

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  16. Rubber Duck says:

    Papa Doc Fahie and the Ton Ton Macoute.

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  17. vip heckler says:

    The views expressed by the VIP does not reflect the views of the virgin islands people

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  18. GVs says:

    Premier Andrew Fahie it’s nice to have BVI people in key positions, “Do you think that put us in a position to be independent?” Have you asked the people of the British Virgin Islands how they feel about going independent? You are acting like you have the last say in everything. If you last out your term enjoy it because I have a feeling you won’t be getting back in. You are Bull Headed and Self Centered. You need to do your job and get this place up and running, you still haven’t said anything more about December opening companies have a lot to get ready for the season. SAY SOMETHING STOP KEEPING PEOPLE IN THE DARK.

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    • @GV’s says:

      He is to busy picking fights with the Governor to focus on the important needs of the Country. BULLHEADED AND SELF-CENTERED HE IS FOR SURE.

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  19. vip heckler says:

    Virgin Islands Party {vip} views is not Virgin Islands People views…There is a difference here

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  20. Why says:

    Why do we keep talking about what the UK does for us? We don’t need them to do anything for us. We are a Territory that brings in revenue close to $400 mil a year, only 30k population. The real question to ask is where has all the BILLIONS gone in the last 15-20 years? Look at this place, look at the schools, look at the roads, sewage, water, the capital city looks like Haiti. So why are we asking about the UK while we let our local politicians promise the same s**t every 4 years, money spent but no results. So we continue to play the blame the white man game while our own black local brothers and sisters dig our eyes out? That makes sense to us?

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    • ok says:

      To “WHY”: Very well said! There we are in a nut shell!

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      • Jane says:

        BVI should the Switzerland of the Caribbean. Voters need to ask themselves why it isnt. You are not paying tax to the British, you cost the British tax-payer money.

        Billions and billions of dollars have been received into government coffers since the mid-1980’s but yet we have sewerage running through the capital city, pumping into our ocean at our premier tourism beach, we have trash burning and toxic smoke pumping out, we have schools with third world facilities, power with continual outtages whilst the abundant free energy of sun, wind and wave is wasted , the most expensive internet service in the world with shoddy speeds, poor health outcomes and frightening levels of non communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. It shouldnt be like this. NDP & VIP both as bad as each other. Neither has any deep philosophical view (neither is “left” or “right”) Next election cycle lets look for the independent candidates and lets look for leadership through consensus and compromise. Maybe this may stop the corruption and cronyism which is endemic and when this happens please do become independent because this last vestige of the British Empire should be brought to an end. It is right, and the people of the BVI should trust themselves to be wholly responsible for the future of these islands.

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        • Well said says:

          You have the population of a small village in England yet getting the revenue of a city. The BVI should look more beautiful and clean with modern roads and infrastructure putting any western city to shame.

          Where has all the money gone???!! That 7.2 million is just a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of revenue over the decades!!!

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  21. We Must Vote says:

    People wake up. Do you see what your premier is doing? You continuously crying that the UK does nothing for us. But if we become independent Fahie and his team does not have to be accountable to anyone but themselves. We will be just like Haiti. All his “people” will be fat rats and we will be scrambling.

    Wake Up! Stop listening to his fancy words. We have to save the BVI for the sake of our children and grand children.

    Wake Up! We have to protest, We have to start voicing our dissatisfaction.

    We trusted Fahie and his team. Now that he is in there that’s it.

    We must VOTE!

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    • @We must vote says:

      He is kicking us all under the bus. At the end of the day, when the rocks is dropped on our heads, him and his family, his cronies and whoever bows down to him will be set while the pheasants will be begging for scraps to survive.

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      • @We Must Vote says:

        Exactly my point. We must stand together and vote VIP out. Regardless if he comes next year or election year with his fancy talk. We can not let them do another 4 years. This will be the time him and his cronies destroy us. Let us stand together. VIP must go. I am so scared for the future of this territory. Persons who side with him are the ones who are feeding off him.

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      • yo says:

        The creation of a dependant, compliant, peasantry of sheeple that won’t even be able to afford pottage to eat, while the parasitic oligarchs, and cronies will be all set, and the bum flies will only feel they are.

  22. Its all about the outcome says:

    drop the talk about independence. What is the outcome you would like to have?

    Prosperity, education, health, safety???

    There are independent nations that are a disaster in all respects so independence does not guarantee any of these outcomes.

    Only good governance does.

    The question at hand is do you have good governance or don’t you? Not the type of governance.

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  23. My vote going elsewhere... says:

    So far I’ve been a supporter of the Premier (The Hon. Minister for Paperwork and Red Tape – not so much, he won’t get my vote). If independence is the Premier’s route, then the Premier is starting to lose my vote.

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  24. Stupidness says:

    Before yah eye agriculture, and different export avenues to start and build on you eyeing independence. Stop this nonsense

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  25. Plain and simple says:


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    • @Plain and simple says:

      Think you got it all wrong. The gentle is no fool.
      He is quite an astute observer and knowledgable personality.

      He has learned that the most potent and effective tool used against the Black man was religion/christianity.godsname/jesus.

      he is astutely aware that the majority today are still compliants and blind followers of that mythology. So he uses it and them to full advantage.

      Yo wah get from country to town an only ting available is donkey yo ride donkey go eown, an back to.Yall been had had! Stop complaining.

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    • Why says:

      Why are you censoring snake in the grass? It just makes your message difficult to understand

  26. Anonymous says:

    The only way path towards full and complete progress, economic, food and political success is full and complete UNITY.

    But we are to far divided along political, regional and religious lines to even spell the word correctly, much less have the foresight to see that in. UNITY is where our bread and future is.

    Call it what you wish, [ask Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados about the lost opportunity] until all these islands unite as one under any set of words we chose we will be grasping at straws and drowning in our own words.

    The writing to the future success of these islands is in complete UNITY OF THEM ALL. Unfortunately, the recent political developments in Bermuda does exemplifies our peoples’ problem and exacerbates it even further.

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  27. Reality Check says:

    I believe Dancia Penn was the “dawn of a new day” as Attorney General back in the 90’s, also Deputy Governor.
    Tried a local as Police Commissioner, which worked very well for only a very few privileged pals.
    Maybe just try to get along with the people this country needs to come out of this latest calamity with people back at work with a vibrant economy.

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  28. schemers says:

    US should buy the territory. Link up with USVI and Puerto Rico. It would be more profitable and easier to move about the Caribbean. I don’t think it would change much though, BVI govt still corrupt

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  29. huh says:

    Independence with the likes of he, fraud, the red woman, blah blah man and the esteemed one? H**L NO!!!

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  30. Meh Son says:

    For anyone thinking this is a good idea, look at the BVI, Cayman, Bermuda. Compare them to Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and other Caribbean countries that are “independent”. Ask yourself what independence have done for those countries. Don’t be fooled. Independence is just a ploy to avoid anyone looking over your shoulders.

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    • @ Meh Son says:

      Tell them again

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    • Political Intelligence says:

      I’m not for independence for the BVI, but your input is filled with miss information. All of those countries you’ve listed has without a doubt, improve their situations since independence. As a matter of fact, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago has been listed as developed countries by the World bank. Currently other independent carribean countries like the bahamas, antigua and b, st. Kitts and n, and others are actually doing good.

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  31. US says:

    It would be nice if the US purchase the BVI. The People and the Country would be better off.

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  32. rofl says:

    George Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to mind here

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  33. VIP says:

    I will NOT be voting for.

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  34. Patrotic bvi. says:

    Now I realize how w****d Andrew Fahie is.independence.please well we done for life.

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  35. GTFOH says:

    Whole comment made null and void when you stated that choosing people based on nationality is called racism. What does nationality have to do with race? There can be white Tortolians, Black Chinese etc.

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  36. Anonymous says:

    We the people of the British Virgin Islands elected Andrew Fahie Now I think it’s time we start thinking about removing him before it’s too late. His actions aren’t good for the BVI.

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    • well outdated system says:

      we didn’t really elect him..district one did…so if VIP want another 4 years they need to start removing Andrew as head of the party! cause the only way of getting him out is by making sure the party does not win!! so im sorry for the others we will have to vote you out to get Andrew out!! it’s a out dated system a district decides on Premier!!

  37. bee says:

    We the people of the British Virgin Islands elected Andrew Fahie Now I think it’s time we start thinking about removing him before it’s too late. His actions aren’t good for the BVI.

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  38. Skeptic says:

    My Dear Premair, please stop squandering your political capital. I know you are embarrassed by the governor’s action (which is within his rights.) Please take this time to step back and assess the situation. Your people want safe and secure borders, and we are in agreement with the governor on this. He. Made. the. Right. Decision. End of story. You and your governments written and verbal arguments regarding this issue is causing unease.

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  39. S says:

    Bvilanders listen fahie think if we go independent,he can join caricom.but remember,he will have to turn to China for asisstance.look how China is exploiting these Islands.first,for caricom,we would have to open our borders for other caribbean nationals which most bvilanders would not travel movement.meaning that one can live and work freely in the bvi without hassle.we need our own currency.our visa free previllage will be join caricom mean you have to open your borders to every caricom nationals to live and work without any bvilanders want this?.think about this guys.

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    • It will be an eye opener. says:

      Once they Join caricome they don’t realize that 20 years they want people to serve before they can get naturalized will be gone, as well as a lot of their restrictions they put on expats, they will have to relinquish all right they get being under UK. As far as I see it Andrew just venting because he can’t have it his way, and he has to follow what up he Governor has done, and by law he has every right to call in the Navy because clearly the BVI can’t or should we say don’t want to stop the illegal trade because to many people profit from it even you all know who.

  40. E. Leonard says:

    Though VI independence is a noble, political aspirational goal/status, economic independence ideally should be a precursor to political independence. The VI is 1 of 17 non-self-governing territories. And under UN Charter Chapter XI, they are entitled to pursue self- determination. What is self-determination?

    Self- determination is the right of people to freely choose their sovereignty, and the right of a country to govern itself without any interference from outside sources. It can include independence, associated statehood, free association, merger into larger country, confederation with other states……etc.

    Currently, the VI is an Overseas Territory (OT)of the UK (1 of 14 OTs). It is partially-self-governing with the UK responsibilities including, defence, external affairs, internal security (including RVIPF), civil service, courts, jail(shared); local government, remainder including finance. Moreover, the appointed governor, the crown representative, has Reserve Power to thwart the will of the people’s duly elected government. The use of that power is currently causing a slight rift between the local government and the governor.

    Moreover, along with the VI being a non-self-governing territory, it is also a Small Island Developing State( SIDS)and share common vulnerabilities, disadvantages and sustainable development challenges with other SIDS. These include a)limited ability to exploit economies of scale and scope, b)limited ability to influence domestic competition, c)limited ability to influence domestic prices, d)heavy dependence on a narrow range of products, e)small domestic markets and heavy dependence on imports, f) limited export possibilities, g) high government operating cost and small population over which to spread the cost, h)heavy dependence on direct and indirect government employment, i)high emigration and brain and skill drain, j) remote from major markets, k)high transportation/energy/telecommunications costs, l) disaster-prone among other things. For independence to be a win-win reality, these disadvantages and vulnerabilities must be embraced and addressed. Economic independence?

    Economic independence is the driver political independence. It is the control of the wealth of a country by a majority of residents. This means ownership of resources and means of production for employing the resources. The VI is small (59 square miles that is spread over 36 islands, rocks, cays), resource-poor and heavily dependent on external investment and high susceptible to external shocks. It lacks the resources to develop either a primary economy (fishing, mining, agriculture, forestry, energy) or a secondary economy (manufacturing). Its economy is service-based anchored by the twin pillars of tourism and financial services both of which are fragile. Covid-19 has highlighted their structural weaknesses.

    Moreover, to develop its economy, the VI must deepened and strengthened tourism and financial services, diversify its economy, invest in and build a First World infrastructure system(water, wastewater, gas, electricity, drainage, telecommunications), invest in human capital, leverage technology…….etc. Looking beyond its shore, it must explore the Blue Economy Frontier, ie, 12 mile territorial sea and up to 200 mile exclusive economic zone, for opportunities in fishing, biotechnology, aquaculture, energy……..etc.

    Many of our regional sister countries have the same vulnerabilities, disadvantages and sustainability challenges and are in various stages of development since attaining independence. Some Virgin Islanders see the slow growth in some cases as reason(s) for the VI to forego independence. Our sister islands have some economic challenges. However, some of the challenges flow from adapting some of extractive political and economic institutions that were deliberately set up by the UK to meet its needs. They need to transition from these extractive institutions to more inclusive institutions.

    Finally, political independence is the right of VI people and a heavy lift that should be decided by a significant majority of the people through a referendum. This issue needs to be settled so that the territory can forge ahead with its continued growth and development. In regards to the position of Governor-General, once the juncture of independence is reached, the VI must go all in—-Republic/President.

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    • boo says:

      Without good governance all of that is moot..The UK is not a bogey man trying to do us in. Good governance is all the UK wants for us to prove we can handle our own affairs.

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    • Quiet Storm says:

      @E. Leonard, a detailed and interesting read. Indeed, independence is a noble and aspirational goal that is guaranteed by the UN. However, it appears that there numerous vulnerabilities, disadvantages and sustainability challenges to overcome to get there. The extractive institutions I have to further explore. At first glance, slavery was an extractive process. The produce the most but benefitted the least. This type of system does not incentivize creativity, innovation……..etc. Getting to independence is a long, arduous and challenging journey but whether the challenges needs to be explored. Too many of us believe that independence is a simple issue based on income. Not so. Let’s have a strong, substantial debate on it and let the people decide.

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  41. Please says:

    Thats the plan make unneccessary conflict with the Governor, naturalize as much Caribbean nationals, play the race card and push for independence the main goal.

    We the people does not approve this plan to destroy our country rushing to do something that would only benefit the ego of the few.

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  42. education says:


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  43. To Each His Own!! says:

    I been reading these comments, and it seems you all are in the dark, COVID has been affecting the BVI and what has this government really done for its people give you one food basket, you all really satisfied by that, then you all living on an island where “George Orwell” described. This VIP government rather turn down the UK help which is free, so you can paying for a vessel that can’t even secure the boarders how do you justify that. That money can go to help you same locals that going hungry and can’t pay their bills or even buy pampers for your kids, and this is the government you want to lead you into independence you all drinking that kool aid?. You can’t see how corrupted Squealer is, he has his hand in everybody’s pocket so it can benefit him, look at some of the other island their leader not even taking home a cent during this COVID they rather feed their people, why you think Andrew have bodyguards or don’t want the Navy here, when you have coco In de sun you better watch out for rain. This is not the leader for the BVI and you all as a people need to demand he resign before you all end up like Boxer, because he’s an embarrassment to you all on every international level, for a big man he lies to much, and way to corrupted. I hope the UK investigate his assets and bank accounts, and hold him accountable he and all his corrupted goons.

    I am out, good luck to you all that think this is the leader the BVI need because I don’t see NO “BVI LOVE” I only see Squealer from animal farm.

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  44. rat a tat tat says:

    I guess we will run on our third pillar when the UK ship leaves

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  45. db says:

    have a referendum, see what the people want

  46. Doh says:

    I have it on good authority that a detachment of Royal Marines are on the way to deal with the BVI. Corruption, graft, ineptitude, and the inability to govern are the reasons.

    Also, the Queen is very unhappy and is set to make an example of the BVI. She is ready to crush dissent and reign in the territory. It will be a relatively simple operation as the BVI is so divided, isolated, and undefeated. Since there are no guns, the marines will hit the airport, Roadtown, and the ports. Once those are secured, media and transportation hubs will be controlled to quell uprisings. Marines and commandoes have orders to “deal” with insurgents with impunity and malice.

    The US has given its blessing on the operation and is moving assets into position to assist the U.K. Airlift components are being readied to relocate to STT and STX under a “training exercise.”

    It is recommended that all persons prepare as they should for a hurricane or lock down, stocking needed supplies as the distribution network will be severely disrupted.

    Again it’s only a rumor based on very troubling developments.

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    • lol says:

      Lizzy doesn’t give a rats a$$. This is an excellent piece of fiction

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    • Anonymous says:

      “I have it on good authority”

      “Again it’s only a rumor”

      your own words speak to your trustability

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    • @Doh says:

      @Doh, stop tge nonsense!

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    • other says:

      I heard the same thing.

      How strange. But Commandoes will take over the airport first, then the radio stations.

      The police will be disbanded and given the choice to serve with the military or be interned. Tough choices ahead.

      The government is to be placed under house arrest. yikes.

      stay tuned people

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  47. @BVI NEWS says:

    Why have you disabled the ability to give a thumbs up or down to certain comments????

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  48. Chaquita says:

    Fahie eyes a Banana Republic for himself

  49. Yawn says:

    After slavery was abolished, the UK government pledged £20 million in order to reimburse the owners of slaves. To date, the victims of slavery and their descendants have never received reparations.

    Thank you UK for showing us that the perceived wrong doing to white slave owners was far more important than the victimization of black people.

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    • Jeremy says:

      @yawn What is it that you want? how much should YOU get? What wrongs were done to YOU? what will you spend it on?

      If you deserve this. Then the english deserve this from the normans, anglos, saxons, vikings, romans, and africans that invaded and enslaved them.

      Hell, I want reparations from you for my original ancestors that fled africa after being driven out by you all those years ago.

      we all wish that the BVI got independence. so many of you are nothing but blood suckers who forever want a free hand and are forever victims. Even after you get your ‘reparations’ we all know that you will still blame everything on the white man and still want more.

      Take independance. Please. It won’t be long before the chinese move in and then you will have actual racism to complain about. To you. and now in the present.

      Again, how much should the UK pay YOU??

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      • Yawn says:

        That was an actual excerpt taken from the editors of BVInews. I have no want or need for reparations. What I did was highlighted how the UK values black people. Slave owners compensated for their loss while the true victims never received justice. Dont be upset at me because the English were savages.

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        • getagrip says:


          You really don’t think that at the time the english arrived in west africa that tribes weren’t attacking neighboring tribes and killing the men, raping the women and enslaving them. You really think that didn’t happen?

          No, it was a garden of eden where animals and humans were living in harmony and the waters flowed crystal clear with rainbows everywhere. The tribes spent most of their time, dancing and working in the science labs creating new and useful inventions that would benefit everyone.

          History is cruel. Thank god that you are not living in it now. Such a shame you are living your life in hate instead of enjoying how good you have it.

          It has never been safer and more prosperous than it is now.

          You just need to recognise that and take hold of it.

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          • Yawn says:

            Are you trying to justify slavery by saying Africans did it too? Lol how ironic considering that it was perceived that black people were savages why would you even want to use them as reference. Safer for who? Black people are still being victimized because of the color of their skin in 2020. You chose to ignore that. Slavery was abolished and replaced with other forms of legal victimization from Jim Crow laws, law enforcement system etc. The ripple effect of slavery/racism is still being felt in places where slavery was prosperous.

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          • @yawn says:

            No one is trying to justify slavery. It is detestable and shows how far we have come – mostly.

            Read up on slavery and see how it has affected everyone throughout the history. Every culture has experienced it both as a victim and perpetrator.

            But you wouldn’t care about that would you. You only care about you and your victimhood.

            And that there is why you don’t get the respect you think you deserve.

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  50. Pressure says:

    bye bye!

  51. Peter Pan says:

    BVI? Independence? ….welp, time to pull out my popcorn.

  52. Heckler says:

    BVI’s own Trump at work

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  53. VI says:

    Its time the UK make their Territories part of their country like France did with their overseas Territories.

  54. Surveyor says:

    BVI news, can u check to see how many BVIlanders have U.K passports and find out from them how they feel about independence.

  55. by your says:

    by your definition nothing is indigenous. All those plants and trees and animals also came from somewhere else

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